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Marty’s Musical Meltdown: The Explicits, Blues Company, The Bangkok Five, Larry Carlton, and Seven Mary Three

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Another eclectic lot of music for the column this week, and unlike last week none of it made me suffer too badly. In all, it's a good selection of stuff for their respective genres.

CD Reviews

The Explicits: The Explicits

This is punk the way it's supposed to be… nasty, brutal, and short. This owes far more to Motorhead than it does to the Southern California of Green Day and their wannabe followers. There are no ballads on here. From the starting kick of "Indestructible" to the glorious cynicism of "Hollywood," this is metal tinged punk done well and true. Great stuff when you are in that kind of mood, and just because it's punk doesn't mean the players on here don't have the nous to play it right.

Blues Company: Hot and Ready to Serve

This is eleven tracks of great live blues, with only one sort of stinker in the lot. However, the stinker is forgotten when the band does a great mix of "Hideaway" and the "Peter Gunn Theme." This is blues played properly, well and true. However, it's that sort of blues that rather than keeping you in your seat mopping gets you up on your feet for a bit of dance, and there is humour about as well. The track "Hollywood" is a stomper about an email invite to play tunes in Hollywood. It's a great track with a cracking chorus.

It's the first time I can remember "email" being a part of the chorus to any tune. This is just great stuff that puts a daft smile on your face. It grows on you with each listen as well. If you like a bit of upbeat blues, you will love this stuff. Playing needless to say is first rate. Oh yeah, and the are German.

The Bangkok Five: We Love What Kills Us

A touch of Zodiac Mindwarp mixed with a bit of Foo Fighters is the first thing that comes to mind. Touch of sleaze, a touch of glam and a whole bunch of attitude. From the opener of title track to "Outline of Us" you just get pure quality rock on here. They are rather good live I understand and I am not the slightest bit shocked. Oh there is a touch of the Gothy attitude of HIM floating round too.

Larry Carlton: Live in Tokyo

This funky jazz blues played live with his buddy Robben Ford is likely to put you to sleep if you are not careful. This is not exactly the type of stuff that'll get you up and moving about. This is very much a guitar wonk CD, and as a bonus you get to see them go at it on the bonus DVD. If you want a mellow night in then this might be a solid thing to listen to. It's just a tad boring for the rest of us, it has to be said. It's played amazing well with oodles of talent, but not really my cup of tea.

Seven Mary Three: Day & Night Driving

Now, I trounced an indie release last week for being absolutely awful. This CD restored my faith in the indie/alternative. This is a great collection of emotive, but none po-faced indie rock. It's emotion by the bucketfull, but no whine anywhere to be heard. I am not the slightest bit shocked their debut is multi-platinum. This is great stuff; no fluff just clever music played with oodles of passion and feeling. I found myself slapping this CD on at the expense of some of the other CDs in my review collection much to my shock.

There is not one stinker on here. From "The Last Kiss" to "Things I State," it just screams talent. I love the country tinged "Dreaming Against Me". This is perfect driving music and I expect it to show up on TV soundtracks. It's great rock that is done well and defies genres. A very pleasant surprise and a release I will come back too.

Well, that is your lot this week: A few shocks for me in the form of a couple of releases in genres I am not keen on.

As always check out your live scene whenever you can and stay safe out there.

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  • Man, I can’t imagine Carlton and Ford playing boring guitar. It must have been an off night.