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Media Attacks Romney, Gives Obama Yet Another Pass

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By now, almost everyone has heard David Chalain’s live microphone remark, “They’re not concerned at all. They’re happy to have a party with black people drowning.” Chalain made that remark about Romney and Republicans who did not call off (or even pause) their convention in Tampa, FL, while Hurricane Isaac was heading toward New Orleans, LA. Yahoo fired Chalain, Yahoo’s Washington DC news bureau chief, for that remark. Later, Chalain tweeted this message: “I am profoundly sorry for making an inappropriate and thoughtless joke.”

On August 29, 2012, Rachael Weiner, at the Washington Post web site, posted an article about Chalain’s remark, entitled, “Yahoo editor fired over anti-Romney joke” I guess that means that Weiner bought Chalain’s tweet about his remark being a joke.

I seem to remember when Ronald W. Reagan “joked” on August 11, 1984, about bombing Russia. Reagan said: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” And that remark was not even broadcast, it was a radio volume check. But the “joke” was leaked out. The MSM did not let that joke pass: “… the story was broken by a major newspaper chain, and the rest of the media followed.”

Double standard? A “joke” is treated differently by the MSM when politics come into play.

PBS’s Gwen Ifill (if you want to include PBS as part of the MSM) is now defending David Chalain. Ifill referred to Chalain as “God’s gift to political journalism.” We all know (sarcasm on) how objective Ifill is (sarcasm off now, what follows actually happened). She tweeted a link to an article by National Journal editor Ron Fournier entitled, “Why (and How) Romney Is Playing the Race Card.” In the article, Fournier cited a Detroit firefighter and a contractor who translated Romney’s code of (quoting Fournier) “the subtle language of distrust and prejudice that whites use to communicate deep-set fears, and that cynical politicians translate into votes.”

Now let’s turn our attention to reporting (or not reporting) about hurricanes.

President George W. Bush was castigated by the MSM (and Obama) for flying over but not landing in New Orleans, LA. The MSM failed, and still fails, to mention the reason why Bush did not land: he did not want to disrupt on-going rescue operations. But the MSM failed to make a big deal of inactions by New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco, or Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu. Now we learn, in an article by Daniel Halpern, entitled “Obama Will Have Made 7 Campaign Stops Before Visiting Where Hurricane Hit,” that President Barack Hussein “kill list” Obama will not let Hurricane Isaac get in the way of his campaigning. He plans to arrive in New Orleans three days after Mitt Romney. And we learn that Obama discussed Hurricane Isaac while aboard Air Force One as he flew to Washington DC from a campaign stop in Colorado. He did not even fly over New Orleans! Did the MSM miss all of Obama’s actions? Were they just too busy worrying about Romney’s tax returns to report on Obama’s Hurricane Isaac actions?

Some of you will say that Hurricane Isaac (Category 1 when it hit New Orleans) cannot possibly be compared to Hurricane Katrina (Category 3 when it hit New Orleans). Well, if that’s so, then why does the MSM report on any natural disaster? A natural disaster is a natural disaster, regardless of category (or magnitude or force). But the MSM somehow fails to see it that way when politics are involved.

Double standard? Reporting on a hurricane and after-actions is treated differently by the MSM when politics come into play.

But that’s just my opinion.

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  • DGarr

    So far, Mr. Romney has released his 2010 tax return, minus some important attachments relating to his overseas investments. (He will release his 2011 tax return October 15.)

    As his father George Romney said, when he released 12 years of his own taxes during his presidential run, “one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.”

    Mr. Romney is running for President of the United States.
    This is a position of Trust.
    Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but Verify.”
    Mr. Romney has said, “Trust me,” re his tax returns.
    It is not unreasonable for voters to want to “Verify.

    What is the single issue on which Mr. Romney has never flip-flopped? He stands doggedly firm on never, under any circumstances, releasing his tax returns.


    It is not just liberals who want to see Romney’s tax returns.
    It is 63% of American voters who do.

    The longer Mr. Romney delays, the more suspicious it appears.

    Obama released 8 years of tax returns
    GW Bush 10 years
    Clinton 12 years
    GHW Bush 14 years
    George Romney 12 years.

    What is there to hide?

