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Media Continues ‘Plame-gate’ Drone

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**************12:20pm EST*************

Could the liberal wet dream be realized? Well, the furor grows as USNews published an article claiming that rumors were flying in Washington that, based on the investigation, Cheney was preparing to step aside as VP. Here is a bit of the article:

Sparked by today’s Washington Post story that suggests Vice President Cheney’s office is involved in the Plame-CIA spy link investigation, government officials and advisers passed around rumors that the vice president might step aside and that President Bush would elevate Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

I remain a skeptic.

David Flanagan


The media drones on today regarding the Plame investigation. As I have said, and will continue to say, they are desperate to see this thing turned into “Watergate II: The Destruction of Another Hated Republican President.” Of course, the unwritten byline of this theme goes something like, “Made possible by your heroic mainstream media… See the blogs were wrong about us and we were right about Bush!”

The minor mention today goes to Katie Couric of NBC’s Today Show. This morning, they first aired a brief expose of Special Prosecutor Fitzpatrick, which seemed balanced and pretty flattering overall. I’m wondering if this is not just a nice way for the Today Show to build Fitzpatrick’s credentials so that, if he does issue any indictments, the public will already have a favorable opinion of him.

And the fact is, we should have a favorable opinion of the guy. He’s good at what he does and he seems pretty honest and fair. I’m glad he’s on the case.

After the expose, Couric interviewed one of their correspondents, asking her “how nervous” administration officials are over this investigation. Well, of course the answer is that they are all pretty nervous. No one knows anything, and so there is no inkling of what can or will happen this week or next regarding this investigation.

Overall, the Today Show gang showed restraint this morning in that they only spent about 10 minutes on the story.

The big mention, and proof positive of what I’ve been saying for weeks now, comes from an article written by Dan Froomkin in the Washington Post. Let me give you the relevant text:

Could the CIA leak investigation turn into an accountability moment for the Bush administration and the way it handled intelligence before and after taking the country to war?

There it is, a well written summarization of what I can only say is the left’s wet-dream; a minor investigation escalated into an investigation of none other than the Iraq War!

As I said yesterday, liberals, including some of those in the MSM, want the Iraq War to become a modern-day Viet Nam and the Plame investigation a modern-day Watergate.

They want it so bad, they can taste it.

They want it so bad, they can’t stop talking about it.

I’m not saying it won’t happen that way; anything is possible. I’m just saying that this has become THE obsession for most of the anti-Bush crowd.

All their hopes are centered right here, on this case, and it seems to me that this thing has been so over inflated in terms of its impact that liberals cannot be anything other than disappointed when the findings are finally released. Again, I’ll admit that I could be wrong here, but this is what my gut is telling me, and I’ve lived long enough to know that the more expectations are inflated, the more likely they are to be seriously deflated when reality comes calling.

David Flanagan

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  • Maurice

    Excellant post David. I am surprised at the level of hatred for this president. There was this level of resistance against Clinton but that made sense. Clinton was articulate and convincing and could get things done. This president is none of those things so why are people so vehement against him?

  • mike

    I agree about the comment of expectations and reality rarely being the same.

    I got a hint of something in your article that has troubled me from the very beginning of the war. That left, anti-war, anti-bush people are happy that things are going badly in iraq… i hear this especially from bill o reilly and others like him, who are claiming the moral high ground.

    if from day one, a person says that the war, as planned and implemented, was a huge mistake, and has caused tremendous focus on completely the wrong image America needed to portray after 9/11, the ideal of fairness, and righteous behavior, the happiness that some think they see is actually a leftist, anti war, anti bush person knowing they are right

    right that war was not the answer in iraq, and was a complete abuse by a president who continues to use religion to sterilize the masses for some agenda, in which i do not know

    george bush does not care about poor people, about iraqi civilians who don’t agree with his freedom march, and does not care about jesus and his teachings at all

    this post may be a rant, and off in my tangents, but this lefty has had enough of this administration and its brash, religous, moral talk…it is time to realize the world you want is changing, evolving…and spitting back in your face

  • Doug Smith

    Oh, and in the 90’s the conservative/Republican establishment and the mainstream media never ever wanted to bring Clinton down so bad that they could taste it. Please. All is fair in love and war, and make no mistake, we are at war.

  • All:

    That is the subject of another post (thans for the reminder). Because I’ll readily admit to enjoying it when Clinton got himself into trouble.

    He was a president who was very intelligent and very articulate, and created so many issues for himself that it just gave his political opponents tons of ammunition. And yet he did get some significant things done, even opposing members of his own party to do it.

