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media petros is go!

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“Wow, Pete, that’s some great stuff – please feel free to put something in Blogcritics about it.” – Eric Olsen

Like most of my fellow blogcritics, when Mr. Olsen says, “Jump!” I say, “How high?”

This is a bit of what I do when not being blogcritical here. From the original email press release…


“Same space. Different name. New attitude… Agitprop-creator extraordinaire Pete Petrisko has transmogrified Crisis Gallery into a one-man show, but still promises the same sociopolitical sarcasm seen in past paintings, performances, and photography.”
— Phoenix’s New Times (3/3/05)

You’ve read the media hype. Now check out the real deal.

m e d i a p e t r o s

“primitive pop” art [] surreal portraiture [] situational performance art [] satirical word

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