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Match Point, Aeon Flux, Shopgirl: Region 1 DVD Releases for April 25th, 2006

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I won’t lie to you. It’s another weak week. However, there’s at least one release you should check out if you haven’t already. And it is…

Match Point

Woody Allen’s back. And he’s Hitchcock. There’s very little to make this feel like a Woody Allen film. It’s not set in New York. The main character is not particularly neurotic. And yet, there’s something in Allen’s worldview that comes through loud and clear in this masterfully crafted dramatic thriller about a philandering tennis instructor who marries into great wealth.

As is often the case with Allen DVD’s, the disc is as featureless as post-facelift Kenny Rogers.

Aeon Flux (Widescreen Special Collector’s Edition)

It’s arguable that the post-feminist, ass-kicking heroine jumped the shark long before this release (Resident Evil, anyone?), but Flux certainly confirmed that the genre had outstayed its welcome. Not so much the genre’s fault. Certainly not the fault of the leads (Charlize Theron, Sophie Okonedo, Frances McDormand), with seven Oscar nods between them (and two wins). Maybe the fault of thinking that having a post-feminist, ass-kicking heroine in and of itself makes a movie. See Ultraviolet for a further example of this principle.

Now, this isn’t just a special edition, nor is it merely a collector’s edition. This is a Special Collector’s Edition. Know how you can tell? Lots of commentary (including a track from Charlize Theron and producer Gale Anne Hurd) and five, count ’em, five featurettes in the extras. Kind of sounds like a ’50s doo-wop group. “Presenting…The Five Featurettes!”


The post-feminist, young-urban-working-woman-torn-between-two-lovers genre is alive and well, thank you very much. In this charming incarnation, written by a between-crappy-projects Steve Martin, Clare Danes’ eponymous heroine navigates the dating scene between the rich-but-obviously-using-her older man (played by Martin) and the directionless-but-sincere younger guy (played by Jason Schwartzman).

Extras include a making-of featurette, deleted scenes, and commentary from director Anand Tucker (who’s been tapped to direct the first installment of His Dark Materials).


2005 was simply not a good year for Lasse Hallström. Critics were even harsher with this romp than with his previous effort, An Unfinished Life, released only a few months earlier. Again, a promising cast, including Heath Ledger, Oliver Platt, and Jeremy Irons, failed to find box office or critical favor under the usually sure hand of the Swedish director. May he find better fortune with one of the three (!) films he’s slated to direct in ’06.

Lots of featurettes dealing with re-creating 18th-century Venice in the extras, which include commentary from Hallström.

Tristan + Isolde

Faring even worse under the critical lens was the blink-and-you-missed-it release of this old timey romance set even further back than Casanova. It’s hard to tell which January James Franco release received more of a collective “meh,” this or Annapolis, which came out two weeks later in theaters.

Is it bad that neither the director nor the leads could be lured into either of the two commentary tracks on this disc?

This week brings us two very good contenders for Title of the Week, but there can be only one…

12 Days of Terror

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (with Movie Cash)

24 Hours on Craigslist

Mixed reviews suggest this may be more “good premise” than “compelling doc.”

The 40-Year-Old Virgin/American Wedding: Party Edition (Full Screen)

The 40-Year-Old Virgin/American Wedding: Party Edition (Wide Screen)

50 Greatest Kid Concoctions

6 Suites for Cello Solo Bwv 1007-1012

The Adventures of Kit Carson, Vol. 5

The Adventures of Kit Carson, Vol. 6

The Adventures of Kit Carson, Vol. 7

Aeon Flux (Full Screen Special Collector’s Edition)

Aeon Flux (Widescreen Special Collector’s Edition)

Aerobo Cop: Super Hero of Fitness

After missing last week, there’s no way I’m forgetting Title of the Week with this around.

After the Fire: Live at Greenbelt

All Tomorrow’s Parties-Nico Live

American Dad, Vol. 1

The few episodes I’ve seen of this show indicate that it has nothing new to offer over its next-of-kin Family Guy, and that’s just fine by me.

