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“Maryland My Maryland” – Not Any Longer…

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Another state has decided to allow illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition at its state colleges – what was formerly known as the “great State of Maryland.”

Now they will ALL be living in a DREAM world.

“House members spent more than two hours Friday debating the controversial bill, which also includes requirements that eligible students live in the state for at least three years and sign an affidavit saying they will seek citizenship within 30 days of becoming eligible.” – Washington Times

You don’t have to be a college graduate to see the hypocrisy in this new bill.

If a major part of qualifying for this latest handout is that you have to sign an affidavit saying you will now do something you refused to do before, what gives? What is the expectation for this being applied by those who are comfortable living illegal in the first place?

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, here are the states that allow in-state tuition for illegals:

New Mexico
New York


…to which we add Maryland.

As a kid growing up and going to school in Maryland we all learned the official state song, “Maryland My Maryland.”

I may not have remembered much of this song, but I did remember the first line:

The despot’s heel is on thy shore…

Not only is it “on the shore” – it’s in the country illegally and now paying in-state tuition – a benefit states formerly held for legal residents only.

So if I, who was born and raised in Maryland, wanted to send my kid (which I don’t have by the way), to the University of Maryland, I would have to pay out-of-state tuition since I now reside in North Carolina. Even though I worked and paid taxes in Maryland for many, many years, including property taxes to fund education, I am a second-class citizen in this country to ANY illegal alien Maryland has allowed to “reside” in the state for at least three years. I repeat, illegal aliens that the State of Maryland – being a sanctuary state – has allowed to reside in the state for at least three years. This is an important point and shows the real runaround in which legal citizens find themselves. A true “Catch-22.”

If I was to apply the “Me first” mentality of illegals, I guess I would find a relative in Maryland, which I do have, and finagle some paperwork that makes it look like my (fictional) kid lives there instead of in North Carolina. Then I too could qualify for in-state tuition. Trust me, the illegal alien underground is already doing this in every state that allows them cut-rates on a college education.

What would I do instead? Tell my kid he (or she) had better have good enough grades for a scholarship or, get an education in their LEGAL state of residence.

Remember the word “legal” meaning:

conforming to or permitted by law or established rules…

I’m afraid the US has lost sight of both the word and its meaning…

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    So…RD – let’s keep all the IA’s from getting any education here in America. Let’s keep them from taking our jobs, too. Let’s not treat them in our emergency rooms. And when we catch them, put them on the other side of the border.

    Is that your viewpoint? Like many who think illegal aliens are going to ruin our nation, your rhetoric sounds great – but your rhetoric is completely disconnected from reality.

    Why? Because if you take away all the benefits I listed, do you really, truly think all the illegal aliens would go away? Or even most of them? Certainly not! Especially with a drug war going on in Mexico – which is supplied by American gun nuts shipping guns at the rate of two thousand guns a day to Mexico.

    So do you really think the illegal aliens would go home to that? Do you really think they would take their children back to that? If you do, you’ve got a real problem with naivete.

    So the illegal aliens ARE staying here, no matter what you do. And what will they do if they’re not allowed access to education and jobs? They’ll go to the only other source of work and income – organized crime.

    The greater the level of education, the lower the crime rate – this is true in EVERY walk of society…including illegal aliens.

    So that’s the choice – keep them from education and jobs and accept the increase in crime that comes with that decision…or allow them education and jobs and realize that the vast majority of them want nothing to do with organized crime and corruption.

    Your choice!

  • RD

    Actually, I think I’ve heard enough already about what they want and need. I also don’t think they are going to ruin our nation, I can see they are already doing so.

    It’s not what they are taking their children back to that bothers me either. It is the fact that they come here to have their children, on the dime of the US taxpayer, to birth new US citizens, to set up the generational chain migration.

    Take away all the benefits I mentioned? I mentioned only in-state tuition but now that you mention it, yes. If benefits to those not legally in this country were switched off, illegal aliens would return to their point of origin. In fact, many illegals go back and forth to Mexico at will. They’re back here for the benefits and whatever else the ridiculously lax government decides to hand over to them.

    It is also not my responsibility to educate illegals and I resent the “or else,” La Raza-type mentality of your comment. I am already seeing “grants” from states to Hispanic Liaison organizations to study “their” gang problems. Grants – you know, free handouts, to study the problem not of the local and legal population, but of this specific target group, who have no problem profiling themselves if there is money to be had. This is happening in areas in which there was no gang activity, or grants, prior.

    I believe it should have been obvious I have already made my choice and I’ve just explained how it can be quickly and inexpensively done. Remove illegal aliens from the US by shutting off the benefits. If I believed your view instead, I guess then if enough people drive while drunk, we should just make sure they get all the alcohol they need to do a better job of it instead of doing everything possible to deny them the right to drive. After all, maybe they had problems earlier in their lives that are somehow supposed to excuse everything illegal they do now.

    If all of Mexico is nothing but drugs and cartels, and illegals are barely escaping with their lives, then to whom are the Mexican nationals sending that $27 billion (since Jan 2006,) back to – and for what purpose?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    And I explained to you that if you shut off all the benefits – including access to jobs and education – they will NOT leave because they will NOT take their children back to a nation wracked by a drug war…

    …but they’ll get involved with crime here. Is that really what you want? Because that’s precisely what would happen, because they wouldn’t have anywhere else to turn.

    And you asked what they’re doing sending all that $27B back home? The same thing ANY immigrant does – trying to help support their family back home! And YOU, sir, would do the same in their shoes. If you as an immigrant, illegal or not, knew that if you could stay here and earn enough to keep your family, your wife and kids out of starvation by sending them money, you would do so, too – especially when you know that you couldn’t do the same if you were still there with them. That’s what millions of immigrants do every single month.

    And I know this first hand, mind you.

  • RD

    I don’t buy any of this although I am being forced, for the moment, to fund it.

    “Immigrant, illegal or not” is a not a viable statement. One is either legal, or illegal.

    First, illegals won’t take their children back to a nation wracked by a drug war. Then, they’ve left their family behind – in that same nation, but they’re sending money. And the illegal alien who makes one (or both) of these choices is my responsibility – why?

    Creating an illegal situation for yourself, by your own choices, and then expecting others to fund your new requirements is ridiculous. It is obvious by recent headlines that the US Government can’t properly fund its own citizens. Funding illegals is unacceptable. Funding illegals who seem to think crime is also their “right” if they don’t get what they want is – criminal.