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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Comic a Possibility

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A Marvel vs Capcom 3 comic is a possibility, so says Udon Entertainment Project Manger Jim Zubkavich. He told Kotaku that there have been "serious talks about it in both companies," which is news that should make comic book and video game fan happy.

Now Zubkavich admits that no deal is actually in place and Udon have released a further statement claiming they can't officially confirm the existence of such a comic but Zubkavich's comments should still keep fans happy.

He cites the pedigree of the companies involved, Marvel and Capcom, as well as the influence of comic books on the series of games, in terms of design and aesthetic, as evidence for a "natural progression" into a crossover comic. 


Such a series, if Udon were to be involved, would feature four to a dozen issues as Zubkavich states "You want to make a good impression, but you don't want to wear out your welcome." 

All the pieces seem to be coming together for the crossover even if it hasn't been officially announced. Udon were invited to talks last week where they could "discuss opportunities" for the game, which is going to be big. Udon have been involved in some game artwork of late but the interview seems to hint at the possibility of a comic as the focus of those discussions, Udon own the comic rights to Street Fighter.

No word from Marvel or Capcom yet but hopefully there will be some sort of announcement soon. It will be interesting to see whether one comic book house is given the job, if it actually happens, or whether it will be spread around a few to get some different takes on the series. Also, from a fan point of view, a series that edges closer towards the dozen issues would give them a greater opportunity to explore the characters and the universe they have created while allowing for a few different takes on the series. 

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  • Now this. Would be. EPIC.

  • Troy Mayes

    I know! Especially if it was 12 issues, it would just be so cool. It’s one of the few times I’m excited for the tie-in stuff for a game