  • It could be a Secret Service problem for the President of the United States to fly into a hurricane zone.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Um, Warren –

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but a news bureau chief of a website (Yahoo) does NOT have his or her finger on the nuclear button. A person whose only weapon is a website makes an untoward comment does NOT compare to a person making a joke about nuclear Armageddon when that person is the single individual on the planet most capable of making it happen.

    But that’s just reality, and as such has no impact on your opinion.

  • Zingzing

    I hope you do this for fun, Warren.

  • I’m just interested to hear Warren’s explanation of how Yahoo! News’s immediate firing of Chalain for his off-colour remark about the Republican Convention is an indication of how the media is in the tank for Obama.

  • Did anyone notice that no one invited Bush to the Repubican convention. Maybe they thought out of sight out of mind?

  • Yes Zing, he does this for fun… Oddly I could swear I read this somewhere last week.

    I’ll have to do some checking.

  • Fascinating stuff. Not sure what is more amusing. How Warren “known plagiarist” Beatty reveals his own double standard by treating a “joke” differently when politics come into play. The odd non sequitur paragraph about Romney being accused of using coded language that just sits on its own. Or his complete lack of understanding the difference in magnitudes of weather and the way TV works.

    He may have had a good point about the similar ways the Presidents acted and the different media treatment, and though he casually dismisses the hurricanes’ differences in size and damage as if there is none when in fact there is, he fails to mention Bush wasn’t running for re-election when Katrina hit, conservatives would have lambasted Obama for trying to upstage the convention, and likely other items left unmentioned because, in part, I don’t want to spend more time commenting than Warren spent “writing”.

    Speaking of coded language, why not use Romney’s full name like you do Obama’s?

  • Ahh! I was right… This did seem like I’d recently read it! Click here

  • Oh come on EB, he thought up the “that President Barack Hussein “kill list” Obama” all by himself. That took a lot of effort!

  • Clav

    Are any of you liberals planning on moving away when Romney and those evil Repukeicans win in November?

    Costa Rica, the “Switzerland of Central America,” is a very nice place and relatively inexpensive; Panama is good too. I personally love Mexico City, but of course it’s my home town. And frankly, it ain’t cheap; a decent apartment will run ya $3500-$5000 USD or more a month.

  • Zingzing

    Clavos, we have the rest of the world to think about moving to should Romney win. also, we won’t abandon ship just like you didn’t when your taxes went down because of obummer.

    And 3500 to 5000 a month? Come on. What do you consider “decent”? A good place in NYC runs you less than that. Much less. Tokyo agents would kill for those rates. I think you exaggerated.

  • Zingzing

    A quick search suggests that spanky apartments are available for rent in m.c. for less than a quarter of clavos’ high bid. Very spanky. I wouldn’t call it cheap, but it’s affordable. Dunno about the neighborhood.

  • A split congress will prevent Romney from accomplishing anything just the way it’s doing it to Hussein Obama now

  • “when Romney and those evil Repukeicans win in November?”

    Thomas E. Dewey suggests using “if” instead of “when” for your presidential predictions.

  • Clav

    Thomas E. Dewey suggests using “if” instead of “when” for your presidential predictions.

    It was another time, Bicho, another time. Besides the error was the media’s (surprise!!), not Dewey’s.

  • Zingzing

    Be sure to remember that the tribune was part of the conservative media, clavos. No surprise there…

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clavos –

    Are any of you liberals planning on moving away when Romney and those evil Repukeicans win in November?

    Ironically enough, reporters from the Huffington Post asked attendees at the RNC what they would do the day after if Obama won.

    One woman said she’d move to Israel, another woman said she’d move to the Czech Republic, but another said she couldn’t move to Canada because they were ‘just as bad’. It just strikes me as funny that someone would move to Israel or the Czech Republic because America was somehow becoming ‘too socialist’ for them….

  • Re: comment # 4, yes, ZZ, I do this for fun. Reading the comments is always a source of entertainment, especially when commenters contort themselves into knots.

  • Clav


    Location, location, location. Where (what neighborhoods) were you looking in?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clav –

    You can live in the Stuyvesant neighborhood of Manhattan – just a few blocks away from Wall Street in one direction and a few blocks away from the UN in another direction – for a little less than 3K per month. They’re not exactly beautiful, but when it comes to practicality of location, they’re hard to beat.

