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Marty’s Musical Meltdown: The Great Kat, Crown of Glory, Cyclone, Napalm Death & Viron

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An interesting collection of material to review this time around from re-issues to one crazy lady. Its nice to have some good variety for review. Lets see if anything here can warm up your cold winter bones.

DVD reviews

The Great Kat: Extreme Guitar Shred

Not the most subtle of titles for not the most subtle of female guitarists. Considered one of the top 10 greatest guitar shredders, this is a collection to show The Great Kat in all her fury. Juliard grad and concert violinist, she took guitar shredding to a new level in the 80s. At the same time, she showed a woman could be as fast as the lads and gave young men a scary looking female for their wall. This DVD might not have mass appeal to anyone other than her fans or shred junkies. Nutty guitar playing from a nutty woman with an angry guitar.

CD reviews

Crown of Glory: A Deep Breath of Life

This lot produce a rather good combination of power metal and Scandi-AOR that generally works rather well. There are the occasional lyrical gaffs and amusing mispronunciations. Songs like “Save Me,” with its soaring scale and the glorious “Anthem of the End” show the band have great potential. This band surely have to chops to rise above the foray that is European heavy rock, but probably need another album to fully shine. Yet another bunch to keep an eye out for, and well done to Metal Heaven for spotting this emerging talent.

Cyclone: Brutal Destruction

Eight tracks of Belgian thrash metal re-issued and re-mastered. Is this lot essential for your collection? Not really no; its fairly bog standard stuff complete with dubiously titled tracks like, wait for it, “Incest Love.” I suspect this is one for thrash completists and fans of the band who want to replace their vinyl.

Napalm Death: Utopia Banished

This is an impressive re-issue from the ND nutters complete with a limited edition DVD with videos and two live gigs plus an appearance on the BBC. Needless to say the rest of the brutality on the proper album has been remastered. This CD celebrates the band who brought brutality to a whole new level. Those of you who already have this classic album but on vinyl might finally have a reason to get this thing on CD. If you want to know about so-called “grindcore” then this is the CD to start. Balmy, noisy and in yer freaking face. Just what you’d want on a dark winter evening.

Viron: Ferrum Gravis

A latin title to a metal album…what a clever idea. This lot were lauded with their first release partly due to the fact that the album is not exactly what you expect from German metal. Its less Accept and far more US traditional metal. Nine tracks of decent competent heavy metal that never gets old or seems trite. There is even a hint of Iron Maiden on “The Isle of Man” which can never be a bad thing. Its pretty easy to tell why there are people touting this lot. Worth checking out for the more adventurous.

Alright that is your lot for this week. Leaning on the heavy and hearty side, there is quite a good variety nonetheless.

As always keep safe and keep rocking. Check out those live gigs whenever you can, weather permitting, of course.

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