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Mattel Says: All Your Bratz Are Belong To Us

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When I was a kid, my mom did not let me play with Barbie dolls because they presented an impossible standard of beauty. I didn't care that much for dolls, but I loved playing dress-up and did resent the Barbie sanctions. My daughter will play with Barbie if she wants.

A couple of years back, I encountered the Bratz dolls. These little 10" fabrications of feminine ideal are just about the sluttiest thing for ages three and up. Bratz dolls make the anorexic Barbie (a 5'9" Barbie in real measurements would have a 36" chest, 18 waist and 33" hips) look wholesome. No way would a child of mine be playing with these belly-baring, poof-lipped, pubescent prettygirls that truly belong in the virtual reality section of an Adult DVD store.

Bratz came about in 2001. That wasn’t long after Brittany Spears declared she was saving herself 'til marriage, even though she wanted someone to hit her "Baby, One More Time." The Spice Girls were peaked and already broken up by the time the Bratz got packaged, so the dolls were not breaking new ground.

The Bratz dolls were for little girls, and therefore lingered longer. I would not be able to stop my kid from seeing these and wanting their hyper-sexualized glamour as they stood in plastic-packaged splendor in the toy aisle of everywhere. They are in the zeigiest. Pandora was here and the box is open.

Now I see new hope.

Turns out, Carter Bryant, the creator of Bratz, was working for Mattel when he sold the idea of Bratz to MGA Entertainment. Since he was on their payroll, Mattel had the rights to his ideas. The lawyers began their work.

I don't know if Mr. Bryant brought his teenage slut fantasy doll up for consideration to his then-employer Mattel. They already had been making and selling Barbie for more than 40 years. Perhaps they had more shame than MGA proved to have.

Either way, the courts say Mattel owns Bratz now. It's a business, after all. The Wall Street Journal said, "Mattel Inc. faces a big question in the wake of a federal judge's order handing it control of MGA Entertainment Inc.'s popular Bratz dolls: Are the Bratz worth more to Mattel dead or alive?"

Can we hope for dead? The times have changed. Brittany Spears long ago lost her schoolgirl allure. And isn't it a common rule of thumb that hemlines rise and fall with the economy? Let these barely-clad Bratz recede into history already.

Please Mattel, let the Bratz die. Barbie can handle the future.

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  • Sheela

    Bratz are just cute little dolls with a lot of accessories.

  • Sheela

    What a dirty mind you have.

  • Jordan Richardson

    There is nothing remotely “cute” about these skanky little “dolls.”

  • Jenifer

    Have you SEEN some of today’s barbie dolls? They are dressed just as badly, they are copying the Bratz style in every detail, short skirts, puffy lips, big shoes, the whole bit.

    Mattel doesn’t care about wholesome family matters, they care about the bottom line. They sued a company who makes educational materials for autistic and mentally disabled children because they used the word SAY. (Google mattel vs super duper) and lets not forget how much trouble Mattel has had with LEAD in their toys!

    MGA makes dolls using healthy safety practices, they subscribe to the highest standards, no lead or dangerous chemicals in their toys. They are a small, family run company. Mattel didn’t sue them way back when they came OUT into the market, they only waited until Bratz posed a threat to their monopoly of some kind before suing them.

    Who would buy from Mattel? Not me. I’ll never buy a Mattel product for my neices.

  • Ha, I see you’re very bored. Dolls are just dolls. I grew up with all dolls: Barbie, Bratz, Pullip, etc, I just chose to stick with Bratz. I am an avid Bratz collector: 59 Bratz since July 2004, even at me being 15 years of age. Dolls never made me dress the way I do now: I’ve never seen a Bratz dolls with Teased hair, converses, knuckle duster necklaces, and Nightmare Before Christmas hoodies, now have I?

    I think you’re bitter. Not being able to play with dolls as a child, that’s harsh. You need to stop worrying and start living. How about all the little girls (or whomever) that love Bratz? They’ll be crushed. If you’re so worried about what will corrupt our children of today, why don’t you tell Mattel to stop making Top Model dolls and for Vh1 and MTV to stop their T.V. productions?

    Man, I’m Roman Catholic, and I don’t even find dolls offensive. What century do YOU live in?

  • Toni

    The “my scene” barbies are slightly worse than regular barbie, but much better than Bratz. I’m hoping Mattel lets them die. I hate them. Or at least tones it down!