  • Clav

    I was asking about MEX neighborhoods (to which zing referred), Glenn.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clav –

    My bad – I guess I was replying more to zing’s comment that contained NYC. Thanks.

  • His purpose actually is to be able to brag to his right-wing friends that he is an important writer for Blog Critics, and that they admire his work in getting out the word.

    Content and accuracy (obviously) are unimportant, in fact they write his articles for him and he just simply copies them down changing a word or paragraph here and there.

  • It’s also escaped him that most people under 30 don’t even know who Warren Beatty the actor is without using Google and couldn’t name more that one of his movies.

  • Re: comment # 24, Jet’s comment is a perfect example of entertainment. [edited]

  • I fear I’ve paid way too much attention to you. God knows I wouldn’t want to encourage you. I’m looking forward to your next Teabagger regurgitation.

    After rereading your “article” I have one final reaction… HA HA HA HA GIGGLE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA GIGGLE HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • By the way-not using your name anymore?? Afraid of mispelling it again?

  • Re: comment # 27, Jet, your reaction, coming from you, is a compliment.

    Re: comment # 28, Jet, I forgot that you are Mr. Perfect and have NEVER made a misztake.

  • Zingzing

    Glenn, you can live in lower manhattan for far, far cheaper than that. My place, just over the bridge in Brooklyn, is less than 2k for a two bedroom.

    Clavos, I dunno what neighborhoods I was looking at, but it looked to me like there were very nice looking apartments renting at $1000 or less. Many of the ads for more expensive places were listed in pesos. I guess it depends on what you deem “decent.” the figures you quote would price out most middle class Americans, so I dunno how anybody lives in decent apartments in Mexico city with those rates…

  • Glenn Contrarian

    One wonders what Warren would be saying if Obama:

    – refused to release more than two years of tax returns (one of which was estimated);

    – held a meet-and-greet on board a boat named “Cracker Bay” flying the flag of the Cayman Islands

    – bragged on the health care system of Israel

    – bragged about his business acumen while leading his state to be 47th in the nation on job growth

    – was Mormon, much less Muslim.

    What’s really funny is the fact that 30 percent of ALL Republicans now think that Obama’s Muslim, never mind that he just authorized the release of the White House beer recipes and enjoys BBQ pork.

    But little details like that can’t stop Republicans from Just Knowing that he’s actually a *gasp!* Muslim out to destroy America!!!!

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Zing –

    Yeah, the wife and I thought about moving there…NYC’s a great place for anybody with ADD (like me) who pays attention to everything in sight all the time (and forget to pay attention to what’s right in front of me, which is why my wife hates my driving).

    And we both loved the halal shwarmas from the street vendors – those were the best eats we had there.

  • Clav


    Most Gringos who go to MEX to live are sent their by an employer, and as part of their compensation are given generous housing allowances. The figures I quoted upthread may have actually been low for some of the neighborhoods favored by them; neighborhoods I lived in as a kid, including Polanco, Anzures, the Zona Rosa and Lomas were all full of Americans and Brits back then. I’m sure there are now other areas also catering to foreigners and wealthy Mexicans. None of them are cheap.

  • The media aren’t the only ones who get their election predictions wrong, Clav. Besides, as an editor here, you are part of the media.

  • Clav

    held a meet-and-greet on board a boat named “Cracker Bay” flying the flag of the Cayman Islands

    Fortunately for my financial well-being there are tens of thousands of people out there who don’t find that unusual, much less wrong.

    In regard to foreign flagging: Florida, which is Ground Zero for the worldwide yachting industry (the income from which makes yachting the third largest industry in Florida, surpassed only by tourism and agriculture), two years ago very intelligently set a limit of $18,000 sales tax on any boat, regardless of price; previously, the sales tax was 6% of the total, as it is for other goods throughout the state. The immediate effect was that Florida began to reap those $18,000 taxes on hundreds of boats previously flagged in foreign tax havens. Half a loaf (or even a tenth) is better than none.

  • Clav

    The media aren’t the only ones who get their election predictions wrong, Clav.

    Well, time will tell, Bicho, time will tell.

