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McClellan Leak Implicates the President

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We have some more work to do on the Plame scandal. I know you thought we were over it. Now, y’all knew Bush and Cheney were behind it. I don’t think anyone would be surprised that this went all the way to the top. Libby took a digger for the team, hence Bush commuting the entire sentence. No surprises, not to me anyway.

The scandalous revelation now out is basically we have proof. Yup. They did it, they were behind it; Bush, Rove, Cheney. They did it. Says who? The President’s own former press secretary. Longtime Bush confidant and press secretary Scott McClellan has leaked his memoirs. Here, let me let him tell it:

“There was one problem. It was not true,” McClellan writes, according to a brief excerpt released Tuesday. “I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest-ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice president, the president’s chief of staff and the president himself.”

Ok, heavy stuff. How big is this scandal? It isn’t, and that is what is freaking me out. Well, you won’t find it on the AP wire, it isn’t in the Washington Post anywhere. Nowhere on the NY Times site, either. There is no mention on CNN, either. If it weren’t for the writers’ strike, we’d maybe have John Stewart on this. Someone has documented proof that the President of the United States was actively involved in perjury, to say the least. This isn’t news? Keep in mind, this transcript probably went through 20 lawyers at the publishers. They wouldn’t let a bomb like this fly for sport.

I thought the press was all a bunch of liberal softies. If so, wouldn’t they jump on this? Why isn’t this a bigger story? I also have to wonder how this got leaked the day before a four day weekend. That, sir, is how you bury a story. I am outraged with everyone, especially you! If you know my writing, you know I have asked for several years “when will you hold this President accountable for his misdeeds?” I ask you that again. I know Gonzo’s got my back, and Bicho will be in my house on this. My question is, when will the RJ Elliotts and Dave Nalles of the world say “enough is enough, I am tired of apologizing for this administration?”

In the interest of full and fair disclosure, Dave is our political editor here. So, that you are reading this shows he isn’t censoring us, and has always been fair to my consistently lefty rants.

Come on, America. How long are you going to look the other way? We proved to you he lied about WMDs and the yellow cake, we proved to you he lied about Iraq, we proved to you he lied about the Plame leak, and now we have proved to you there is a Nixonian cover up happening. Take charge, people. Take your country back. Please.

Two thirds of the country says we are heading in the wrong direction. That was the actual wording of a real poll. I can’t keep fighting for you, America. You have to prove to me you are worth fighting for.

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  • Um, gee, but…Lono. McClelland said that Libby and Rove were not involved in the Plame leak, and as we know at this point quite a bit after the fact, the leaker was actually Richard Armitage, not Libby or Rove. So where is the coverup again?


  • Franco
  • Les Slater

    Every fuckin’ asshole in the whole CIA SHOULD be exposed. Why the anger about this one?

  • Franco

    #3 — Les Slater

    I’d go along with that if you could get all the KGB asshole to do the same.

  • ah yes..nice bit of Work, Lono

    all in vain, all is iron and ash…

    but most don’t give a shit, and some will act the Apologist for the liars and shitweasals

    and so it goes…


  • Ok, America. Give up. No scandal, let them do whatever they want. Our leaders are untouchable. They are your gods.

    Just don’t ever ask for accountability in American leadership EVER again. You have set the precedent for executive priveledge. Keep in mind, though, that a democrat will be in charge one day. When that happens, you will not be allowed to indict or criticize that individual for anything short of murder on live television.

    You refuse to hold these people to their deeds, no matter how much information comes out. I guess my question to you is this:

    is there any point in time or ANY actions that would make you take stock and say “man, this president is a fucking douchebag who belongs in jail?”

    Really, I thought maybe lying to get us into a world war and the subsequent cover up might generate those feelings. You people sicken me, and actually deserve Guliani to finish off the country for good.

    * man, that was a bit much for a thanksgiving morning. But, that is how frustrated I am.

  • Lono, rather than looking for accountability for the triviality that is the Plame leak, I’m still lagging several years behind trying to get accountability for the passage of the PATRIOT ACT I and II.


  • Moonraven

    There will be no “One Fine Day”, Cio Cio San.

    Nor will there be accountability about ANYTHING done by YOUR government, Lono.

    OF COURSE THEY did it. They also did 9/11–but I don’t hear you piping up about that!

    You are just as much on the bury the truth bandwagon as anyone else–thereby choosing this trivial–for once I agree with Nalle–incident which yes, was illegal, but compared to the other crimes that this administration has committed it is barely visible with the Hubble telescope–to get on your moral high horse.

    The stench of hypocrisy is prevasive on this site–especially as you are all stuffing your obese bodies with Thanksgiving garbage–celebrating that your country was built on the dead bodies of Native Americans and African slaves.