American Masters – Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea

American Masters – Willa Cather: The Road Is All

American Pie: Band Camp/American Pie (Full Screen)

American Pie: Band Camp/American Pie (Unrated)

Americas Favorite Housewives

Amor En Silencio (A Silent Love)

Andre the Butcher

Andre’s Mother

Angel Links – Anime Legends Complete Collection

Animal Crackers: Complete 1st Season (3pc)


Apollo 13 [HD DVD] – Dubbed in French – English subtitles

Apuesta por un Amor

Arena: Smoke and Mirrors

Arjuna – Anime Legends Complete Collection

Art of the Pas De Deux

Ataca el Chupacabras

Australian Opera Favorites / Joan Sutherland, Eva Marton, Richard Bonynge

The Avengers ’62: Complete Set

Avoid Eye Contact, Vol. II

Bachelor Party Vegas

Baile De Estrellas En Dvd

Baile Grupero En Dvd

Baile Norteno

Bang Bang You’re Dead

Barnstormers: 360 Degrees

Bazaar Bizarre

Bernard Allison: Energized – Live in Europe

Best of Joan Sutherland / Opera Australia

Best of Paris

The Betsy (Keep Case)

Better Sex Workout

Betty Blowtorch and Her Amazing True Life Adventures

The Big Racket

Big Sound Authority: This House

Big Timer/Look out Sister

Bishop Leonard Scott: Hymns & Church Songs Live From Alabama

Black Coin: Chapters 1-15

Black History Part 1

Black History Part 2

Blood on Her Hands

Bluegrass Legend: Family & Friends

Born Under Libra

Boys Be…, Vol. 2 – Summer

Brain Powered: Anime Legends Complete Collection

Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Curse

Broadway Dance Center: Jazz for the Beginner to Advanced Beginner

Broken Flowers/Lost in Translation

The Brute

Bug Me Not


Cachun Cachun Ra-Ra

Calls Controlled

Cam’ron: Killa Season

The Camomile Lawn

Candido: Hands of Fire

Captain Beefheart: Under Review

Cartel Mortal


Casualties of War (Extended Cut)

Celtic Legends – Arthurian Legends

Celtic Legends – Irish Legends

Celtic Legends – Scottish Legends

Celtic Legends Boxed Set – Arthurian Legends, Scottish Legends, Irish Legends

Cezanne in Provence

Charlie White

Chicken Soup for the Soul Live! Eclectic Wisdom – Coping with Death and Dying (Vol. 4)

Chicken Soup for the Soul Live! Love (Vol. 1)

Chicken Soup for the Soul Live! Parenting – Learning and Teaching (Vol. 2)

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Vol. 3: Living Your Dreams – Overcoming Obstacles


Cinderella Man/Seabiscuit

Cine Mexicano DVD 3 Pack

Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory (Ziegfeld Follies / Till the Clouds Roll By / Three Little Words / Summer Stock / It’s Always Fair Weather)

Come on Cowboys

Como Se Forma una Rumba

A Complete History of U.S. Wars

Constant Gardner & Interpreter (2pc) (Ws Btb)

The Covent of Sinners

Crackheads Gone Wild

Creepy Cowboys: Four Weird Westerns

Crumb (Widescreen Special Edition)

Custom Choppers: the Art of the American Motorcycle


Dan Doh!! The Super Shot, Vol. 3 – Final Round

Dancehall Boom Dynamite

Day of the Animals

Deke’s Guitar Geek Festival, Vol. 2 2005

Dennis Brown: Live at Reggae Canfest

Desert Punk, Vol. 2 – The Desert Duo

The Detonator

Dinner with an Assassin

Disney’s Little Einsteins – Team Up for Adventure

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist: Freeze

This contains the last-ever performance of the “legendary freeze set” that “started it all.” I don’t know what the freeze set is or what it started, but DJ Shadow is cool.

Doctor Dolittle 3

Doctor Dolittle Giftset

Dolores Gray – Bell Telephone Hour Appearances 1959-1965

Don Quichotte Ballet (Dol)

Don’t Go Near the Park

Doom [HD DVD] – Dubbed in French – English subtitles

Doom/The Rundown

Dr. Hudson’s Secret Journal

Duane Hopwood

David Schwimmer does the no-budget indie thing, Leaving Las Vegas-style.

Eastern Horror: Robovampire/Devil’s Dynamite

Eastern Horror: Tales from the East/Return of the Evil Fox

El Rey de Los Coleaderos

Elevator to the Gallows – Criterion Collection

The Emilio Miraglia Killer Queen Box Set

English Poetry Anthology – The Augustan Poets / Pope, Dryden

English Poetry Anthology – The Romantic Poets

English Poetry Anthology – The Victorian Poets


Eureka Seven (Vol. 1)

Eureka Seven, Vol. 1 (Special Edition)

Europe to the Max: Hidden Treasures (6pc)

Everything You Want

Evils of the Night

Exodus: A Ray of Sunshine

Famous Authors – Charles Dickens

Why read when you can watch the overview?

