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Marketing communications are essentially the development and deliverance of marketing messages. Public relations/publicity and advertising are the prime disciplines behind marketing communications, the purpose of which is to inspire a positive consumer response, create market desire, and ultimately sell a product or service within an intended price range.

Marketing communications involve a range of people in various disciplines including designers, producers, copywriters, marketing strategists, publicists, spokesmen, and many others. Communication vehicles can include product packaging, display design, posters, website banner ads, websites, blogs, bill boards, bus logos, press releases, newspaper and magazine ads, TV ads, store design, image branding, and event sponsorship. Marketing strategists can be creative and sometimes try to orchestrate stunts to garner public and media attention.

Marketing communications really begin at the strategic level with a mission and vision statement. These strategic proclamations set the "mood" and goals of the company and its communications. Marketing communications professionals often share career tips and advice on their blogs.

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