    Eat up, terrorists!

  • bliffle


    You are such a whining bleeding heart liberal!

    Picking on Our dear Leader just because he contributed to a coverup of a National Security Leak employed to discredit a political enemy. How picayune can you get?! Why, the criticism you direct against God W Bush makes it sound like you mistook him for a Democrat, or something. Now if GWB WAS a Democrat the angry villagers would be advancing on the WhiteHouse with flaming torches crying “impeach! impeach!” and lead by such worthies as Dave and Clavos, etc., you know their names.

    I think you’re suffering from Outrage Fatigue! You probably sit around in a coffeehouse stewing in your own juices and complaining to any passerby about what you see as GWB Crimes And Misdemeanors. Then, when the other coffee-slurpers rightly shun your presence you turn to the internet and spew out your unreasonable Bush-hate to the poor gentle unsuspecting readers of BC. You, in your uncaring hatred, cannot even imagine the Deep Psychological Damage you do to an innocent like Maurice or JOM. I weep for the state of their sanity.

    That can only twist and distort your mind and your judgement.

    What you persistently misunderestimate is the value of everything that GWB does on our behalf, all of which are, of course, parts of His Secret Plan to Save The Republic by instituting Total Global Domination.

    For those few who remain after the Long War, that is. Like Presidentially Certified Members Of The Productive Class as nominated by Cheney and seconded by Dave Nalle (when he can separate his embouchure from, you know, dick).

    Of course, some US Martyrs will have to suffer and die for this Glorious Triumph over The Other (Islamo-fascists, democrats, indians, blacks whose name is not JC Watts, etc., you know who they are).

    Just in case you were about to start an unjustified complaint about the trillion dollar cost of this Invasion To Create democracy in The Middle East, I must point out to you an ingenious new way to defray some of the cost of the war by recovering UNEARNED BONUSES from the unworthy gold-bricking soldiers who got themselves severely wounded before their tour of duty was complete:

    Wounded soldiers asked to return signing bonuses

    When Jordan Fox was serving in Iraq, his mother helped organize Operation Pittsburgh Pride, which sends thousands of care packages to U.S. troops from his hometown, which prompted a personal “thank you” from the White House. When Fox was seriously injured in Iraq, the president sent what appeared to be personal note, expressing his concerns to the Fox family.

    But more recently, Fox received a different piece of correspondence from the Bush administration.

    The U.S. Military is demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments.

    To get people to sign up, the military gives enlistment bonuses up to $30,000 in some cases.

    Now men and women who have lost arms, legs, eyesight, hearing and can no longer serve are being ordered to pay some of that money back.

    I watched the report from the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, and I kept thinking, “This can’t be right.” Apparently, it is.

    In Jordan Fox’s case, he was seriously injured when a roadside bomb blew up his vehicle, causing back injuries and blindness in his right eye. He was sent home, unable to complete the final three months of his military commitment.

    What a slacker! Didn’t complete his tour, just because of some trvial wounds! Who does he think he is, John Kerry!?

    Lono, if you were a Real Man you’d go out and gather evidence that this Goldbricks family has an upper-middleclass income ($30,000 for the purposes of this case) and roundup other soldiers to complain about his behaviour. Maybe you can find someone to claim that he really got those wounds in a Baghdad Whorehouse, not in battle at all!

    The choice is yours, Lono. You can choose between The Celestial Right or The Infernal Left. I suggest that you choose the Right And True Way Of The Bush. All you have to do is kneel, hold your hands together worshipfully and suck Real Good. Perhaps an exemplar could post an instructional video on youTube to show us all how it’s properly done. Someone like RJ, say.

    You are Free To Choose, lono.

  • Moonraven

    He already has. And there was no way he could win with that choice.

    It’s too bad that the US is such a mean, corrupt, genocidal cesspool that a piece of commentary like this one is completely wrong-headed because it focused on the pimple and not the ugle face.

    Speaking of which–at a certain age one gets the face he or she deserves. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    As is that of a terrible person named Fran something that was fomenting terrorism around the planet for GW Bush’s administration.

    She just resigned to “take advantage of private sector opportunities”–by which I assume she is going to go to work for Blackwater to foment more terror in THEIR name–and her photo was in the paper here in Mexico a couple of days ago.

    Talk about the devil incarnate–this woman REALLY has the face she deserves:

    ugly, bushy hair

    beady little pinched eyes

    razor-blade nose

    chin like the point of a machete below

    the thinnest, meannest little mouth I have ever seen!

    Her face said it fucking ALL.

