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Mario Vazquez Quits “American Idol”

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In a real shocker for fans of “American Idol,” Top 12 finalist Mario Vazquez has bowed out of the show:

Mario Vazquez, the Latino heartthrob who won fans with his smooth renditions of Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do” and the Bee Gees’ “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” “has withdrawn from the competition for personal reasons,” Fox announced Sunday afternoon. A Fox spokesman refused further comment.

With Vazquez out, producers decided to reinstate Nikko Smith, who was cut from the competition last week after failing to garner enough fan votes to make it into the top 12. Fox and the show’s producers wasted no time erasing Vazquez from the show’s Web site: By 1 p.m. PST Sunday, Smith had already replaced Vazquez.

While contestants have been asked to leave the show before when less-than-savory details about their pasts have come to light, this is the first time that a singer, particularly one so far along in the competition, has left of their own volition.

It’s a good bet that theories as to the reason for Mario’s departure will start first thing next week, not the least of which will be speculation that his leaving the show had something to do with the rumors that have been circulating that he’s a closeted homosexual. Whatever the reason, Mario was a fan favorite, and, while his chances of winning this year’s competition were decidedly slim, it’s a shame the audiences won’t get to enjoy his vocal stylings in the finals.

On a more positive note, Nikko Smith’s return to “AI” will be most welcome. His last performance on the show, a great rendition of Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind,” was a real show-stopper, and Nikko can only continue to improve as the show goes on.

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  • Eric Olsen

    wow, that is a shocker – thanks Scott!

  • Scott–why do you think his chances of winning were decidedly slim? I think his chances of winning were decidedly good. The winner may very well come from the guys’ side this season, and Mario had the looks, panache and talent to win. Bo Bice may be talented, but he’s an ugly guy, and looks count when America’s voting.

  • American Idol Expert

    I wonder if the gay issue got to him.

    After all, during AI2, it is widely known that FOX sabotaged Clay Aiken’s campaign to win that AI because FOX was scared that Clay was gay (he isn’t gay though) and they didn’t want a Gay American Idol.

    If FOX came to learn Mario Vasquez was gay (I sincerely think he is), FOX might have pulled some crazy stunts on him and that’s not cool.

    It’s a shame Mario quit. Now we have to suffer through Nikko when America gave him one of the 2 lowest vote totals among the final guys.

  • Dude – what a complete yuck. gonna bail cause you’re gay. ER .. why? I mean Elton John, Boy George, my brains gone blank but many more – Erasure.

    The music industry isn’t exactly hostile to gays.

    There’s go to be more – maybe he porked Guckert?

  • American Idol Expert

    “Bo Bice may be talented, but he’s an ugly guy, and looks count when America’s voting.”

    If looks counted, then Fantasia never would have won because she’s absolutely f*cking hideous!

  • AIE–agreed, but she wasn’t exactly up against a bunch of hotties either. She also was significantly better than anyone else, as opposed to this year where its pretty wide open, and something like looks could tip the scale.

  • Barry Scholles

    Wow. What a shocker. I thought he had an excellent chance of taking it. “Closeted homosexual?” What does that have to do with the sale of CD’s?

    This is a vocal and performance competition. That is, who will sell the most records for the recording company that signs the winner.

  • Nick

    I felt Mario was one of the frontrunners for the guys. Bo Bice is average at best. The only reason everyone thinks he is so great is because they compare him to Constantine who shouldn’t even be around at this point in the competition.

  • This is the first and last time I will visit this website. To suggest that a person is turning down his dream because he is ashamed of being gay is appalling. Really people this is 2005 grow up!

  • Rosaly

    im really pissed off that mario left i still cannot get over it i found out this morning on regis and kelly and cried like if i just lost my mother i cant believe this and mario is NOT GAY every week i was so excited and anxious to see him on american idol but i will tell you after this i will never watch american idol ever again i have never been this upset in my life and i dont even know why im taking it so seriously but mario really stole my heart he has been my favorite since the first day i saw him the producers of american idol should be begging him to come back i know i would because he makes the show and everyone knows it mario would have won if he was still in the competion every week i would stay on the phone just redailing for a straight 2 hours voting for him (no breaks at all) i made sure that he would make the top 12 i think anybody else but him should have left OMG IM SO FURIOUS THAT THIS HAPPEN MARIO IF YOU EVER READ THIS WHY? JUST WHY? DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE I STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH AND YOUR STILL HOT AS EVER IF YOUR EVER IN BROOKLYN COME LOOK FOR ME I WOULD LOVE TO GET SOMETHING STARTED THERE

  • SpkothDevl

    This guy is definately talented enough (compared to the other 11) to get signed with a label. Maybe someone major made him an offer he couldn’t refuse; a contract with the big bucks, without having to wait and see if “America” chooses him as #1; no hokey American Idol tour; the only strings attached are the usual record company’s, not what a major TV network wants. Unless of course he had to sign something with AI saying he couldn’t do that. Then maybe he’s a pedophile or something……

  • Nolan

    Mario was a great performer and a talented singer. If he is gay, he should be proud. Many people think Luther Vandross and Freddie Jackson are Gay and they are awesome singers. Who cares about his sexuality. I think he must have left for a different reason.

  • JEFF


  • Don

    I don’t know if anyone has been checking the websites that post that sort of thing, but it actually appears that the odds-on favorite to win the whole thing is Anwar Robinson.
    Besides that, no one really knows who will win, until the voting is done every week.

  • geminicomotu

    I would not jump to conclusions, and assume Mario quit AI because he is gay.

    I believe Fox wanted contracts signed that he wasn’t willing to sign…it is as simple as that.

    Mario has way too much talent to be on the show, and we should all be very thankful that he won’t end up a cheese pop phenomon like Clay and the other season’s winners. In other words, Mario’s gift should not be wasted on an audience of 13 year old girls who can’t understand that he prefers men in bed.

    Now, I must say, Mario is incredibly goodlooking, talented, and seems to be very down to earth. Gay or not,
    I sure wouldn’t mind getting to know him better.