    Funny, I’ve never thought of myself as part of the media before, but I suppose you’re right.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clav –

    But you also get my point – you’re too aware to not get my point.

  • Zingzing

    Well, clavos, gringos aren’t the only ones who live in Mexico city. And I saw very few rentals that even approached the levels you were talking about. Obviously you know more about the city than I do, but those rent rates for “decent” housing would be absurd even in NYC, which has a grossly inflated real estate market already.

    That said, you spoke of “wealthy” people, so I think you know that you can rent “decent” housing for much less than your quoted figures. You can spend a lot anywhere if you choose.

    Just checked craigslist for polanco apts and you can find really ridiculous 2 bedrooms for less than 2k. Made me a bit jealous actually. They sure do have some nice places there. If I get back into freelancing, I might consider it…

  • Glenn @ #21:

    When we went to NYC in ’03 we stayed with a friend who lived in Stuyvesant Town. Quite handily situated, just off First Avenue and 14th, close to Union Square, Washington Square Park and Little Italy IIRC.

    We knew we were going to have a splendid visit when, on our first morning in Manhattan, the first thing we saw when we walked out onto First Avenue was… a cop coming out of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • seancabrillo

    Romney does not believe that Jesus mother Mary, was a virgin.
    He believes that Jesus came to America, (in the flesh).
    Romney says that he has a plan to create millions of jobs. (But it is written on secret books of Gold that God gave him, and YOU CAN’T SEE IT!)

  • Glenn Contrarian

    sean –

    that got me to smile for the first time this morning. I guess those secret books are also where we’d find his tax returns and also the ‘replace’ part of “repeal and replace”.

  • Clav

    Romney does not believe that Jesus mother Mary, was a virgin.

    Only fools do.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Note that Clav refers to those who believe that Mary was a virgin as “fools”…but says nothing about those who believe that Jesus came to America in the flesh, and that Joseph Smith actually had those ‘divinely-inscribed’ books of gold.

  • Clav

    You faithists are all deluded fools, Glenn.

    There. Better now?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clav –

    From your post on another thread, but it seems more apropos to point it out here after your comment #44:

    There’s a lot of hate in America. Yet another reason I dislike this country…

    Then go! That means there will be one less individual in this nation who despises most of the population!

  • Clav

    I don’t despise you Glenn, I pity you for allowing your intelligence to be hijacked by your fantastical delusions.

    I will go one day soon, Glenn, but I have some things to finish here first.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clav –

    That’s actually a bit ironic. One of the most important scenes in my book (which will be out is less than a month, honest!) occurs when a devout faithist and a committed atheist face off – and at the end of the confrontation, both believe they have beaten the other in a test of wills, each holding the other in utter contempt.

    Neither you nor I hold the other in contempt, but…you might find the scene interesting.

    And besides, you well know that someday I’ll be living overseas, too.

  • Clav, “There’s a lot of hate in America. Yet another reason I dislike this country…”

    You seem to be contributing a fair bit of the hate you complain about… There is also a lot of love if you look almost anywhere outside the political cock fight of contemporary politic debate.

    Glenn, in a face off between a devout faithist (which I’ve encountered many of) and a committed atheist (whatever that is), why would it come down to a “test of will”?

    Furthermore, why would they hold each other in utter contempt? For example, I don’t hold you in contempt even though to my way of thinking your faithist views are literally incredible and your quasi-scientific and political musings poorly argued.

    Based on what you’ve said, you seem to be setting up some entirely arbitrary scenario to serve your own purposes rather than contribute any useful information or insight, which is, of course, typical of the faithist mind set and why it can’t be trusted.

    Double contradiction highlighting in one comment! Probably not a record but notable nonetheless.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Chris –

    Glenn, in a face off between a devout faithist (which I’ve encountered many of) and a committed atheist (whatever that is), why would it come down to a “test of will”?

    Sorry, but you’d have to read the book – it fits nicely with the plot. Let’s just say that one sees religion as a purpose, while the other sees it as a tool.

  • How are you publishing, Glenn? Through a traditional publisher, or a POD platform like Createspace?