Famous Authors – Edgar Allan Poe

Famous Authors – Ernest Hemingway

Famous Authors – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Famous Authors – George Orwell

Famous Authors – Jane Austen

Famous Authors – John Steinbeck

Famous Authors – Mark Twain

Famous Authors – The Bronte Sisters

Famous Authors – William Blake

Famous Authors – William Faulkner

Famous Authors – William Shakespeare


Fight Back to School 2

Fighting Renegade

Fighting Spirit – The Japan Featherweight (Vol. 11)

Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children (2-Disc/UMD Mini for PSP)

Final Reckoning


Fishing Ten Pack

Fists in the Pocket – Criterion Collection

Fit for a King


Forgotten Noir, Vol. 1 (Portland Expose / They Were So Young)

Forgotten Terrors

Frantic Flintstones Story

From the Ground Up: Experience the Freedom of Scaravelli Yoga, The Fundamentals

The Fuccons, Vol. 2: It’s a Fuccon World

The Gabby Hayes Show, Vol. 1

The Gabby Hayes Show, Vol. 2

The Galaxy Railways, Vol. 6: Eternal Hope


Gangster Story

Gene Autry Collection: Colorado Sunset

Gene Autry Collection: Mexicali Rose

Genius – Charles Darwin

Genius – Galileo

Genius – Leonardo da Vinci

Genius Boxed Set – Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Darwin

Geospirit, Vol. 1

Gilgamesh, Whose Side Are You On? Vol. 6 – In the Soul Eclipse

Girls of Brazil

Gloria & Other Sacred Works (Ac3 Dol)

Gluck – Orphée et Eurydice / David Hobson, Amanda Thane, Miriam Gormley, Marco

Gow the Killer

Grand Canyon: Hidden Secrets

Grapplers Quest – 8th West Coast Submission Grappling and Wrestling Championships

Grappling Girls Volume #1 (Grapplers Quest)

Graveyard Series, Vol. 3: House of Evil

Graveyard Series, Vol. 4: Blood Seekers

Great American Sex Scandal

Great American Treasure Hunt

The Great Forest

Great Los Angeles Earthquake

Great Women Singers of the 20th Century

Grey Gardens

Grindhouse Classics

Groupies: The Movie (Reis)

The Guard From Underground

Gun Club: Live at the Hacienda

Gunparade March-TV Series Perfect Collection (Complete Vols. 1-3)

Guns of the Law

Guys & Dolls (Widescreen Deluxe Edition)

Hakugei – Legend of the Moby Dick, Vol. 4 – Hearts of Steel

Happy Birthday

Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II

Heartbeat Video Culture Splash

Heimat II: A Chronicle of a Generation

The Heirloom

The Heroin Busters

High Performance Imports, Vol. 1 and 2

High Performance Imports, Vol. 3 and 4

High Performance Imports, Vol. 5

High Performance Imports, Vol. 6

High Performance Imports, Vol. 7

High Performance Imports, Vol. 8

Higsons: I Don’t Want to Livewith Monkeys – Live

Hip Hop Street Credentials

History 1980-2005

Hollywoods Hottest Hunk Brad Pitt

Hollywoods Most Infamous Couples/Ugliest Breakups



Hymns & Church Songs Live From Alabama

Ian Matthews: I Can’t Fade Away


Il Trovatore

Image Before My Eyes

Immortals of Kung Fu (6pc) (Coll Rmst)

In Dudu’s Kindergarten, Vol. 1

In Dudu’s Kindergarten, Vol. 2


Inspector Gadget: The Original Series

Screw American Dad. This is the cartoon release I’ve been waiting for.


The Intruder

Inu Yasha, Vol. 41 – Naraku Reborn

Iron Man Magazine: Critical Mass Bodybuilding Beginner and Intermediate

Island Explosion 06 Part 1

Island Explosion 06 Part 2

Island of the Lost

The Island/Minority Report

It’s Always Fair Weather

Jacques Cousteau – River Explorations

Jam Jam 2006 Part 2

Jam Jam 2006 Part 3

Jeff Cesario – You Can Get a Hooker Tomorrow Night

Joe Cartoon: Greatest Hits 1

Joe Pro: Still Crunk

John Entwistle: Bass Master Class

John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes: Acoustic TV

Joshua’s Heart

Judge Roy Bean

Kannazuki No Miko – Solar Priestess (Vol. 1)

Karaoke: Mediterranean Nostalgia

Karas – The Prophecy

Ken Shamrock Presents: Valor Fighting – No Holds Barred

Killing Coyote

Although it may sound like an alt country band, this is a doc about endangered coyotes.

