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Masters of Horror: Dave Wagner, Music Archivist

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This is an interview with Dave Wagner who runs a website called Forbidden Crypts of Haunted Music. Sounds cheesy? Hardly. Dave painstakingly takes old vintage records and writes detailed articles about them, explaining their history. He then encodes the music and posts it in MP3 format. Amazing! Check him out today.

Why did you first become interested in the haunted house/horror business?

I have been a horror/Halloween fan since seeing my first black and white horror film, Frankenstein, when i was about eight years old.

What previous jobs have you had?

I have mostly worked in the retail management industry. My last ten years was spent as a Wal-Mart assistant manager.

What job do you do right now? Is the Haunted House/Horror Job your full time gig?

Right now I am on disability, waiting to reach age 55, at which time the state will pay to have both of my knees replaced. Right now I do make a little bit of money from eBay selling, but mostly live on SSI. So I'm on the computer quite a few hours per day.

How long have you been in the business?

About three years now.

ArchObolerDropDeadCover2.jpgHow did you start?

I started shortly after acquiring my first PC. I began just making personal websites for myself. My horror pages are not so much a business though because they are free for the listening.

What’s the scariest haunted house you ever attended?

Scaremare in Flintville, Tennessee.


Do you still find time to attend Haunted Houses?

I haven't been through one since 1999. My ex-wife and I went through a lame haunted house they had in Salem, Massachusetts. It was nothing more than a series of hallways with people jumping out at you about every 20 feet.

What inspires you to create?

When I see a really awesome website, I find myself wanting to do one just as good or better. I'm finding I have more and more to learn in that area every day.

Do you ever get scared anymore?


What does scare you?

I am still afraid of heights, and snakes.

Do you believe in real haunted houses? Ghosts?

I'm still not sure on this point. I can't say I've ever experienced a haunting personally. I do know there are a lot of unexplainable things that happen to people, and I don't think they can just be discounted.

What is fear?

Fear to me is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. Sometimes it is real, and sometimes imagined, but I think the fear always has the same emotional effect.

DisneyFrontCover.jpgWho’s your average customer?

I think my website has a pretty broad range of viewers. I hear most though from those who remember from their youth the LPs I have shared. I even had one great fan send me a donation the other day when my site exceeded its bandwidth. They missed the page so much they wanted it back that badly. I thought that was pretty cool.

What are your five-year goals?

In five years I will be 55, and will be able to have my knees replaced. I'll then be able to go back to work hopefully. My other hobby is miniature villaging. I've always had a dream of one day opening a store that carries all of the Lemax line of Halloween and Christmas Village items.

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  • Ted

    The Scaremare in Flintville,Tn is a great Haunted house,but its not a haunted house. It shows what people do in this world.They show mass confussion an stuff that comes from bible.There is no Pumpkins or witches or anything evolved with Halloween.

  • Dave

    Thanks to the onwer of hauntedreport for the opportunity to explain myself a little bit. Some have asked about the website name. Forbidden Crypts is derived from the song by Midnight Syndicate who is one of my favorite bands. especially that “Born Of The Night” CD the song came from. I hope viewers like what I’ve done. I have had more than a few naysayers of late compalining about the posting of these LPs, but I’m through arguing with them about that subject. Do keep checking back as I add new LPs daily.