  • Bliffle, this is an old story on the signing bonuses. They have been prorated since the 1980s. You get your bonus up front on the assumption you serve for a specific amount of time. You sign a contract to that effect. If you serve less then the difference has to be paid back. It’s not a Bush plot or an attempt to screw the troops. It predates his administration and was dreamed up by some army lawyer. If current outrage about cheating wounded vets gets the policy made better for them then that’s great, but don’t try to put the blame for it on Bush.


  • The Obnoxious American

    The reason why no one cares is that while technically this was a “leak” of “classified national security” information, Plame wasn’t actually doing anything for the CIA that mattered to national security. And this is proven out by the fact that she and her husband were actively trying to discredit the President (in the media no less) – not the type of discreet behavior becoming of a spook.

    As Dave mentioned, it was Armitage that admitted to leaking. Do I think that Bush knew what Armitage did? If not before then certainly shortly thereafter. Do I care? Not one bit.

    I am alot more concerned about the leaking of information that actually helps terrorists, such as the exposure of the SWIFT engagement, wiretapping, and things on that scale. No matter how self righteous or well meaning the leakers in these cases are, these are leaks that actually hurt our ability to protect American citizens. Much much more of a problem for this country then what amounts to a cocktail party spat amongst washington’s elite hoi polloi. Shame on the media for elevating this to a level above self preservation.

  • /sigh…so much bullshit here…

    let’s just have a peek at this with a simple slant

    say this had all been a Hillary administration, still comfortable with what appears to them to be deliberately exposing a covert Agent while attempting to cover up that you were cherry picking and fudging the numbers to make a political case for an Invasion of a foreign country?

    i’m not…nobody is above the Law, at no time and under NO circumstance

    if this changes, for whatever Reason…or is *accepted* by the Citizenry under ANY Circumstances…then the Noble Experiment is done, and we..as a Nation…cease to be what we always have Been

    nuff said…


  • The Obnoxious American

    That’s a righteous position and in a perfect world I’d agree with you. But let’s not pretend that all in Washington was always holy up till Jan 20th, 2001. Or in any other government for that matter. Governments are human made constructs, with humans working within.

    If the same scenario happened with Hillary as President, I’d say the same thing. In fact, didn’t similar types of abuses of power happen during the Clinton era? I never screamed about Lewinsky, or Whitewater, or those pardons, or even Sandy Berger’s shrewd document filing capabilities. Because while some of what went on there might have been illegal or questionable, there is no real evidence that there was an actual victim in the crime, except for possibly Clinton’s reputation.

    As a result of the Plame outing, has there been a single case of a CIA agent being exposed, or an actual operation jeapordized? Anyone get hurt? Not that I know of.

    To me, it’s never about who is committing a crime, but always about the nature of the crime itself. And frankly, other than raising liberal cackles of media elite everywhere (both are tight with members of the media) and giving Valerie Plame a mission in life, I just don’t see what the fuss is about.

  • Gonzo, I’m just curious to know what law you think was violated in the putting together of the case for an invasion of Iraq. Going solely on the version of the facts which you accept and completely ignoring all the facts which others are aware of but which you deny, what LAW did Bush break in attempting to make a strong case that Iraq needed to be invaded.


  • Moonraven

    Right: If YOU do it it’s okay–and if a non-gringo had done it, you would have shit your pants in public screaming about it. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • TOA sez – “I never screamed about Lewinsky, or Whitewater, or those pardons, or even Sandy Berger’s shrewd document filing capabilities.”

    far different from an Invasion, with all those deaths, maimings and other messy Considerations..don’t you agree?

    for Vox – that would be “what is federal criminal conspiracy for $1000, please Alex…

    at the very least…easily qualifying as a “high crime and misdemeanor” by definition and Intent of the Founders…especially in the case of adventurous warfare and/or Imperialistic invasion, wouldn’t you agree?


  • Sorry, try again, gonzo. Criminal conspiracy is a secondary charge requiring the commission of a specific primary crime. You can drag people in on the crime with conspiracy, but what we’re looking for here is the specific crime they conspired to commit.


  • for Vox…quoted right from the link i gave him on the exact wording of the pertinent laws and statute

    “Under 18 U.S.C. [section] 371 (the “Act”) it is a crime to conspire to commit any offense against the United States or to defraud the United States.”

    do note the “to defraud”…as in deliberately defrauding the government with known bad info to invade a sovereign nation without a declaration of War

    at the least..as i said


  • The Obnoxious American

    “far different from an Invasion, with all those deaths, maimings and other messy Considerations..don’t you agree?”

    Uh, wasn’t this about the outing of Plame?