The Kims of Comedy

King of Kings:Unite the People

Koala Brothers: A Day in the Outback

Kung Fu Mahjong 2

Laffit: All About Winning (Engp/Spnp)

Landmarq: Turbulence – Live in Poland

The Last Detective – Series 1

Latin Dimes Reggaeton Mix, Vol. 1

Laughing in the Wind, Vol. 3

Law and Order: Trial by Jury – The Complete Series

Lawmen Collection (6pc) (Coll Rmst)

Legends of Jazz: Showcase (DVD/CD)

Lemonade Joe

Like a Puppet out of Strings

Little Piece of Heaven

Live at Fire Fest 2005

Live from Hurrah’s New York City

Live in Concert (Dol)

Live in England

Live in London

Loveless – Hope on the Run (Vol. 3)

Lovers of the Arctic Circle

Lynne Robinson: Pilates for Beginners


Magnus: Geomagnetic – TV DVD Sampler, Vol. 1

Makeup & Beauty Secrets for Women of Color With

Mama’s Boys: Mama Weer All Crazee Now – Live

A Man Betrayed

Mariah Carey: Definition of a Diva

Mat Wars: Fip Fallout 1

Mat Wars: Fip Fallout 2

Mat Wars: Nwa Florida Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup

Mat Wars: NWA Florida Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2

Mat Wars: Pro Wrestling Gone Wrong

Match Point

Melody of Oblivion – Final Score (Vol. 6)

Mercenary for Justice

Metal Skin

Metal’s Dark Side, Vol. 1: Hard and the Furious

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer — Double Feature (More Than Murder / Murder Me, Murder You)

Montserrat Cabale & Marilyn Horne Concert / Philharmonie Hall, Munich

Morning Star

Moscow Virtuosi (Ac3 Dol)

Mother Joan of the Angels

Mr. Barrington

Mutual of Omaha’s: Wild Kingdom Australia’s Awesome Animals

Mutual of Omaha’s: Wild Kingdom Mammals of North America

Mystery: The Sculptress

Naked College Slumber Party

I have to admit, this came a close second for Title of the Week.

The Naturalist

Nature: Animals Gone Wilder

Nature: Heroic Animal Rescues

Necessary Parties

Neor Zion: Live Stand Up

Nero Wolfe – The Complete Classic Whodunit Series

The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet

Niagra Falls/Dear Deer

Night in Tuscany

No Greater Sin/Road to Ruin

Nobody’s Life

NOVA: The Perfect Corpse

The Nun

Odyssey 5 – The Complete Series

On Tour 5: Vienna & Prague (2pc)

Onassis: The Richest Man in the World

One Piece Vol 2


Paquete Cuéntame una de Vaqueros

Party Girl

The Passenger

Jack Nicholson is so convinced that you should see this 1975 movie he made with Michelangelo Antonioni that he was instrumental in its recent re-release. Of course, just about every critic on the planet agrees with him, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. He also provides commentary.

Passion & Paradise

Patlabor – The Movie (Limited Edition)

Patlabor: The Movie

The Patriot (2000) (Extended Cut)

Paul Morrissey Collection (Flesh / Trash / Heat)

Penn & Teller: Off the Deep End

Perfect Getaway

The Perfect Man/The Wedding Date

Pictoplasma: Characters in Motion

Pilgrim’s Progress

Pillars of Faith – Celtic Saints

Pillars of Faith – Martyrs to Christianity

Pillars of Faith – New Testament Witnesses

Pillars of Faith – Religions Around the World

Pillars of Faith Boxed Set – Celtic Saints, Martyrs to Christianity, New Testament Witnesses, Religions Around the World

The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend

Placido Grandisimo (Ac3 Dol)

Plaza Sesamo: Copa Sesamo

Plaza Sesamo: El Alfabeto de Lola

The Poetry Anthology – Boxed Set Augustan, Romantic, Victorian Poets

Positively D.O.a. Live

Prevention Fitness System – Personal Training

Prevention Fitness System: Express Workout – The Abs Advantage

Pride Fighting Championships: Bad Blood – Ringside Collector’s Edition

Prince of Space/Invasion of the Neptune Men

Pushing Hands

Reba – Season 3

Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter

This ’90s AIDS benefit special promoted a kick-ass cover album of modern artists’ takes on Cole Porter classics, including a blistering version of “Night and Day” courtesy of U2, which goes down in my book as, arguably, Bono’s best vocal performance to date. There’s lots of other good stuff, too.

