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Mark Valley Chats About Human Target’s Return

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FOX’s new adventure series, Human Target, comes back with all new episodes starting this week and its charismatic star, Mark Valley (Christopher Chance), talked to the media about what we can expect in the next few episodes. Besides some exciting guest stars, Chance’s past will catch up to him, revealing more about his choices and his relationships, especially with Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley).

Mark Valley, Jackie Earle Haley and Chi McBride ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Kharen HIll/FOX/WBTVChance’s relationships with Guerrero and Winston (Chi McBride) are fascinating, and the actors felt the chemistry very early. Valley said, “The thing I liked about both of them is that I was really curious about them and wanted to get to know them better and thought both of them were interesting. I think the three of us had that feeling about each of us, which is kind of cool and rare as well, and I think that shows up on the screen.”

Besides the connection with his co-stars, the actor was also drawn to the way Human Target tells such a different story each week. He explained, “It was obvious each episode was going to feel like a movie. It was going to be a lot of work with the director putting a show together in pretty intense circumstances. It’s something that hasn’t really been done in a while, if not ever before.”

Fortunately, Valley’s military background stands him in good stead on the show, though perhaps not for the reason you would expect. While his familiarity with weapons and some kinds of hand to hand fighting is helpful, the actor said the most useful experience lay in team building. He noted, “It’s working as a team, under strenuous circumstances with a limited amount of time to get something done. That’s probably the biggest experience I got from the army that applies to this job. We’re really making a movie in eight days and there’s an awful lot of work that has to get done.”

Mark Valley and Leonor Varela ©2010 FOX BROADCASTING CO. CR: Michael Courtney/FOXThe results of that work will return to our screens on March 10th, beginning with “Salvage and Reclamation.” In this episode, Chance travels to South America to rescue an archeologist in danger, and he meets up with an old flame, played by Chilean actress Leonor Varela. Valley describes the story as more of a standalone episode, though we do get a little glimpse into Chance’s past. The next installment, titled “Baptiste” and introducing an intriguing character of the same name, reveals much more about the history of Chance’s relationships. Valley said, “It’s a very intense episode. Lenny James from Jericho has come on to play Baptiste, who used to work together with Chance at one time. They’ve become arch nemeses.”

Reaching ahead to give us a glimpse of this season’s finale, the actor revealed that Baptiste will reappear, though James is just one of the exciting guest stars. He noted, “Amy Acker shows up and plays this character who was very pivotal in Chance’s past in that she was the catalyst for his ultimate change into becoming Christopher Chance. Lee Majors is in that episode, Armande Assante plays Chance’s old boss and there are a couple of major confrontations. I think what’s fun is that Jackie Earle Haley and I have our first fight, even though it takes place in the past. You can see the roots of their relationship and why they have such a trusting bond. It’s going to be exciting.”

There’s no doubt this series ratchets up the excitement factor this spring. Catch Human Target on FOX when it returns Wednesday March 10th at 8:00 PM (ET/PT).

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