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Marty’s Musical Meltdown: Pawbox, Carnival of Souls, Gang Green, Carlton Walker & more

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Unlike the last column, this one will have a few more releases in it as I catch up with the pile of stuff sitting next to my computer. While I have been recuperating I have been doing my best to listen to everything I have. It’s a motley collection of stuff that is for sure.

No DVDs this week just a whole mess of CDs re-releases and new stuff in equal measure. To start off lets go for some new stuff.

CD reviews

Pawbox: s/t

This five-song EP from this lot is quite a shock. Despite hailing from LA this reminds me of Tears for Fears right down to lead singer Will Moore’s voice. This is poppy music, which has an '80s tinge, played rather well. That is no surprise because the experience of this lot is quite impressive. If this EP is anything to go by this group could go quite far. They are musicians to watch.

Carlton Walker: A Very Rock Opera…

Twenty tracks and a concept album would scare off many but not me. This album is well worth the time investment. What it most reminds me of is Marillion. Carlton Walker even has a voice that sounds like modern Marillion. This is a rock prog opera that has been created with quite a bit of effort and talent. Each time the CD is played, it gives the listener another reward. This is a very English sounding prog effort that is to be commended. However, it's not for the faint of heart but for the musically brave and appreciative.

Great Kat: Worship me or Die & Beethoven on Speed

Complete nutter, musical genius and child prodigy, the great Kat both amused and bemused back in the '80s. Here we have her first two releases; the later being the one through which she found her milieu. This is classical music played by a guitar shredder who knows the music inside out via her classical training. It's mad, bad and a bit balmy. Love or hate her, you can’t deny that she does what she does with loads of feeling.

Ratos de Porao: Brasil, Just another crime in massacreland, Anarkophobia & Feijoada Accidente-International

You have probably never heard of this group but you likely have heard of the members' good buddies Sepultura. This lot is the punk equivalent of Sepultura; doing for the punk scene what the Seps did for metal in their home country. The last CD involves this band paying tribute to the members' international punk heroes including DRI and the Dead Kennedys. Punk completists will appreciate these re-releases remastered on CD. Metal Mind has done a typical job with lots of info in the liner notes.

Gang Green: You Got It, Older Budweiser & Live Without It

Boston-based party punkers Gang Green see their Roadrunner releases re-issued with extensive liner notes and on the live CD and a few bonus tracks. GG is one of the most famous punk bands from the healthy Boston scene. The band has gone through various permutations, breaking up and re-forming often in its 25 year history. For many GG is the definition of party punk/hardcore. Fans of the band will welcome these releases on CD; many might only have 'em on LP. Any band that has a track called “Let’s drink some beer” merits by me. Raise a glass to gumby punk at its best!

Bulldozer: The Day of Wrath, The Final Separation, IX & Neurodeliri

Italy’s answer to Venom, this lot never managed to get out of cult status in their careers. Here we have the band's first four CDs that chart the band as they try to move beyond a reputation as messy Venom-esque thrash gumby metal. Metal Mind has lovingly remastered and re-released these albums with decent liner notes and bonus tracks. They're good releases for those who want to own an accurate history of thrash. For others, the albums are worth more in curiosity value than anything else.

Carnival of Souls: Unit 13

At first listen one would not think this is exactly this column’s fare. However upon further listens one can tell that the members are both talented and keen to expand their horizons from the very English indie-music that can be initially found on here. I can assure you that there is more going on here than there is on all of Coldplay’s releases combined. There are elements of prog, folk and even a taste of jazz on here. This CD is a good taster of the talent on show with this band; expect a lot from the talent on here.

That is your lot for this week. A cross-selection of genres, styles and vintages. As always make sure to check out live music where ever you can and please make sure to stay safe in the lead up to the end of the year.

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