  • bubbles

    It appears to me that Mario is a much more stronger and confident person to have to quit the show because of the allegations that he is gay. I don’t think it really matters whether or not a person is bi or straight. It is no doubt that the guy has talent! I’m sure that his reasons for walking out must be more compelling than just being “ashamed” of being a “closeted homosexual”. In any case, I, among the millions of other fans out there, will miss him terribly. AI will not be the same this season, but I am also confident that we will see more of him soon enough. Having gone this far, I’m sure that he has gotten enough exposure. It’s just a matter of time before a record company signs him up. Good luck, Mario! We love you and support you all the way!!

  • Dboy

    Mario reminds me of michael jackson back in the early and mid 80’s minus the dancing

  • pililiaki

    i am really bummed that mario left. he was one of my favorites. i sure hopeit wasn’t because of any of this gay business. there must be a better reason to quit. damn! i will miss him!

  • ari

    My friend whos in casting on AI says the word is Mario had to go undfer pressure from producers because of something with Ryan Seacrest. Won’t say what, confidentiality agreement. I know they say Ryan is gay but I don’t think so. Anyway, who cares if they are? Why get rid of Mario he was the best!

  • I thought Mario was irritating and I’m just as glad to see him gone. He had a good voice, but his song choices were terrible and boring, and his personality grated on me.

    As for the gay silliness. I doubt Fox cares at all. Half the people they put on the show are gay. What’s the difference between being gay and in the final 20 and being gay and winning. You’re still being exposed on Fox and you’re still just as gay. Silly.


  • Linda

    Hi was sooooo disappointed to hear that Mario will not be on the show….

    He wad my total favorite, and I’m sure he would have won the show.

    Homosexual or not, that should not matter at all!!!! We can have male to male idols!! Who cares!

    I believe that if he left it must be that he was offered a contract already for his beautiful voixe from a music studio and surely doesn’t need to endure the next weeks of being put down even if he does a spectacular job… that’s for amateurs and he is a true artist.

    I’m sure a CD will be out that I can buy.

    Although I like Bo too, but I didn’t as much as Mario.

    I will only REALLY miss watching him sing each week as he used to give me chills watching him.

    GOOD LUCK MARIO, we love you!!!


  • Suri

    Okay, FIRST OF ALL, I’m a 13 year-old girl, and I resent this comment: “In other words, Mario’s gift should not be wasted on an audience of 13 year old girls who can’t understand that he prefers men in bed.” I know what homosexuality is, and I’m not an immature jerk who makes fun of people based on their sexual preferences.

    Anyways, I was a big fan of Mario. I loved the upbeat songs he sang, especially “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder.

  • Suri

    Wow, oops, by the way I wasn’t calling you an immature jerk when I said that.

  • Jonathan

    MARIO ISNT GAY! At least not that i kno of. He quit cuz the show takes a large percentage of ur money once u get into the top 10 and after this week he will be in the top 10 so he quit. He has the voice and talent to make it far and no doubt he will

  • Heather

    Mario was fun to watch and will definitely be missed on the show. I have a feeling he is signing with a record label or will try to go out on his own. American Idol probably makes you sign a contract saying if you make it or get noticed, they get a piece of the rewards. Mario probably figured he can do it on his own now that he has the right publicity. I do hope he comes out with a CD or starts performing because I would love to see him LIVE!!

    If Mario reads this: Good luck to you and I think you gained many fans on American Idol so go do your thing and I am sure you will outsell Clay Aiken…
    Go be the next Clarkson because in my eyes she is the only one who really made it big anyway…no one else is played on the radio or has MTV music videos…go Kelly.

  • Squintz

    Mario Vasquez did not quit over speculation about his sexual preference. He was offered a record deal and was forced to decide between that and Idol before performing any further. Due to contractual obligations, any idol who takes part in the finals and on are bound to the show for 5 years. He chose to take his own route, and go for the record deal. He probably would have won the competition, but he bowed out gracefully.

  • Hayati

    Fox should consider getting MARIO back. He’s the life of the show!

  • mario’s_#1_fan

    has anyone ever thought that maybe he quit because he got a record deal already. that could be a reason. just because someone quits something and everyone hears one rumor that they are gay doesn’t mean that they are gay. EVERYBODY JUST NEEDS TO GET A LIFE. why does everybody think everyone is gay anymore. it is so STUPID.

  • pynelopi

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! It is called the music business!! It is extremely hard to promote a someone(other than Comedians maybe) to young people who is considered “GAY”. Luther has still not publicly coped to it and Elton John was very famous already by the time he “came out”. In fact both spent a considerable amount of time hiding this fact and in Elton’s case, he even got married to hide it which seems to be the most popular way to hide it these days. I don’t think that the industry is opposed to gay people, (hell, it’s safe to say that half the industry is gay), but it is you, “The People” who protest and tear these people down once you’ve built them up so….which way do you want it folks? Being in the music biz myself….I don’t think Mario has quite enough talent to make it without a vehicle such as AI to carry him. Sometimes we artists have to make such sacrifices in the beginning to get to the end of the rainbow. I dunno……maybe he’s sick. Just a thought……..

  • blake

    who cares…Carrie Underwood or Nadia Turner will win!

  • What About Mario?

    Hey, is Mario gone?

  • Pat

    im glad mario is gone. nikko deserved to make it…hes amazing and so yeah go nikko…and carrie…and anthony

  • Mario was an early pick to win by the online bookmakers. They got it wrong, I’m glad to see, because I didn’t like Mario with his unoriginal Michael Jackson style, the dark bags under his eyes–making him look like there were many miles under the hood for his mere 27 years–his steel wool hair, his Justin Guarini sound, and his boyish stature. The combined package seemed to me boring and pointless.

    Thank goodness he quit. I can’t believe he did so solely because he may be gay. That in itself shouldn’t and couldn’t have been a deal-breaker for him or for FOX. True, he might have had trouble winning as an outed man. He and others might have calculated that being gay would have been one of those countless intangibles that make a contestant lose more votes than he gains. (Sex appeal is part of the image being sold in each performance, and knowing your would-be Idol is never going to be the man you fantasize about just might keep a percentage of voters from yanking out their cell phones.)

