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Mary Cheney Comment: Throwing Rove a Softball

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There’s a certain amount of irony in Dick Cheney – who recently told a high-ranking Senator to “go f*** [him]self” – complaining that Kerry’s mention of his daughter was inappropriate.

That said, it still wasn’t a wise move on Kerry’s part. The way I see it, Kerry did not have anything to gain from the comment, and it gives his opponents exactly the kind of fodder they’re great at exploiting – gut-level parables that play to the emotions, and that spread through the rumor mills a lot faster than real news, like the 1200-page Duelfer report’s rebuke of the White House’s Iraq WMD claims.

Worst of all, if Kerry hadn’t brought Mary Cheney into this, the big story of the weekend might be that Bush was caught flat-out lying about his “not that concerned about” bin Laden quote.

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  • boomcrashbaby

    Someone on Fox and Friends just used the ‘telling a family member about their wino child’ analogy.

    Actually, the more Karl Rove ‘seizes’ the opportunity and makes Lynne Cheney the indignant victim of this whole thing, the perspective of the middle and the left has changed about it. Believe it or not, we’ve adopted conservative Andrew Sullivan’s take on it:

    “Notice two things. First, the equation of gayness with some sort of embarrassing problem or, worse, some kind of affliction. For people who believe this, of course Kerry was out of line. That’s why [Bush campaign senior adviser Karl] Rove’s base is so outraged. But if you don’t believe this, it’s no different than, say, if a candidate were to mention another candidate’s son in the Marines. Or if, in a debate on immigration, a pro-immigrant candidate mentioned Kerry’s immigrant wife. You have to regard homosexuality as immoral or wrong or shameful to even get to the beginning of the case against Kerry. That’s why it’s a Rorschach test.”

    (tells us who’s who).

  • That “I’m not that concerned about bin Laden … I don’t know where he is” soundbite should have been a Kerry campaign ad long ago. Kerry may have talked his way back into this election, but there’s no question Bush has the better media and spin people.

    That is all.

  • I know family values, and being ashamed of your own daughter is NO FAMILY VALUE!!

    Lynne Cheney is one BAD MAMA!!!

  • Shark

    Boomcrash, the irony pointed out by Sullivan is probably too ‘complex’ for the average GOP motard to comprehend… but it’s a helluva good point.

    And actually, Bush, Cheney, and the GOP should not only be PROUD of Mary Cheney, they should USE HER MORE:

    TV AD: “Mary Cheney: Eats pussy and votes Republican! Hell yes we’re inclusive!”


    Hire Shark’s marketing skills available at FWBULL@earthlink.net

  • Shark

    re: Irony and Dick “Family Values” Cheney telling a Senator to “go fuck yourself!”

    May I point out that Mary Cheney is one of the few people around who actually possesses the tools and the ability to perform this miraculous act!

    Ain’t life grand?

    PS: Yer welcome.

  • boomcrashbaby

    the irony pointed out by Sullivan is probably too ‘complex’ for the average GOP motard to comprehend… but it’s a helluva good point.

    I don’t know about it being too complex, but I agree with it completely. I mean, I know that ‘Rove’s base’ which consists of millions, do consider it an ‘affliction’ or similar handicap. And so yes, this will cost Kerry a few points on the polls, I’m sure. It’s evil, but it’s shrewd.

    But I heard somewhere that there was increased fighting in Fallujah, so of course this won’t go away anytime soon either.