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Maximizing Kitchen Space on OpenHouse NYC

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Continuing on our theme of making the most of whatever space you have, Geoffrey Beole, a designer from NYKB, demonstrates how he turned a kitchen with under 50 square feet into a stylish and well-organized culinary hub.

After undergoing about $60,000 worth of renovations, Beole and the team from NYKB knocked out a dropped ceiling, expanded cabinetry, installed a microhood oven (an overhead oven/microwave/fan). The NYKB team even changed the orientation of the refrigerator to add space and installed a broom closet.

Check out the video to see the happy apartment owner and the renovations yourself…

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  • Solomon

    $60,000? That is a steal. Every other NYKB renovation I know of cost 2 or 3 times more. They gave her a good deal and ripped off others to make up for this $$$ loss.

  • Becky

    That was a deal. And she was happy! I am impressed with this Press Release of many years ago. Unfortunately for NYKB, Geoffrey Belle is long gone.

  • Uneasy

    I am troubled by more reports of impropriety of this business

  • Roz

    A forewarning: Find another to do your renovations. Be smart about who you want to hire and use a checklist before you sign any contract. A fancy showroom does not mean you will receive a quality reno.

  • Robbed

    I strongly urge you to avoid NYKB. Sales representative Peter Russo bid me on my studio bathroom remodel and after I signed the contract and wrote the 50% deposit to begin work, NYKB handed me an invoice for an additional $17,000; 75% more than the initial agreed upon contract and before any contractor ever stepped foot in my apartment! Peter and partial owner Perry Hiiman referred me to the fine print on the back of the contract that called for possible extra charges – much of which is bathroom/plumbing terminology that most people, like myself, are not familiar with. I relied heavily on Peter and NYKB and was sadly scammed out of my deposit unless I agreed to pay the massively higher price – which Peter knew was well outside of my budget.

    I can tell you this is not an isolated case after talking with the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) and speaking with innocent others that have been scammed by NYKB. I refer you to the DCA (dial 311 or visit their website) for a helpful informational booklet and to review others complaints that have been filed. I also recommend you visit the civil court website to research past lawsuits against Perry and New York Kitchen & Bath. I really hope you don’t run into a similar situation and the best way to do that is just stay away. It’s been a sad and painful last six months that I don’t wish on anyone.

  • Dafna

    I am amazed by the veil of deception

  • Izzy

    I do not urge you strongly to avoid NYKB, I tell you… avoid them. And if you do not heed my word, take the contract to a lawyer BEFORE you sign and check out the sites listed above.

  • Keren

    Frying Latkes will destroy the wall by the stovetop..A little tile would have been easier to clean up..

  • Such a Crock

    All the negative comments you read above are 100% accurate. If you’re skeptical and think that NYKB might have some competitors posting negative stuff in order to manage competition, make sure you contact DCA (311) and NY courts. Should clear things up. And do remember that the DCA complaint volume is NOT reflective of complaints received since NYKB has been in business. Just a few years. Ask. Anyhow, everything everyone writes above can be verified, so do your research.

  • Tammy

    Ditoo what ‘Such a Crock’ said It’s a new yeare. Think smart.

  • Vanessa

    As others have said, research, research, research. Make sure you hire a contractor who is reliable

  • Brianna

    NYKB? You don’t want to go there. You will be unhappy. Your wallet will be empty. Do your research

  • Rhys

    cannot believe NYKB is still in business. How are they still getting clients? What is their secret?

  • Francine

    A new year and you are looking for a great renovation? I strongly suggest that you avoid this company.

  • Rumi

    All one has to do is be very careful selecting a contractor. The rules for renovating; get real recommendations from friends, neighbors, people that you actually have a relationship with. What were the pros and cons? The issues that arose (nothing goes totally smoothly) Check the DCA and go on e-courts. And remember, more money spent does not mean a great renovation. No I would not go with NYKB or any showroom contractors. That is my take on it.

  • jackie

    you don’t want to hire this company

  • Esther

    Great old PR..You definitely want to do deep research. A new showroom does not tell you the backstory