    Still, there might even be a certain cachet to being the first gay American Idol final 12 contestant, and that might have gained him more votes than he lost.

    All the speculation is idle. Chris Thomas at afterelton.com had the best evidence for Mario being gay when he said that “A Google search discovered bloggers claiming they had seen Mario in New York gay clubs, and this reporter found one source who swears Mario used to go to gay youth dances ten years ago.” All hearsay and innuendo.

    Best bet: he quit b/c he may have some bisexual experience in his past, felt it would hurt him as a contestant, and that he was better off not signing 19E’s rigid contract, especially if an agent already got to him and promised him another deal.

    After Clay Aiken outsold all the Idols before or since, 19E changed the rules to include even those singers who did not “win” the title–19E wants a piece of the major successes too.

  • Adam

    My wife and I watch this show every week with our 4 children. Everyone in my house is in shock. Mario please come back.

  • kha’ryl

    I am so happy Mario did the right thing and quit. This guy is arrogant and I couldn’t sit through another 12 weeks of him. No doubt he can sing but we can’t afford to have a conceited jerk like Mario to win the competition its an entire package that we are looking for.

    I bet he quit because he thought he was too good for the competition or the rest of the cast were not up to his standards…. Based on the pure arrogance that comes out of his mouth I bet he didn’t get along with the other members.

    Whatever reason Mario quits for I am happy he made the intelligent choice to not appear on my screen for the next 12 weeks at least.

    Thank you Mario for doing America and the rest of the world a huge favor you are a true American…

    Whatever happens keep selling clothes and being a back up singer that way the probability of me seeing your arrogant self again is 0% (I hope)

    Cheers the world loves you even ore now

  • rheapypooh

    tooo bad he was a favorite of mine, even though he looked gay. The voice was on point. Him and bo bice and the other guy with the locks, who cares how they look and who they doing as long as they can sing!!!!Go BO Go BO its your birthday!!!!!!!!!
    Randy looks a lil femanime too….

  • JPCeire

    It absolutely amazes me that so many people are hung up on Mario’s reputed sexuality; is he gay? is he bi? Was someone about to “out” him? Oh my God! Maybe someone found out he was Puerto Rican!!!

    Despite your love or disdain for Mario, he chose to left for personal reasons in his own words. Like everyone else in the public eye, we are all prone to try and find something “juicy or dirty” about such people. Give it a break. Mario, like each of us, has the right to make his own decisions without our collective permission. Let it go folks, there are real issues in the world that need attention. And for the moron who “has a casting friend” at AI, get real. People like you who spew such crap from their mouths should have them sewn up!

  • Say it ain’t so! Geez, major bummer. I was really rooting for Mario to take the whole enchilada. I was really looking forward to seeing Mario’s vocal stylizations in the upcoming “theme” nights. I’m really dissapointed with this for some reason. Maybe I’m biased. As a latino myself, I really wanted to see this kid win.

  • Paul

    Mario you made the best career decision of your young life. Unless your career goal was to be a puppet! I saw you as a great talent, singer and performer. If your gay, fabulous! thanks to our people the industry wouldnt have a leg to stand on.If anyone screams GAY its got to be Simom. Oh please, you big QUEEN Simon. and Paula, hello FAG HAG! Randy, isnt it obvious DRAG QUEEN!!and last but not least. Ryan wheres your girlfriend or wife? The show should be renamed AMERICAN GAY IDOL

  • Leslie

    Children, children. Does it really matter why Mario Vasquez left Idol? People can speculate a billion wild ideas until they’re blue in the face but the fact of the matter is Mario was a talented guy who chose, for his own personal reasons, to not continue in the competition. Look ahead! We have 12 more very talented individuals who will be entertaining us for several weeks ahead and I think we need to wish Mario well and direct our attention to those who are still in the running! Good luck to them all!

  • uoykcuf

    Damn geeks!

    Start a conversation or topic that actually has substance rather then your daily rantings about American Fucks!

  • alex


  • Susan

    Who cares??? Mario was the best contestant on the show….Can’t we pleaseeeee bring him back…..

  • Deb

    I think Ozzie Smith offered Mario cash to have Mario bow out so that his boy Nikko could get back on the show since he was not chosen as a top 12 last week–much to Nikko’s surprise.

  • Or… perhaps Nikko was number 11 in the vote totals. Remember, the comparatively mediocre Travis likely received the fewest amount of votes. It really could be that simple, you know.

    As for Mario Vazquez being gay or het, WHO CARES? I bet it was either some conflict with Seacrest or a record deal. (And how in hell does someone look gay? Sheesh.)

    BTW, the first Idol, the UK’s Will Young is openly gay. And people loved him. Of course, the US is a different place and many rank-and-file Americans are way scarier than Brits.

  • George

    Can a real friend or very close acquaintance to Mr. Mario Vazquez teach him how to pronounce his last name? Is not [vas-kwez]; is [vás-kes].

    Of course, I am assuming that he is a Spanish speaking Latino based on the spelling of his last name–I believe in Portuguese the spelling would be Vasques, and the pronounciation would be different.

  • Nat, if I recall correctly, Will Young did not come out until after he had won the competition.

  • Just because his name is Mario Vazquez doesn’t mean he can speak Spanish. That’s like saying that because Viggo Mortensen’s name is Danish that the actor has to speak Danish. Oh, wait — he does. That doesn’t change the point, however. Mortensen, a native New Yorker, speaks fluent Spanish too; I bet no one would make that assumption. Anyhoo, I don’t see how one can assume anything solely based on someone’s name.

    Leads to another theory, though: Perhaps he walked because he was sick and tired of Seacrest botching the pronunciation of his name… (IF Seacrest botched the pronunciation.)

  • Mario made a decision and he’s sticking to it. In the meantime we Americans, who hate it when our own privacy is invaded, are speculating about his motivations. Who cares if Mario is gay, straight or transgendered? If anything, such a gift would enhance his talent, not hurt it. The minute you play the “gay card” in our society, all bets are off. It’s pretty sad. The ultra right wing Hitlerian Christian heresy loves to hop on the anti-gay bandwagon in order to “expose these heathens for the devil worshipping freaks that they are.”

