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Marlins Win Game 5 Despite Looper Scare

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I haven’t blogged about the World Series (or baseball period, actually) since my Braves lost to The Cubs in the first round of the playoffs. I do want to make one observation about tonight’s Marlins win over the Yankees, however. It was almost the win that wasn’t. Marlin’s pitcher Braden Looper almost blew one of the most commanding World Series leads ever tonight and he telegraphed his own demise. How? By shaking off signs by the man who may very well be the best catcher of all time: Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez.

I doubt it’ll be ESPN fodder tomorrow, but if you go back and look at the tape you’ll see Looper shaking off signs before Giambi hit his home run and then – most noticeably – on the next at-bat when Jeter hit the double that started an almost certain Yankee comeback!

Bottom Line: If the Hall Of Famer behind the plate wants a fastball down and in – give him a fastball down and in.

The other thing I noticed tonight during the final inning was that on the last out of the game – the one that sends the Marlins back to New York needing only one win in two games to clinch their second World Championship – Hideki Matsui took the first pitch he saw down the 1st base line for the out. Fox immediately cut to a shot of George Steinbrenner who turns to someone (his brother, maybe?) and jams one finger in the air in disbelief that ‘Godzilla’ swung at the first pitch he saw. Funny!

Ahhhhh… The minutiae of baseball makes me a happy man.

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  • Eric Olsen

    They’re getting old too, will have to retool starting pitching (and obviously bullpen) next year. Maybe Weaver will acrtually get to pitch.

  • they poured their last smidge of magic baseball pixie dust into grady little’s coffee.

    the container is now empty.

    (i reserve the right to retract this statement if they win the next two games)

  • Eric Olsen

    Yankees running on fumes – the magic has been gone for two years now and you can smell the uncertainty hovering over them now. it’ll probably go 7, and with their starting pitching, they could still very well win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose in 6 either. thanks!

  • Dawn

    I think Enrique Wilson’s error was the turning point in the game. But I didn’t get to stay up past inning 7. Nice analysis. Glad those gloating Yankees lost another game.