    He partnered with the new Republican majorities in the House and Senate to pass Welfare Reform, promote free trade agreements, and strengthen families with some initiatives like the Protection of Marriage Act. But, make no mistake, some of Clinton’s most significant successes came in partnership with conservatives, not his own party.

    Fortunately for Clinton, he was a President during a period of great prosperity, with the Cold War won and the US economy pulling itself from recession right around the time he was elected. His second term is when the economy really took off, and congress and the White House spent too much time bickering to really interfere with business as they enjoyed a great deal of growth.

    But what has President Bush had to deal with? Lets see, the Dot Com crash, the Wall Street corporate scandals, 9/11, an economic recession, the energy crisis, Hurricane Katrina & Rita, and plenty of other major and minor issues that Clinton never had to face.

    I knew that Bush was going to have more challenges than Clinton, but who knew that he would have all of this to deal with?

    But in spite of all of that, I think that Bush will be remembered as a far more effective President than Clinton. Time will tell, but Clinton’s legacy is likely to be Monica Lewinsky and Impeachment. Bush’s legacy, will be the War on Terror and his efforts to spread democracy.

    President Bush may yet fail, but these are far weighter matters than a sexual trist, don’t you think?


  • Doug Smith

    The events surrounding Bush’s term have been weightier than many of the events during Clinton’s term, but Bush has created a large number of them, and mishandled most of the others. He will indeed be remembered for having a greater effect on the country than Clinton. He’ll be remembered for having a devastating effect on this country and it’s standing in the world on just about every level you can imagine.

  • volt

    is your point:

    1. liberals are excited at prospect of a watergate like conclusion to plamegate? absolutely. it is always nice to see bad people finally get caught.

    2. is the liberal media behind it? no. You begin your post quoting US News & World Report. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have broken many recent stories on the case. And some pundits like Kristol have given good insight into the White House. It hardly seems like liberals are pushing the story.

  • Bill B

    Right on Mr. Smith. Anyone who can’t see that Bush has created the majority of his own problems with brash ignorance and incompetence has their head up in the clouds as much as Bush has his head in the sand.

    BTW, I’d say that regardless of what’s said here, the majority of those of us against Bush are against him because of what he’s done. We aren’t “Bush haters” as much as those on the right love to couch it that way. We hate what he’s DONE.

    You folks on the right should get that. You know, love the sinner, hate the sin and all.

    As far as enjoying our potential failure, once again you’d love to paint us into some wacko corner. Are there some out there reveling in our plight? Probably, but if there are I haven’t seen them.

    a minor investigation escalated into an investigation of none other than the Iraq War!

    Kreskin I presume? Was it that much of a stretch that an investigation into leaks that smeared someone who was challenging the administrations justification for the Iraq war, would ultimately lead to those behind the propaganda machine attempting to create the justification?

    I’m assuming you’d agree that the Lewinsky saga was ridiculous, but just the same if you don’t, and if you feel this is a “minor” investigation, where does Bill’s BJ saga rate by that same measure?

  • MCH

    “Bush’s legacy will be the war on terror, and his efforts to spread democracy.”
    Dave (I had other priorities during Desert Storm) Nalle

    Bullshit, Nalle. Bush’s legacy will be the blood of the tens of thousands of brave men and women on his hands, whom he sent to their deaths in a pre-emptive invasion of a sovereign nation, which he instituted on lies and deception.

    If you had served in the military Nalle, you’d understand that this kind of terrorist-type war can NEVER be won. It’s too far away, there’s too many of them and not enough of us, unless we bring back the draft. And if that happens, there’ll be 10 times the riots we experienced during Vietnam.

  • RogerMDillion

    “Again, I’ll admit that I could be wrong here”

    If that’s the case, that’s good to know. Will you be amending all your previous posts or write one big mea culpa?

    Just curious because regardless of your gut, it doesn’t look good for Rove what with the White House telling the press that Bush was angry at Rove for the incident. They are obviously trying to get ahead of the story.

  • Frankly, I’ve completely lost interest in Plamegate. The whole thing is idiotic – including the behavior of Plame and Wilson, of the CIA, of the reporters and of the administration. It’s like a marx brothers movie without the humor and with a good dose of spitefulness. There are no good guys and a lot of fools. I’d be happy to see Cheney, Rove and Libby go if we can get most of the CIA fired and find something to indict Wilson on too.


  • RogerMDillion

    That would explain your reading an article about it and taking the time to comment.