    My gay brothers and sisters, we are our own worst enemy. The reason we are perceived as being self loathing is because we have allowed those who do not accept homosexuality to convince us that there is indeed something flawed in our psyche. As a man who struggled with these demons for years I know first hand what it is like to be the victim of homophobia. I’ve been the victim of blackmail — it’s not pretty. In a desperate attempt to be “normal” I even got married and ended up ruining another person’s life because of my own self loathing. For most of my life I was ashamed to be a gay man because I thought I was doing something terribly wrong and immoral.

    I was the victim of a pedophile, a person that I trusted — my uncle. That abuse went on from the age of 9 until I was 15. Suffice it to say, I’ve paid the price for a good part of my life. Many years later, my grandmom and I had a conversation and she confessed to me that she knew I had been abused. As a matter of fact, she even remembered the exact date of the first instance. I was stunned as she told me she knew something changed in me from that moment. I asked her if she thought Uncle had made me this way. She said no, that she always thought from when I was a toddler that I was gay. I then asked the most important question of all — why did she not go to the police or confront him? She told me that you just don’t do that: bringing shame upon your family and attention to a sickness like this. In the end I tortured myself for years and for what? To keep the family name sacred? That’s what it boiled down to.

    So if Mario is gay, I can understand why he would retreat based on my own experience. Regardless of what or who he is, the young man has a lot of talent and as such should be recognized and celebrated. And if he is not gay he has been done a terrible disservice because there will always be people who whisper “he’s gay.” Heaven forbid. There are worse things in life a person can be.

  • Mr. Kain, you rock. Thank you(!) for sharing your story and wisdom.

  • Kayleigh

    mario rocks my world!

  • jeff wilson

    You people are fucking idiots, ya think eveybody is gay, ya the gay one. Mario Was a good Performer, he was a peoples person, and a lot of people will miss him on American Idol, but will hear from him soon I know for a Fact That Mario signes a record deal over the weekends, for confidential issued i will not say with who he signed with but he have a record deal.

    GOOD LUCK Mario

  • justpassingthrough

    hey is it possible that Mario does want to win American Idol, but probably thinks he can’t this year with Anwar around? It certainly would add a new dimension to this discussion; not sure how much weight, though =P

  • Ka’ty

    This forum is supposed to be all about Mario and his smart decison to leave AI. Not about who was a victim of pedophile. I think you may want bto discuss your past life with people who really cares. Plus who cares if Mario is Gay… Whatever is in his closet we will all know soon… the media is over him like a Shark and this is America no sin go unpunished, bo secret go untold. If I were you guys I would focus on the other contestants keeps those votes rolling.

    Mario took away another person chance to be showcased… didn’t he think about the ramifications of high profile reality TV

    Whatever reason he decide to leave I hope he understood that someone else could have gotten his place from the beginning. He not only stole someone else chance but it will live with him throughout his career.

    For someone who wants to maintain the little privacy he has left its amazing that the only person he is yet to speak with is me. This guy has spoken to every single media throughout the country.. first he said it was family related of course the media dugged deep found out there was no family crisis… now he changed it to gut feeling well the one thing I learn is don’t lie to the media because mr Mario when your sad story comes out they are going to shower u in dirt be prepared and remember lying to your fans does not do anything for your credibility… I am not a fan and don’t worry I wouldn’t purchase your CD so either way you have not lost me… but food for thoughts you are not famous enough to pull that kind of S**t so good luck farewell the show must go on…

  • milandra

    Don’t know what you’re qualifications are, but saying that Mario Vasquez’s chances of winning AI belies serious observational deificiencies. The kid came off like a pro in every perf and had his own fan club replete with banners. There are certainly many other contestants far more worthy of your skepticism than he.

    And if people don’t stop worrying about what other people are doing as consenting adults behind closed doors we’re going to soon be living back in the McCarthy era where everyone was accused of treason simply for talking to the wrong person. Don’t we have better things to do with our time than find more things to separate us? Look at what’s in a person’s heart, not what’s in their pants… or in somebody else’s pants!

  • idolizer

    I have to give it to the kid…he is using all of you and the show to get just what he wanted…a name, a buzz and a springboard into a career. It is classic Jackson PR.

  • sara

    I have big news for you, I just heard why Mario quits… he got drafted he is going to sing to the soilders in IRAQ.. what a trooper… I knew you had some good in you, as much as I couldn’t stand your arrogant ass I knew if i looked deeper you would be some good… way to go quitter… Americans don’t support quitters, so when your dirt spills they will turn on you like a dog… think you have little privacy left? the best is yet to come keep lying to the media, keep speaking to them the smoking gun will have your story in no time… I don’t care why you quit I am just glad you did but be prepared to chill in some other place soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Your anti fans just became your fan way to go quitter

  • Do you have a reference for this claim?

  • George

    I think Mario’s reason for leaving is much more direct than all of this. He
    simply wanted to leave on his own terms. He has probably been one of the lowest vote-getters all along, and knew that he would not make it longer than a few more weeks into the competition. So, basically, he “quit” before he got “fired.”

  • Jessica

    SOOOOOOOOO I have the inside scoop on this trust me this is as good as it gets… Mario is now a daddy.. he got Aloha pregnant so he left to be with her and the trying times she will have as a new mom…

  • celia

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Way that is not the right scoop its Celina Rae he got pregnant and celina husband threaten to kill him so he quit to go sing in a hotel lobby with celina…

    So either way you all who care about mario can go listen to him in new york hotel lobby

    Cheers to all Mario haters

  • Vazquez himself said, “there’s nothing wrong, just a private issue, that’s all…” in an interview.

    …at least Mario’s free to do what he wants. I think however that he will have a hard time finding a record contract without Fox crying foul. But then again, perhaps he did find the perfect exit with Fox having no legal grounds against him, which I am totally hoping happened. He will have to stick with his “private issues” for months however or he’ll be quickly labeled persona non grata.
    –from ricky, an “experiment in American Idol histrionics”

    What he said.

