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McDonald’s CEO: The New Drummer

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This is kind of creepy. It seems that being the CEO of the world’s most fattening company is in itself bad for your health.

Charlie Bell, 44, died yesterday of colorectal cancer. He was the CEO of McDonald’s for 7 months last year, before he stepped down to pursue more aggressive cancer treatment. Had replaced the previous CEO, Jim Cantalupo, who died suddenly of a heart attack last April after about a year on the job.

What’s even creepier is that Bell, who started working for McDonald’s when he was 15, said he ate a McDonald’s product every day. If that’s true and not just a marketing line, then it’s very possible that his own company’s products contributed to his cancer.

Nobody will ever know for sure, of course, but we do know that McDonald’s products are extremely unhealthy for our hearts and colons. We should probably stay away from those stores altogether, because if a heart attack or colon cancer doesn’t get you, Mad Cow disease just might.

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  • I expect we’ll find out even more about how scary eating McDonald’s food can be when the book by the guy who did Supersize Me comes out this spring.

  • Eric Olsen

    not the best PR is it? I would only add the caveat that at least McDonald’s has diversified beyond the fat, salt and sugar: you can get salads and chicken, although I am not sure if you can get chicken that isn’t fried since I never go to McDonald’s