Red Lights Ahead

The Red Star Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble

Redneck Comedy Roundup, Vol. 2

Refused: Refused Are F*cking Dead

Reggae Showdown: Giants of Sting

Reggaeton Hits

The Replacement Killers (Widescreen Extended Cut)

Requiem for a Vampire

The Rifleman Box Set Collection 5

Rivalry Records Showcase, Vol. 2

Road to the 2006: World Cup Finals

Roarin Lead

Robert Altman Collection (M*A*S*H / A Perfect Couple / Quintet / A Wedding)

Robert Darroll: Digital Animations 1990-2001

Rockin the Cat Club: Live From the Sunset Strip

Rooms For Tourists

Rosto’s A.D.’s Mind My Gap

Runaway Slave

Rx for Survival: Bird Flu – How Safe Are We?

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock (Vol. 1)

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock (Vol. 1) + Collector’s Box

Savage Journey

Scorpion: Female Prisoner 701 Grudge Song

Se Souvenir Des Belles Choses/Beautiful Memories

The Sea Wolves (Keep Case)

Serenity/The Chronicles of Riddick

Sessions from the Vault Vol 2

Sessions from the Vault, Vol. 2

Set to Kill

Seven Animations

Sexy Mamis del Reggaeton

Shabba Ranks: Shabba at Showdown

Shadows in the Sun

Shadows of Desire

She Shoulda Said No

Shirley Temple Storybook Collection




Skeleton Key/Cry-Wolf

Spartacus (Dol)

Standard of Perfection: Show Cats

Standard of Perfection: Show Cattle

Still Movin Independently: Takeover (W/CD)

Stone Love:33rd Anniversary

Straight Up: Helicopters in Action

The Strange Faces of Japanese Cinema

Street Dogg 2: The Adventure Continues

Street Law

Stripes (UMD Mini for PSP) – Dubbed in French – English subtitles

Stug III & IV Assault Guns

Suburban Secrets

Suicide: One Day and Live at La Loco, Paris

Summer Stock

Super Exitos En Dvd

Super Exitos En Dvd: Banda

Super Exitos En Dvd: Duranguense 2

Super Exitos En Dvd: Sierreno

Super Speeders 1: Lap of NYC

Super Speeders 2: Across America

Surge of Power

Sutherland-Pavarotti-Bonynge Gala Concert, Opera Australia


Symphony for the Spire / Placido Domingo, Jessye Norman, Ofra Harnoy

Take That-for the Record

Tan Lines

Tango, Our Dance

Tapasya 1

Ten Animated Films by Signe Baumane

This Is Law

Three Little Words

Three…Extremes, Vol. 2

Okay, isn’t that really six extremes? More Asian horror shorts, this time from the guys who did The Eye, A Tale of Two Sisters, and Nag Nak.


Tiger: Heavy Tank Panzer VI

Till the Clouds Roll By (Remastered Edition)

TNT Jackson/Black Godfather

Tommy Lee Goes to College

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling: Final Resolution

A Touch of Frost Season 9 and 10

The Toy Castle – Beautiful Ballerina

The Toy Castle – Birthday Bash

The Toy Castle – Twinkle Twinkle

Treasure Chests

Treasure Island

Tremendo Amanecer

Tristan and Isolde (Full Screen Edition/Widescreen Edition)

Two for the Money & Ice Harvest (2pc) (Ws Btb)

Two for the Money/The Ice Harvest

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Vol. 56 – Full Force

Under the Greenwood Tree

Unity Splash Part 1

Unity Splash Part 2

The Utopian Society

The Velvet Underground – Under Review

Verdugos 2

Videograms of a Revolution

Visual Music From Iota, Vol. 1

Vol. 2-Streetlive

Vytor: The Starfire Champion

Waiting for the Moon

The Waltons – The Complete First Three Seasons

The Waltons – The Complete Third Season

The War in Space

Waterloo Bridge

The Wedding Singer – Totally Awesome Edition

The last truly great Sandler opus (I’ve heard good things about Fifty First Dates, but Punch Drunk Love is really PTA’s film) gets tricked out with a whole five minutes of extra footage and a look at the new Broadway musical based on the film, which is probably why this version of the DVD exists in the first place.

Wendy O Williams: Bump ‘N Grind – Live

West Kingston Jamboree Part 1

West Kingston Jamboree Part 2

What 80 Million Women Want

Where the Green Ants Dream

Window Theory

Windtalkers (Director’s Cut)

World Dance Workout: Bellydance, Bollywood, Salsa, Samba, Flamenco

Youth Run Wild Double Feature: Unwed Mother/Too Soon to Love

Ziegfeld Follies (Std Rmst Sub Dol)

Zombie Soldiers Two-Fer

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