  • “This forum is supposed to be all about Mario and his smart decison to leave AI. Not about who was a victim of pedophile. I think you may want bto discuss your past life with people who really cares. Plus who cares if Mario is Gay… Whatever is in his closet we will all know soon… the media is over him like a Shark and this is America no sin go unpunished, bo secret go untold. If I were you guys I would focus on the other contestants keeps those votes rolling.”

    Good point, Ka\’ty, or whatever your name is. I went off on a rant that began with all this gay chatter about Mario. I didn’t choose to go this route, it just evolved. That being said, the story serves a point. These kids live under a microscope when they jump into AI. They’re adults, it’s their choice, but that doesn’t negate the impact of AI notoriety.

    Americans have a propensity to get the dirt on its celebrities while preserving their own anonymity. We can’t always have it both ways. There has to be a modicum of respect somewhere along the line. We waste so much of our time and energy on news stories with little or no real value. American Idol is a television show. The contestants are supposedly “folks next door.” It’s entertainment with no real social impact. So instead of keeping those telephone votes coming, I think I’ll tune into a premium cable channel — while there’s still programming unfettered by the interference of the FCC.

  • Eric Olsen

    the latest rumor is thta Mario impregnated Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, AND Clay Aiken – kid gets around.

  • Emma

    I think the person who said that Mario probably got some kind of record deal on the side was on the right track. I was just discussing that very theory with my husband last night. I don’t know why everyone is so upset to see him go though, I have never been too terribly impressed. I think Nadia definitely has a chance to take it all.

  • mika

    I hope to god Nadia doesn’t win because I can’t stand that head on my screen… I hate Mario I am glad he left for better or for worst. Please get rid of Carrie someone I don’t have a favorite but I think Vonzell though a terrible singer has a great personality… Hey did you guys hear the rumor Scott is quitting too and so is Anwar… Nikko dad bought fox wow it suddenly feels like IRAQ in the USA… Saddam aka Ozzie Smith surely has power

    Keep the hate coming

  • Ann Donato

    Mario was really fun to watch every week.I’m not surprized he decided to withdraw after all his publicity. Let’s see how far he goes on his own.This is America. He has his choice of how he wants his business run. You go Mario!!!

  • chase

    Did anyone stop to think that maybe he quit because the cost of celebrity was not for him??? Or maybe a recording company has already picked him up?? Even if he is gay, I can’t believe that would affect anything!!

  • Kris

    Mario IS an awesome performer…I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out (not of the closet) but comes out with a new CD in a few months. He probably has already signed a record deal..and needed to get out the contract with AI.

  • According a Vasquez family member, the reason Mario left American Idol, is that the producers of the show found out he was gay. Because the producers knew that Mario was an early favorite to win, and they did not want to have a gay winner, he was asked to leave.

  • This gossip columnist had some not-so-nice words for Mario’s Belgium remarks

  • Lady Tee

    Well I think that all ya’ll need to get a life and stop talking about other peoples business if you dont know what the fuck going on if he was gay SO WHAT!!!!!!! what the hell do that got to do with his damn singing career plenty of mother fuckas are gay but that doesn’t change the fact that they got talent if you can sing then you can sing. Now I dont think that being gay is a good thing to be but at the same time what can I do to change that he is what he is and if he got a record deal then that would’ve been announced on the news along with the announcement of his departure.

  • Dominus Scriptor

    Quite frankly, Mario should never have even made it into the top twenty-four, because he sucks (and I’m referring to his singing, not his sex life). I cringed with each note. Nik(k)o, a much better performer AND vocalist than Mario, should be right where he is.

    When they announced on Tuesday that Mario had dropped out, I figured it was because he’d found himself in exactly the same position Jasmine Trias did last year – an appalling and horrendous performer who, due to the voting of the American audeince, had made it past people eminently more talented.

    As for Bo Bice, he is easily the most talented and powerful male performer, and is perhaps tied with Nadia for the best overall. I’m picking Bo to win it all, and righfully so.

  • red

    My theory is, that mario was already signed up by a record company before joining AI and all of this was just a gimmick so that when he releases his album with that record company he already developed a steady fanbase and of course, a lot of publicity.

  • Nikki Chapman

    Mario who? Barely noticed him. I think Nadia and Bo will be the final 2. (so they should be anyway)
    I heard Mario refused to sign the AI contract and P. Diddy has been persuing him.

  • Ryan-always~tellin~it~different

    well first of all i think it really doesnt matter if mario is gay or not and i totally agree that people should keep up with the times it is 2005 and we should be offering any kind career to ank kind of person. i say yes it is only the greatest singing competetion ever, but the fact that anyone is gay on american idol doesnt matter its all about vocals on this show…w/e rumors i hear i dont care because if he’s gay or not i still would of supported him all the way…

  • Mario was an alright singer to us, he was good but wouldn’t have made it in our top 5.

    If the reason he left was because he’s gay, then how American Idol would treat gay people would be one issue, but his bowing out with a smile on his face would cause me to lose any respect for him if that were the case. He wouldn’t have already considered how his orientation might play into things before he ever got to that point?

    If I ever had the talent to be on AI and they told me to go away because of my orientation, I might go but I sure wouldn’t smile at the camera and say it was for personal reasons. Where’s the self-respect?

  • alMARIO

    AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Mario was the best singer there and the last song he sang he even had ppol in the background holding letters of his name.. and he was probably the highest “vote-getter”. all the unsupportive ppol saying he was gay are just absolutely…..not nice… Mario was the only real reason american idol was a really good show this cson… and anwar too….he quit bcos he got a record deal and the ppol decided to get him sooner cos it was really obvious he was gona win anyways and he would’ve bn more expensive. at least thats wat my frends r teling me to stop me from crying everytime i watch american idol and go to sleep at night….. but its probably the truth cos marios the most talented GUY in american-idol….and the hottest… Fox should really be begging him to return cos american-idol now cms so…. pointless…. and just cos your jealous of his talent,style and luks doesnt mean u cud col him gay. He better b showing his face on television again…or…or….Id slit my wrist… but i’ll wait until next year…

