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Marty’s Musical Meltdown: Ancara, Crash Romeo, Fires of Babylon, Incrave, and Radamacher

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Spring may not have sprung yet in most of the Northern Hemisphere, but it certainly has in the music world. Record companies are getting product out in the hopes of getting your cash before the summer. While all of them are off at SWSX this week, I am sifting the through the oodles of stuff they have sent me and having the great pleasure of re-acquainting myself with some older, forgotten, almost-huge classics. But more of that next week.

CD Reviews

Ancara: Beyond the Dark

With the help of the lads from Nightwish, this lot has produced quite an impressive second album. This is Euro-powermetal at its best. Its quality and comes from a certain level of talent that seems to be prevalent in Europe these days. There are so many damn good bands out there; the nuances between the great and the merely decent is getting rather hard to determine. Included on this disc are two bonus tracks: "Burn in Hell" live and the full version of "The World." The live track gives you a good idea of what this lot is like live. There are a couple of videos available on their website.

Crash Romeo: Gave me the Clap

You can get from the band's name and the title of the album what type of stuff you find on here. Sneering, tongue-in-cheek sleaze rock. These guys do it for the laughs, the booze, and the babes. It's smirk rock that you put on and sit back to enjoy. It has got hints of Fall Out Boy and the LA sleaze rock of the late 80s. Some would even mention Blink 182 but I wouldn't want to insult this lot. They have the songs and the vibe to go far. In an genre full of wannabes; these guys rise above the heap. Check out the title track and smile.

Fires of Babylon: s/t

Christian power metal with biblical themes you say? At first this is a bit off-putting to a heathen like me; well, the concept is at least. I need not have worried because this lot do power metal in the Iron Maiden vein with all the pomp & circumstance needed. This is a great bit of Maiden-esque prog-tinged power metal circa. "Somewhere in Time" quickly gets under your skin. There is a hint of Queensryche as well, especially on the track "Revolution Coming". This is the type of metal that I rather like. I can listen to it all day. Some mock the whole power-metal genre, but those who do are missing a treat.

Incrave: Dead End

First thing that that struck me about this lot was a certain band from Finland, despite the fact Incrave comes from Sweden. One called the Rasmus, who I rather like I would add. The lead singer is a virtual vocal clone of the vocalist for Rasmus (check out "Shattered") and the tracks sound very similar. Now, I am not saying that this band are untalented or bland in any way. They are rather young.

However, it would be nice if this band were a bit more original in their output next time. They have made their point; they have the chops. Now, let's see some originality? The combination of the Rasmus sound and power metal is quite intriguing but there needs to be a bit more to make it special. This lot are ones to watch. That is for sure.

Radamacher: Stunts

Boring indie rubbish is all I can muster about this lot. It's plodding, dull, and sleep inducing. I am guessing you are supposed to be on heroin to get this stuff. It's "DIY," which is to be admired, but the trouble is that the songs are just awful. This release was painful to listen to. If you like miserable plodding self-absorbed alternative wank, than this release will be right up your alley. I just don't get the attraction to stuff like this.

Well, that is your lot. Mostly good stuff but without the rubbish you don't appreciate the good. As always, I wish you a safe and healthy week ahead. Go check out live music whenever and where ever you can.

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