    But since you went there, unless you are making an actual (provable) allegation that the president did something illegal to go to war, the only thing you can blame him for is bad judgement. And I can buy that – given what we now know, the evidence of WMD’s was overstated (although I tend to think we should have taken Saddam out for reasons other than WMDs). Further, the first several years of prosecuting the war seemed to be handled badly. (That said, I also think that the last 6 months has proven that we can fix the situation and turn the tide for the better in Iraq – as if that was really a question).

    Where the rabid, BDS suffering left wing radicals lose me is when they go off the deep end saying that Bush lied and deceived the American people to go to war, or that he intentionally sent thousands of great Americans to their death to help pad the wallets of corporate America. I think the Dems leading both houses of congress would have actually brought charges by now if any of that were true. It simply isn’t.

    Going back to my recent article on the Politics of Reality, I think it’s a sad state of affairs in public discourse when suggesting that terrorists might attack this country results in more derision and disbelief than suggesting that the President has some grand plans to intentionally kill Americans and destroy this society.

    Valerie Plame was outed by someone in the administration. If the president didn’t know about it, it’s not his fault. If he did know about it, it’s well within his rights to put that information out there (however he chooses). Either way, this scandal is actually a complete waste of time. Can we move on to the many more important issues that are facing the American people?

  • Lumpy

    For it to be fraud Bush would have had to knowingly lie with the untent to deceive. And at this point with all the additional evidence we have post invasion we know that in many ways Bush understated the threat if anything.

  • Moonraven

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] The laws that was broken deliberately by Bush and Gang was put in place by….Bush Senior–largely as a result of Kart Rove’s antics back in the day.

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • The Obnoxious American

    Gotcha, and the trial is when? When will Bush and Cheney be impeached and convicted for said crimes? What about censure? Can we at least muster up a goold ole wrist slap for this slight? Why not?

  • well, we can be specific about the lies regarding the war. these are not disputed facts. Joe Wilson told this administration (the one that sent him to answer this very question) that Niger was NOT involved in selling any kind of yellow cake uranium to IrAq.

    He told this to them. The President then went on TV during a state of the nation and said we have evidence that Iraq was obtaining yellow cake uranium from Niger.

    This was a Lie. This was an extremely big lie to congress and the American people. don’t apologize for these antics. don’t.

    You can say that Saddam was worth taking down, I think I might agree. However, don’t use that to rationalize the lie. He can not be trusted, and in lieueu of the zillions of scandals and lies and sacrificing of democracy for his big business friends… when ALL of those are weighed… this truly isn’t that big of a deal.

    the problem is that almost every day more proof comes out that we have been lied to and there is ZERO accountability. Screw this, at work my numbers have to be right and my reports cited or I get fired.

    I am going to work for the White House.

  • and here’s the nut of It all…“(although I tend to think we should have taken Saddam out for reasons other than WMDs)”

    ok..can anyone show me where in our Constitution, or Declaration it says we, as a Nation founded on Law, have a Right to invade another sovereign Nation?

    now…after a legal declaration of War, that’s one thing…but just to “take” someone out?

    now we are Imperialists, is Poland next?

    yeah..that was in bad Taste, but it makes my point

    the entire neocon policy has at it’s base the rationalization that it’s ok to go and fuck with other Nations just because we want to…

    and i don’t think that’s U.S.


  • Baronius

    Lono, did you read the original article? That quote is out of context. In fact, it doesn’t really make sense as you quoted it. “It” was McClellan’s statement that Rove and Libby had nothing to do with the Plame leak. It’s a matter of record that both of them confirmed the information, after Armitage leaked it. That doesn’t mean that all five of them leaked it, or gave orders to do so. It means that McClellan accused the five of knowing that Rove and Libby had a secondary role in the leak.

  • He told this to them. The President then went on TV during a state of the nation and said we have evidence that Iraq was obtaining yellow cake uranium from Niger.

    This was a Lie. This was an extremely big lie to congress and the American people. don’t apologize for these antics. don’t.

    It was a lie, except that in both a technical and a more general sense it was absolutely true. Not only had Iraq previously bought tons of yellow cake from Niger, but despite what Joe Wilson said and the forged documents which stirred up all the controversy, the Iraqi government did in fact send representatives to Niger in 1999 to negotiate the purchase of additional yellowcake, as confirmed by the Butler Report and Iraqi government officials after the war.

    It’s another case of the truth not being quite as obvious as some would like to make it. On the one hand, Wilson was correct that Saddam had not bought MORE yellowcake from Niger, but at the same time Saddam did have the clear intent of buying more and had bought a great deal in the past. So neither Bush nor Wilson was lying when their statements are taken in a very narrow context.


  • Lapdog

    This thread seems to be stuck in the 23rd.

  • Lapdog

    Until now, that is. Any messages posted on the 24th and 25th have gone AWOL.