  • Jeanine

    I think Mario is so hot DO NOT think he is gay and would still want him very badly if he was. I love Mario and think if he were to put out an album everyone would eat it up. If I had a record company I would sign him. In fact I might start a record company just to sign him and see him shake that delicious Latino booty all around me. he’s sweet, cute, lovable and can sing so I thought he had the competition in the bag. I also thought Latoya London tho’ from last year was good. I know if I saw he had a concert comin my way I would go out of my way to buy tickets and backstage passes. I love him and he is so the kind of guy your friends hate you for having and you bring home to meet the folks. But at the same type of guy that is drop dead gorgeous and you wanna “do” the second you step into his presence either or tv, radio, or personally. I hope the support he gets from his fans is stronger than the resentment he faces from his enemies. Hey and as far as him steppin off the show: Yeah Im dissapointed but I know he will go places without it and Maybe someone who couldnt get far without it has that chance now. Thats just makes him even more sexy. Any guys reading this yes its true: Mario Vasquez is WHAT A WOMAN WANTS and dont be fooled SWEET IS DAMN SEXY!!

  • Eric Olsen

    Scott – what’s the latest on Mario? Have we heard any more why he “really” left?

  • Latest and most credible rumor I have heard is that he may be working some deal with P. Diddy.

  • Julio

    Mario was average at best. However, I wish he would have stayed because now we have the totally talentless Nikko the dancing nitwit back on the show! He has about as much talent as Ronald McDonald, and Ronald has a definite edge in the dancing & dressing category!!!

  • Tristan

    WHO CARES !!!!

    there is nothing more important going on in the world than THIS ~~?????

    Where is Jessica Lundsford??????

  • Ah Tristan – the world is such a tragic place, why not spend a moment distracted by the entertaining antics of the trained monkeys on American Idol?



    I’m sixty four years young and I adore you! When you perform, I get the tingles. I love the way you use your eyes. If you’re gay, more power to you! If you’re not, I think you should get together with Vanessa Carlson. She might be your soulmate.

    Hoping to see you (lots!) in the future,

  • Not that reason seems to affect too many posters here, but the AI contestant contract limits Mario’s options for signing a record deal for *at least* three months, whether he quits or not.

    That doesn’t mean he isn’t planning to sign one once his three months are up, but don’t look for an album for a while after that.

  • Brooke

    Well i do NOT think mario was gay i mean he is a really hott guy and he took care of himself…for some reason i think there was more to him leaving then that…maybe he got a better deal with a record company…whatever it is hes still my favorite~

  • Smilez turned into frownz

    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!I disagree i dont think he left because of sexuality, because there are probably other gay people in the competition still.I think he got a better record deal and took thAT instead of American Idol. Any way he had a great voice!!!!! He had a wonderful personality! Who couldnt love him????????? I thought he was gonna win!!!!!!!!! Whoever was saying he was a concieded jerk should be ashamed, you should always look at the good taits in a person and his were his wonderful and spunky personality,his beautiful voice and his adorable looks!!
    How dare you make fun of him!

  • MARIO is SOOOOOOOOO not Gay!!!I hope you read this Mario!!!When I saw you,you stole my heart!!! You keep singing!!!Whoever reads this,Have you ever thought that maybe he Dropped out because it was a false accusation!!! The press would be all over him!!!He wouldn’t be able to handle the publicity and hatred of people>I know I wouldn’t be able to!!!THink about it! You know i’m right!!!I LUV YOU MARIO!!! YOU HAVE PRETTY BROWN EYES!!!

  • fafafiolo

    hehe. that ‘mario is gay’ thing is good. i had an inkling about that, but i dismissed it because of the fact that he’s a good singer/performer. i didn’t like him though, i don’t know why. i didn’t root for him either. but i must admit he is a really good singer.

  • ewreader

    “‘I heard something about my joining P. Diddy and the B.I.G. family,’ says Vasquez. ‘I’m from New York. I have tough skin. ‘So theres no other recording contract? “Rumors.” False rumors? ‘I’m just going to keep it as rumors.'”-Jessica Shaw

    -Entertainment Weekly #812 March 25, 2005 page 20

  • cnnreader

    I had to get into this dicussion for one reason…CNN reported that Mario has hired the same lawyer Clay Aiken had to hire after AI was over. Apparently AI producers make you sign contracts stating that you will not go out on your own or that profits made by you are shared with them….This will all be revealed after AI is over this year. Mario is smart. Lots of viewer appeal (may not be the best singer of all the men).
    Lets stick to the facts and not speculate on his sexuality. Who cares. Maybe Simon is….lol…anyway its not important. We will see Mario again I’m sure but not on AI. We must remember there is a lot of money made by the producers of AI (40 million people voted one week) and if they don’t watch their contestants with pre-contracts then they will miss out on all those profits. I’m sure Clay is laughing all the way to the bank!!!!

  • Mario update: I heard that he is featured on a flamenco cd being released this week. So haha to all you people saying he wouldnt make it- he already did!!!!!

    The only thing people need to focus on is mario’s voice and charisma. thats what makes people successful.

    And… he is working the rounds pretty well! Regis and Kelly, Letterman, and going to movie premieres while hanging out with ashton kutcher (if you dont believe me google it!. go mario! i was in need of a mario fix

  • irda

    i’m from indonesia but yes, i watch the show, and YES!! i thouhgt MARIO would be the winner, he’s got everything an idol needs–the look, the voice, the style. gay? so what? see george michael! see elton john! mario, you should go back to this business!!

  • New2Idol

    Okay, so i’ve followed this season from the forefront. When it comes to talent and the “it” factor. Mario just needed the exposure he got. He’s already star quality in every aspect…very little work to do with him.

    Gay, who cares. In the modern world, what does it really matter. If you are republican and have a political agenda to erradicate homosexuality because it doesn’t coincide with your religious beliefs, don’t project your views onto others. The world is vast and it takes all types to make it function…don’t just sit back and oppress.

    Now, as far as him leaving. Just take into consideration those who make it into the finals probably practically sign their entire existence over to a corporation. Contractually bound. Clay Aiken apparently dodged a major bullet, but at least Mario got out of it before it was too late.

    Have some sympathy with his situation, and keep supporting him. Mario is one talented dude and deserves his 15 minutes and then some!

