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Meditation and Psychic Abilities

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The benefits of meditation are obvious to anybody who has tried it and regularly practices it. Meditation is an astonishingly simple art which can have enormously wondrous effects, and it comes as little surprise that a country and culture as spiritually advanced and fascinating as India has been in part built on the fact that meditation is a key practice for many people there.

For the most advanced meditators in India and elsewhere, meditation also opens the door for a variety of seemingly miraculous acts. The yogis of India call these psychic abilities ‘siddhi’ – and they include clairvoyance, mind-reading abilities, psychokinesis (the ability to move things and influence action with the power of the mind), astral flying, and many many more.

But are these psychic abilities real, or just products of active imaginations? The general consensus and attitude of those who have only just touched on the possibilities available through meditation would be that yes, they are real. It is a well known fact that in everyday life, we only use a tiny fraction of our mental abilities, and with practice and concentration, we can awaken dormant parts of the brain to achieve things which seem to be impossible.

Available for All

We all have some psychic abilities. We’ve all at some point glimpsed the future, or picked up on somebody’s thoughts, or felt a psychic connection with somebody else. Often, we just dismiss these occurrences as coincidence or “something weird,” but our brains actually want to exercise their psychic powers, and occasionally we feel their presence.

Many people nowadays want to explore their psychic sides, awaken the dormant parts of their brains, and experience just what is possible through meditation, breathing exercises, and trance states. Many people are beginning to open themselves to new experiences and we have seen a worldwide interest in the more esoteric and mystical side of meditation, which has been known for millenia to the yogis and gurus of the east, but has only recently has become a reality in Europe and America.

Patience and Dedication

It perhaps goes without saying that being able to achieve psychic abilities through meditation is no simple task, and is certainly not something which will come overnight. However, you can take comfort in the fact that psychic meditative skills are a reality, and not only that, they are something which anybody can achieve with dedication, concentration, and a lot of patience.

Also, our brains want to be used properly. Our minds crave to be awoken from their slumber, and we are reaching a point in our civilization where more people need to devote themselves to meditation and gaining these psychic abilities which exist in all of us. Indian people have no monopoly over mystic powers! They have the culture and history of yogic powers behind them, but nowadays everybody has access to this mystic knowledge that can really help you on your mission to achieving psychic abilities through meditation.

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  • “Often, we just dismiss these occurrences as coincidence or “something weird,” but our brains actually want to exercise their psychic powers”

    Why can they not simply be coincidence?

    We know coincidences happen: they are all around us. For example, the sun appears roughly the same size as the moon in our sky; the map of Italy looks like a boot; you meet somebody who has the same birthday as you. Given a large enough set of possible events, some of them are bound to repeat from time to time.

    If you are in a situation where you seem to be able to read the mind of the person you’re with, that’s probably because you are sharing the same experience at that moment, so it’s hardly astounding that you should both be undergoing similar thought processes.

    On the other hand, no psychic or supernatural phenomenon has ever been scientifically demonstrated to exist.

    The author’s claim is a classic example of the failure to apply Occam’s razor.

  • sunburn

    I don’t believe in these psychic abilities you talk about. But assuming for a moment that they are possible, what good can they do that can’t be achieved by basic morality. As far as i can see the belief in these things and the pursuit of them is a misguided end in itself and distracts from being the best human being you can be.

    Meditation is great but not for the purpose of cultivating psychic abilities. It should be cultivated as a way of gaining mastery over oneself at the mundane level.