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Martin’s balding…

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…According to Femalefirst the Coldplay frontman is so worried about producing another hit record that he can see his hair visibly receding. He said: “We’re under an immense amount of pressure in the studio. We’re working all the time because it’s so important. We can’t fuck it up. I’m the last person to ask about our new record because of the perspective I have. But we’re one receded inch of hair from finishing.”

Chris believes he will know when the album – the follow-up to the award winning A Rush of Blood to the Head – is ready, because he will have lost another inch of hair. He said: “When my hair’s gone back another inch I know we’ll have finished the album.”

This bit of whingeing is via CMU. I might suggest he is pulling his hair out because he realises that his band produces bland crap that will not sustain another album. Besides he is married to one of the most desirable women in the world? How can he whinge anymore?

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