  • Hephaestion

    I’m gay, and if I had to bet, I would guess that Mario is gay. You have to be very clueless to think there is no discrimination against gay singers in the recording industry.
    But the main reason Mario would quit if he is gay is because he is Latino. Latinos are outrageously homophobic and brainwashed to believe all manner of stupid lies about gay people; and violence against gays is ENCOURAGED in Latino and Jamaican cultures. Try watching Latino TV in America for 5 minutes without seeing a gay person attacked, just for being born gay. It will not be easy for any Latino man to come out; he will almost certainly lose all contact with his homophobic family if he does, so a young man like Mario can ill-afford to take a chance on coming out at this time. Look at Ricky Martin; he is STILL going out with gorgeous female models, and I don’t know many people who are buying that possible charade.
    It’s a homophobic industry. Just look at Simon’s weekly coded anti-gay insults, and his anti-gay banter each week with the dorky blonde host of the show.

  • mario h

    i love uhf vc

  • Mary

    I never cared for Fantasia because I don’t think she has a radio friendly voice, but what in the world happened to her?? Did she ever even release an album?? I have yet to see or hear anything by her. It’s like she disappeared.

  • B-rian

    The issue of mario being gay has nothing to do with why he droped out of American idol. It was reported that Sean P Diddy Combs offered Mario a record deal and an undisclosed amount of money that American Idol and Simons record company wouldnt be able to top. he cearlyy used American idol to become noticed which indeed he was. Mario knew exactly what he was doing and diddint want to risk being voted off the show and waisting his time.

  • Tristan

    Didn’t anybody notice that Mario’s quitting Idol was perfectly timed to Martha’s release from prison—
    aren’t they getting married …?
    And Mario will co-host Martha’s new Apprentice show …????

  • Tristan

    Martha might have to fight Oprah for him though…….

    Did you see Oprah on that Desperate housewives episode~~~
    she acted like she hadn’t had “any” in 15 years ……

    (wonder what her hubby thought about that …!)

  • i luv u

    im really in love with mario if i ever net him i would faint. i have been his number one fan since the first time he started and untill he quit.wheni saw that show when ryan s. said u withdrew the competition my eys just cried all the tears . and this thing about u being gay is drivin me crazy i just cant take it anymore. i hope u comeout with a cd i bet ill be the first to get it i know im only 14 but some day ill catch up with u. i really hope i get to meet u someday and i hope youll read this but if i do meet u ill be shocked but ill know what to say i love u from the bottom of my heart. and the peopple who think your gay are just some hatters there just mad cuz they cant sing and dance the way u do and have a charm that u have thats all its just none sense but i hope if u have a concert one day u would come to flint,michigan

  • siezka

    i dont believe he is gay
    HE ISNT GAY, i love him so much, and im so upset he left AI.
    but i do believe he would be success someday.because he is a great performer i’ve ever seen
    i will buy your new cd later!
    good luck mario!!!

  • Kay

    I love you Mario. I thought you were gonna win American Idol. Why did you really quiet? I love the hats they are da bomb! i cant find one like it:( I am so sad that you left. I was almost crying everyone was teasing me at school cause i liked you so much that cause you quiet they teased me:( I dont belive that you are gay dont listen to what they say you are not gay!!!

    Lul(love you lots)

  • Eric Olsen

    whoa, forgot all about that guy

  • Ron

    Look If he’s gay he’s gay I though he was the best on A I. Whatever he does after this I’ll support him. He’s a cool dude with the vocal chops to make it. All you haters get a life

  • reginawla

    Mario Vazquez CD is gonna be out in June. His single “Gallery” is on radio already. Also Cesar (Mario recorded in his latest Cd “Worlds of Change”) will sign with Clive Davis as well. Good for them!! Love CESAR’s Album!!!

  • Chelsea

    Mario was the best bo bice was okay but man he shouldn’t have quit but his song gallery is hot.

  • Angela

    Well i dont know much about Mario Vasquez, but I just LOVE his new single gallery. I wish i could listen to it online somehow!! But i know EXACTLY how it feels to have someone u love be called gay. I LOVE Clay Aiken more than anything and people call Him gay all the time, but i dont care anymore because i knoe for a fact that He’s not. All u gotta know is that he;s not gay! and I LOVED CHRIS DAUGHTRY TOO! AMERICAN IDOL IS ONE OF THE MOST UNFAIR SHOWS EVER TO BE ON TELEVISION! I DONT LIKE IT ANYMORE!

  • ian

    you dont have the right mister DAVE NALLEY you say that he was annoying and that the songs he chose were not that good!!! first of all, he did not pick the songs duh!!!!!!! only fans of american idol people would know that!!!! and another thing you think hes annoying listen to yourself!!

    oyah………your mama is annoying tooo!!!!!

    a message for….

    oyah i love winter rodrigez

    – –
    o o

  • taZZie

    hello…i’m from indonesia. i know Mario Vazquez. he was one of my favorite contestant in the show. somehow…i just dunno why…the show’s crap everywhere. the Idol show in my country, lost 2 contestants on the show’s first season. they included the winner…rumor has it that they didn’t agree with the contracts offered to them.

    but anyway…back to mario…i really like his single “Gallery”. no matter if he’s gay…he’s talented…he can really sing!!!

  • angel sanchez

    mario u dont even need american idol. i mean u do much better. ur video with baby bash is hot. keep up the god work and take care.

  • im going to marry mario!love you baby. muaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • I cant belive that he bowed out !!!!!!!!!

  • Bitchface

    Okay i didnt really watch american idol but i just got his cd and i was so happy . i love his singing . his voice is beautiful. he is so gorgeous . he is mine so u girls need to back off lol. even though hes way older then me which is dumb. so yeah hes my future husband . and i love him soooooooo much

  • I dont think so if mario is a bi… Dude.. I really empress with your voice.. I dont know why you quit in Amreican Idol.. Besides, I voted for you.. But I don’t know.. It’s your own choice.. Just good luck with your career…

  • Hey everyone! Im from Philippines.. I’m an avid fan of American Idol, but the most contestants from batch 1 to 5, sincerely I do like KELLY CLARKSON and MARIO VASQUEZ.. They certainly good looking and has a captivating voice. But I dont know how the hell mesmerize the mind of Mario to quit in American Idol. Because of that case, I never watch American Idol in their batch.