    Also, the family that runs MGA are kind of jerky.

    the sad thing over all, in my opinion, is that the dolls sell at all. My daughters know that Bratz dolls are OUT. They can have Barbies (so far, not interested much. They much prefer Disney Princess dolls with Mulan and Arial being the most cherished).

  • Shelly

    I love Bratz dolls. I grew up playing with Barbie dolls. I love the fact that MGA produced Bratz in every color as they represent our nation beautifully; from Chloe to Felicia. We own at least one of every shade from Chloe to Felicia.
    With Barbie they have either white or black; no in between shades.

    As far as the clothes they aren’t so bad. What happened to morals teaching us not to judge. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. What’s wrong with shorter skirts and high heeled boots? If you can wear it why not? Everyone has at some point had these items in their wardrobe. I would much rather see them on the dolls than on my daughters of course. I feel that when a child plays with Bratz they get this fantasy out of their system early (reverse psychology).

    One of the best memories is when I watched them play with their Bratz dolls, combing their hair, rolling their hair, and it holding the curls after it dried. They were so excited because they did it and it looked great. The smiles will last me a lifetime. With their Barbie dolls the hair is matted, dry, and tangled. Bratz dolls are very nicely made as not one has broken to date. If Mattel continues to make them; great. I hope they will continue to hold up the same quality standards. If not that’s okay too as we have already purchased about 10 more for my three year old for future use.

  • jared

    funny thing is bratz were made in 2001 when they got close to being the number one doll in 2006
    barbie fight back with the law the bratz doll
    is being renamed and mga will start over in 2010
    with there new doll beacuse is not about sex or children is all money that all mattel and mga care about all ok to me after all don’t think
    all the people in gaza care they just like to stop get killed by bombs but go on fight to kill
    a doll or childrens toys things like this is the reason we have wars anyway you don’t like the don’t buy the freedom of choice I was thing that
    is why i got my legs blown off for so mabe i was
    wrong I get back to a place that just don’t care

  • |– Bratz are no worse than Barbie is and will continue to be. –|

    I find it humorous that people have just redirected their indignity at a new target. For now. Who are you going to blame for your daughters wanting to wear makeup and heels when Bratz go away?

    Duck Barbie, they’ll be coming back to you!!

    If children emulate toys, dolls in this case, it’s the fault of the parent not the toy. They will learn more from their parents and peers and the pressures both apply, then they _ever_ will from a $10 piece of plastic.

  • Annoyed

    Mattel just wanted to be top dog. They didn’t want to sue until their my scene dolls didn’t do as well. My daughter loves the Bratz but I won’t be buying them as long as mattel owns them. Its the principle of it all. If mattel was upset then they should have sued right off, not years later.

  • Matt

    One Thing I Have To Say
    [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor]
    Bratz arnt representing Sluttiness and im sure kids dont see them as “Role Models” neither with barbie but you really dont get to have a say in which doll is the sluttiest.

  • bellaB

    Mattel has pushed out every other dolls in the play line area ever since 80’s (or even earlier). The big white fat asses are now troubled because their ‘long-dead-own-creativity’ doesn’t sell – and somebody else’s did. Bryant was right to bring his creative ideas elsewhere. Mattel would have just distorted his ideas (just LOOK MyScene dolls…) They ewere Bryants own ideas, not Mattels. If you were beginning a new business, would you just drop unemployment without any solid foundation for your future? Mattel is a bully white trash and MGA is a fresh breeze of new ideas. The creator of Apple Machintosh worked in a computer company ELSEWHERE when he had the idea of MAC – does all the Mac’s belong to some other company that Apple?

  • bellaB

    The autor of this article should go and resolve her own issues with sexuality – and not project them on children’s toys. I’m 37 and have never seen those dolls as ‘sluts’.

    I don’t like the fake smile of Barbie – you know: behind the ever-lasting-smile there can be a lot of suppressed issues… Don’t bring it on children! Let them play with Bratz.

  • Marisol

    This author is a sick cruel woman! Bratz are cool and I’ve been playing with Bratz for three years! And barbie has too old of clothes and her breasts are too big. Just cut with the nasty comments about Bratz. I mean my mom is like Barbie’s age and she does not dress the way Barbie does. And also Bratz never got pregnant like Barbie did…What the heck with that doll?

  • hoi

    What is wrong with you?
    Bratz are AMAZING! Gosh.
    Barbie is the one with the bad image.
    Bratz didn`t get pregnat, or grow boobs like barbie did.

    GRRRRRRR. Barbies suck.

    Bratz ROCK! YA!


