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Christians in the rap scene have generally been lame and lamer. Which has been why rap in the Christian industry has been fairly unsucessful. Sure, there has been a good group or two, but 99% of it is pretty ignorable.

Now, 2003 has been an interesting year for me. One of my favorite cds of the first quarter was the rap cd by the duo Furthermore who, surprise, believe in Jesus as Christ. They put out one of the most quality non-black rap products I’ve heard. (That doesn’t mean a lot of people agree with me. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews. I suspect I’m the only person who even bought the cd. I like to think that it’s too creative for most people.)

And now, over half way through the year, comes a second surprise, Backbreakanomics by Mars Ill. These songs are off the heeze. The beats are low and the hooks are big. There is, overall, a very big sound here. This is enhanced by an energy that the recording captured. And, what’s this? Creativity? They introduce elements to a song which just work so well and which this listener have to heard in a rap song before (especially track 6. What the heck is that?).

There are no motherfuckers. No slappin’ my bitch. No bastards shootin my bitch’s motherfucker. Lyrically clean, but as the quality of music is high, that won’t distract from it’s power. My pre-release is not graced with lyrics, however, as best as I can tell there isn’t any “Praise God!’s” or anything (as the CCM industry has been sterotyped) that would make your athiest grandmother blush. At least nothing more than, say, a Blackalicious or Common.

Ooops, I forgot. The only reason people listen to rap in the first place is because they want to hear about their homies shooting that bitch. They want it fuck this and fuck that. Without the motherfucking all street cred is lost and without street cred no one will give a shit.

But hey, I’m happy. I have heard this cd and that’s all that matters to me. If you don’t care, then I don’t worry about it. Listen to this cd or don’t.


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About The Theory

  • hahaha, man… that’s great! You nailed the entire Christian industry, not just rap!

  • andy

    hehe I actually think there are a lot of muthafuckas in the Christian Music Industry.

  • The Theory

    Haha. thanks Frost… and Andy, what the heck you talkin’ bout, yo?


  • HolyHipHopR

    “PRAISE GOD!”, ya’ll!! HA-HAAAAAA!
    what’s up to ya’ll. I’m couple of months behind you guys since I just
    dolla’d his CD. I’ve been listeneing to and searching for Christian rap since 1987, yo! It’s been many years I wasted moola on artists I was “supporting” by buying their product that was under budget or plain wack in the studio. That’s why I almost cried when Gospel Gangsta’s came out in ’88. Crips and Bloods rhyming together about their new gang affiliation? God does work through Christ!! And Mars Ill, listening to for about 3 years, is off the sheezee!! thankyou. see ya!

  • stevarooski

    Yo homieez,

    Sure Christain music can be corny some times, but just remember the message when you stand before the All Mighty with life to answer for and eternity in the balance.

    “Blurt words written down, world wishing I’d curse them out so they can call me a hypocrite and disrespect what I’m about”


  • Fat Feather

    I love Christ!!!! and Christian rap. Mars Ill is awesome! Just remember you cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless you accept his son into your life and hell won’t be as great as you think geniuses.

  • Fat Feather

    I love Christ!!!! and Christian rap. Mars Ill is awesome! Just remember you cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless you accept his son into your life and hell won’t be as great as you think geniuses.

  • Fat Feather and Stevarooski, you both make the critical error of conflating distaste for wretched music with distaste for Christianity in general. I think it is the duty of Christians most of all to reject this wretched filth and the people who pretend to be trying to spread the gospel while really aiming for paychecks for shoddy work.

  • I think u should more open to Christian Hip Hop artists there’s more out there then u think. Lightheaded, Scribbling Idiots, DeepSpace5 (Mars Ill is part of this group). Good Review!!!!