  • Nisha

    GO MARIOOO (H):) yu rockk no mattur wuhtttt guyy ,,,, nd yur hot so im shur yull get into n e thin nd everything:) luv ya nufff ;;;; boi if yu give me wun shot i will luv yu fuhevur bwoi(8):) yur song 😀 ahehe LUV YU tooodleZ<33:)*

  • april

    omg….mario’z new song is tha best!!!..i love it…mario was like my favorite out of any one tha american idol peoplez…omg…why did he have to quit….err…i relli loved him..he had and still duz have gr8 talent…i love you mario!!!!

  • I barely remembered Mario on American Idol! No seriously,I did! I watched American Idol in the season he’s in, but I just don’t remember seeing him though. To bad. All I have to say is that…….MARIO VASQUEZ……YOU ARE HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! To bad you are older that me cuz you could have been my husband.

  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and by da way mario is taken alredy by MUA!!! so 2 all da girlz out there SORRY HES ALL MINE!!!!!! (even if he dosent know it yet);)

  • april


  • april

    even th mario quit american idol..he will always be mii america idol…mario if u read this….you are so hott…and you have a great voice…i love you….;)
    your one and only….
    *babii gurl*

  • april

    mario you are soooo fine…..i want a piece of that…lol…hehe…j/m

  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HA HA HA! “April” sorry 2 say it but u r sooooo WROnG!!!!!! Mario is mine and ONLY mine!!!! and im not wiling 2 share him with NO1!;)

  • april

    you can say he is yours alll you want but im sorry but he is mine and i have already confirmed that with him…sorry…but he mine….

  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • april

    yeah..i no…ME and mario were ment to be….so there you go….he is ALL mine…

  • april

    and i shood be the one sayin DONT BE HATIN cuz he is all mine..;)

  • april

    MARIO IS ALL MINE AND NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE HIM…and hooever i am talkin to bout this….how old are you?

  • april

    and i wish you good luk findin a nuther guy…cuz mario is mine

  • april

    ok….i gotta deal…you can have mario all you want as long as i can have ~*CHRIS BROWN*~…cuz id rather have chris brown than mario…chris brown is way hotter…;)..i made a deal

  • april

    mario is all mine for rite now…for all yall gurlz out ther untill this otha chika tellz me i can have chris brown and then ima give mario up to her and i get chris brown all to my self….so nobody can have mario untill this chika tell me i can have chris brown…sry…

  • There r no words 2 describe how Mario sings…..he is da best singer eva!!!……mARIO YOU DIJA LEAVE???we still need 2 hear ur beautiful voice!!! All i wanna sey iz dat WE ALL LUV YOU!!!SUMDAY U WILL SHOW DA WORD HOW U KAN SING!!!I wish u luck and hope in evrything!!!!…..:)…iLL aLwaYz LuV U!!!

  • april

    ALL YOU MARIO HATERZ NEED TO GET A LIFE..mario is tha best of the best!!!!;)

  • april

    duz any one no if there is a *chris brown* blog like this…cuz if you do…then plz. tell me..im like in love with him…ima marry him!!!!

  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    girl itz non of your business how old i am havent u ever heard of THRERES NO AGE 4 LUV!!!! ohhh and chika u hav VERY good taste!! CHRIS BROWN is super cute but ill stay with my bo mario aight and im 16 😉 I LUV MARIO! I LUV MARIO! I LUV MARIO! and oye chika wer gettin married next month,dont worry ur invited to la pachanga aight!!

  • april

    aiight…yupp…your rite chris brown is a major hottie….ima marry him next weekend and you can come to it to….o yea and by the way do you have aol…cuz then u can IM and we can chat…cuz im 16 too…i love chris i love chris i love chris….

  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanx chika juz tell mre wen da pachanga is gona b at aight!! wer u from?

  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • april

    ok…wen ever you get on [Personal contact info deleted] …and i live in north carolina

  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey wutz (personal contact info deleted)? oh and i live in New York

  • april

    hey!…wen ever you get on tonite…jus IM at horse831 ok…ttyl…peace out…

  • april

    o i have family that lives in new york..that kool…

  • bre

    Mario Vasquez is not gay. Boys can act like girls sometimes but that doesn’t mean they’re gay. Well I just wanted to say that he is soo sexi. If I had a choice to go with the lead singer of Hinder or Mario, I’ll choose Mario. I want to marry thet man. If I was old enough, I would marry him and be the first lady.I already have our childrens names together already. I’m just not gonna write it on the internet though. Mario is all that I want in my life. No one else! If I find out that someone else married Mario instead of me, I would be crushed. That would be something hard for me to connect to. It’s this boy in my school at Lincoln-West that looks just like Mario. I can’t stop looking at him. One time I danced with him at homecoming. It felt awesome. We were dancing awefully close. That’s the closest I ever danced with a boy. Mario is like my Romeo and I’m his Juliet. And well you know the rest of the story. We live happily ever after. LOVE YOU, MY KING OF ALL KINGS, MARIO.

  • regina

    Mario Vazquez album is great and I love Cesar’s album with Mario “Worlds of Change”.


  • marios TRUE luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE U MARIO!!!!!!! U WANA MARRY ME?!!!!

  • april

    hah…. still havent married him yet….lol..take yaa time.lol

  • suzy-Q

    i love u maaarrrriiiooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to marry u !

  • Wynter

    i still dont understand why he quit

    but anyway i ove your song gallery

  • daniel sosa

    I like Mario Vazquez album but he’s not selling well…He should write songs with the guitar dude Cesar. I’ve got that CD worlds of change’ and its really good. different from Mario’ solo. I hope Clive Davis listen to Mario and Cesar together because that could be a hit album waiting to happen!

  • Liliana

    I FUCKIN LUV U MARIO!!!!!! 😀

  • I wish he’d come out and get it over with. I mean, its a Clay Aiken situation. EVERYBODY knows.