    Bratz dolls are great. Perhaps those with low self-esteem issues are the haters of bratz? ha ha…
    Bratz came out and made money. Girls everywhere were going nuts over these dolls and as things change with time, Barbie was slipping as the Bratz were making 20% more in sales. Bratz will be out again shortly!! August 2010!!! Bratz lovers, Bratz collectors, watch out for them!!!
    GO BRATZ!!

  • Renesha

    You got issues hopefully mattle will keep Bratz they havent got rid of the website and if mattle does keep Bratz open it would be the best thing this way they’d have barbie and bratz GO BRATZ and you go to hell

  • GoBratz

    Barbie – Mattel – greedy greedy greedy. and Barbie is oh so BORING and status quo, regurgitating same old blah in different packaging!!!???And what was up with My Scene?? Ugly!!
    Bratz – better looks, flair, style, originality and REFRESHING – Go Bratz – Mattel – get over yourselves

  • marie

    People like to complain about the Bratz dolls because Barbie has been around for so long and people tend to stick with whats familiar. I think Bratz are cute because they are so stylish. There is no portray of money or glamor like Barbie. And thankfully, Bratz are not decked out with everything PINK!!!! Barbie is so pink it makes me sick!! Mattel is greedy though, if they were so concerned about someone creating a doll in their employ, why didnt they attack sooner? I say; PUT BARBIE IN RETIREMENT!! ITS A BRATZ GENERATION!!! 🙂

  • kylie

    you know it’s sad these millions of girls who love bratz will just cry.I think if mattel really cared about children they wouldn’t be doing this to them!RIGHT!!!

    and also isn’t it childish their fighting.i dont want to see what matell will turn bratz into if they own them.What ever, bratz are back oh yeah!!

  • kylie

    sob i love the bratz too their awsome maybe their clothes should be less icky though like no miny skirts,short dresses but other than that i love bratz, sorry mattel….i just like bratz more

  • kylie

    wait a minute if mattel is calling there bratz funky teens then mga can still have the title bratz and make them right???

  • Kelsey

    I love bratz dolls and i hope they come back Barbies are scary they are ugly and they kind of remind me of my mom and that is y a lot of old people like Barbies because they are just like them.

  • People

    Mattel is nothing but a bunch of haters. If Bratz came out in 2001 and yall was okay with it why years later do you come back and sue.? Mattel is also some stupid haters because if you look at thier little ugly doll “MY Sceane” it’s a spitin image of the brat doll. So i guess thier mad becasue bratz did so much better then that lame doll. So now that got they own the bratz welp isnt that awesome. To bad aint nobody go want the bratz now.

  • Tobbi

    You have no idea your talking about Bratz are not even close to sluts barbies are raggy old fashioned dolls that want to take over the doll buissness world even no im a 9 year old standing up for bratz rights i still know whats right but bratz do own to barbie but in 2007 barbies tryed to make up these dolls named bling-bling dollz and those were beond slutz bratz are fantasy you need to let your daughter have imagination (even no their are people that go way too far with imagiation) im a bratz lover and ima stand for peoples rights ima make dolls when i grow up (naw im not gonna make no dolls)but nwo barbie is going aginst liv dolls,moxie girls and other dolls to barbie needs to liv she cant just going around looking for some dolls that look bettrer than her and take them to the court and beat them no thats just SO rong

    P.S barbie was so jelous of bratz they disited to take them to court thats why they made “my scene”dolls


  • jennifer

    well for each doll that is made does’t mean that we have to start a war with two same companies. just because mattel hates MGA. doesnt mean that they had to sue MGA for some doll and besides dolls are dolls, they are all the same and yes some parents would buy bratz dolls or barbie dolls its just that both dolls are the same and doesn’t mean which one is better or which one isnt. both companies should say SORRY for a rediculous battle they made just for two diffrent dolls and then when they say sorry then both companies should settle and make peace within each other. and thats it for now and im only 11 and i know how this rediculousness should end

  • jennifer

    okay i read over the comments and i should say that two companies with two same dolls doesnt mean to start a war to see which company will win or not but just to let everyone around the world that the dolls are the same.1.) they are both made of plastic and also made with same frabrics and same accsessories .2.) both dolls( MGA AND MATTEL ) have a diffrent feature and bratz dolls are small teenagers and that babrie dolls are tall grown women. see? some stuff are familiar with both dolls and some stuff isnt and besides all this war stuff should end immediantly . so please comment below my comment and see who agrees with me. thank you.

  • Wow

    Ur mean.