  • I don’t understand how either of your two protagonists could see religion as either of those things…

  • It’s perfectly possible, Chris, if his characters are fallible human beings with their own prejudices, preconceptions and delusions, as most of us are.

    For example, let’s say Character A is an evangelist who sees it as the purpose of religion to bring people to a knowledge of God. And let’s say Character B is a cynical politician who sees religion as a tool to persuade, scare or emotionally blackmail people into doing what he wants.

    Makes sense to me… And sorry, Glenn, if I just gave away your entire plot! 😉

  • Clav

    Double contradiction highlighting in one comment! Probably not a record but notable nonetheless.

    Careful you don’t strain your arm…

  • Suppose so, Doc, but it all seems very arbitrary to me.

    Clavos: Highlighting bullshit is a hobby of mine but has never caused me any physical stress at all – apart from a few bouts of fisticuffs over the years!

    You still haven’t explained why you are so wound up about the immigration issue, to say nothing of the all round negativity of most of your recent remarks; what gives there?

  • It seems every time someone says they’ll pray for me, something terrible happens to me.

    In my life I’ve gone from wanting to be a Presbyterian minister as a teen, to doubting god’s existance altogether.

    Perhaps if any of you had read the original Bible with all of its missing books unedited, you’d know that King James’ version is a heavily edited morality tale that put words in god’s mouth in nearly every verse and is useless as a historical document.

  • Clav

    Highlighting bullshit is a hobby of mine but has never caused me any physical stress at all

    I was referring to your patting yourself on the back 🙂

  • On immigration:

    The English comic Paul Merton had a show a couple of years back in which he travelled around Europe in search of the cultural quirks and local eccentricities of the various countries he happened to find himself in. While in Ireland, he visited the town of Gort, which is home to an implausibly large Brazilian community.

    It seems that the immigrants are originally from a small town in rural Brazil whose chief employer, a meat packing factory, closed down. Meanwhile, Gort had a similar factory that was in need of skilled workers, so the Brazilians moved there en masse.

    They’ve been there for several years now, and although Gort’s factory in turn closed down when the Irish economy tanked, the resourceful Brazilians have met with a lot of success diversifying into other ventures. Fascinatingly, because Brazilian Portuguese and Irish English share a number of phonetic and rhythmical similarities, many of the immigrants speak English with a thick Irish accent that’s indistinguishable from a native’s.

    Merton asked the owner of Gort’s general store – one of the few remaining Irish-operated businesses in town – if there was any local resentment towards the Brazilians. His response was something along the lines of: “Put it this way. For centuries the Irish have left home when times were hard to seek better fortune across the sea. Why should we begrudge others who come to Ireland for the same reason?”

  • Well, from my point of view, I wasn’t.

    Now, are you actually going to answer or are you just posturing?

  • Igor

    @55-Jet: yes, the King James bible is a gross distortion of history, but it’s terrific poetry. Which may account for why it has such a grip on illiterate worshippers.

  • Clav


    Great story about Gort!

    In Brazil, there’s a town, originally settled by American southerners unhappy with the outcome of the Civil War, named Americana. It’s residents were dubbed Confederados, Confederates, early on by the Brazilians.

    The first generation assimilated very little, continuing to speak a southern dialect of 19th century American English, building homes in rural southern American style, etc. Their descendants, of course, have long since assimilated, but still retain a number of customs and artifacts originally from their homelands. Many have scattered throughout Brazil, but they still celebrate a Confederados festival outside of Sao Paulo where Americana is located. During the fiesta, they fly the Confederate flag (which does not carry the same symbolism it does here). As Wikipedia notes, “The festival is marked by Confederate flags, Confederate uniforms and hoop skirts, food of the American South with a Brazilian flair, and dances and music popular in the American South during the antebellum period.”

    During the 1970s, I worked for the now defunct Brazilian carrier, VARIG, and traveled to Brazil quite frequently . On one of those trips, i had the opportunity to drive out to Americana and participate in the festival. It was very interesting to see; I felt like I had walked into the set of Gone With The Wind.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Doc –

    It will be an e-book at first (Kindle), and then once I have enough feedback on it, I’ll rework it a bit and then put it in print for about $1K or 2, sell as many as I can, and then present the salability of it to an editor.

    In other words, this is a poor man’s way of getting edited.