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Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan’s Famous Homecoming Kiss… For His Boyfriend

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Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan lived in Oakdale, California as a self-described “fanatical Christian.” He joined the Marines as a distraction from his mundane life as a deli clerk, and also because he felt he wanted to be a voice for God in the armed services. He describes his marital situation as a big mistake that was based on his faith and beliefs, mistaking a friendship for love, which it turned out not to be. He’d later say that it took a lot of courage to finally face who he was and to admit to himself that he was a gay man.

After joining the Marines on April 1st of 2007, he was based at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. There, he met a Windward Oahu artist who worked on the base named Dalan Wells and who helped him through the emotions involved with the divorce. Sgt. Morgan related later, “I honestly knew I was in love with him from the first moment I met him.”

marine kiss

Trouble began brewing for the two star-crossed men almost immediately. When Brandon asked Dalan out, Dalan said no and had some fairly good reasons, the first of which was their age difference – Sgt. Morgan is now 25 and Wells is 38. Also with the ax over Brandon’s neck back in 2007 with the “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” (DADT) gay witch hunts of the Bush era, Wells wasn’t willing to risk ruining the marine’s budding military career. With that much discouragement, neither completely told each other just how they felt, and they began a four-year close friendship instead that went no further.

Morgan would go on to tell an interviewer recently that, tragically, that meant that neither actually knew just how much in love each was with the other.

Brandon was already a month into his third deployment to Afghanistan when DADT was repealed in September of 2011. He was proudly serving his country with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363, “The Lucky Red Lions.” They were the company that lost six fellow marines to a crash in Helmand Province just last January.

With the restrictions abolished by President Obama, and the backing of the Pentagon, Sgt. Morgan began coming out of the closet to his fellow marines serving at Camp Leatherneck and was surprised to discover that the very Marines who supposedly had resisted the most concerning gays in the military accepted him as an equal soldier and a trusted friend. He was quoted as saying later, “I was a little worried, to be honest. I was afraid that some people’s views of me might change. But that was just my own personal misgiving, a fear I had to overcome. I should have had more faith in my Marines than that. I’m not always right, and I was very glad I was wrong about that.”

With all of his buddies looking forward to going home to loved ones after their third six-month deployment, Brandon began feeling alone and lonely because he had no one to go home to. He wrote on Facebook about longing for a special someone waiting at the airport for him, which he’d missed the first two returns from Afghanistan. Many friends volunteered, but he was hoping for something more, and then Dalan responded. What followed during that most recent deployment were long, detailed, and daily emails between them. Sgt. Morgan claimed to have read each message hundreds of times a day. Eventually they broke down, told each other just how they’d felt all along, and ultimately used the one word that both needed… love.

After over four long years of hiding his emotions for the sake of staying in the Marines, the lonesome soldier began fantasizing about what he later described as “an eternity kiss.”

The reason for the emotional urgency in both men was that in the entire time they’d known and separately loved each other, they’d never kissed.

The months dwindled to days and suddenly February 22nd was upon them…

Dalan almost didn’t make it to the hangar in time because of a last-minute stop at a Safeway to buy a fragrant pikake-and-carnation welcoming lei for Morgan’s neck. Meanwhile Brandon pondered the logistics of their reunion; after all, he describes his boyfriend as his giant, at 6 foot 6 inches, and Sgt. Morgan was only 5 foot 11 inches tall.

Morgan would later describe the scene, relating how their legs started shaking and hands going numb as he exited the plane and began searching the hangar for his beau’s face. At that point he didn’t even care who was around, or who witnessed it. His sole objective was to show Dalan how much he’d missed him. He spotted Wells and began running, and solved the height difference by leaping into his man’s arms in a full-body hug and planting a smooch on his boyfriend’s lips – naysayers and haters be damned. Not one of the officers and visitors around them reacted negatively.

Fortunately Dave Lewis was there to capture the moment. Morgan later told an interviewer, “With all that was going on, we didn’t even know he was there taking pictures. The world went away for a few minutes.” He also said that had it not been for DADT being repealed and the support and encouragement of his brother Marines, that first greeting would have been a simple emotionless handshake. Lewis’ shot was perfectly framed with a giant American Flag as the backdrop.

Did I mention that this was the occasion of the couple’s very first kiss after the necessity of hiding their feelings from each other for four years?

The photo was first posted on Facebook last Saturday, then on pages supporting military servicemen, and within days was plastered on newspapers and websites around the world. As of this writing the photo has gotten tens of thousands of “likes,” shares, and as many overwhelmingly positive comments.

With all that notoriety and fame, Sgt. Morgan became worried about reactions from his superiors and his family. He was quoted as saying, “All my superiors are happy for me that I finally have a love, someone to be with, that I’m not always hanging out at the single Marine center on the weekend. I believe that the general consensus was that the military didn’t want this, but the people who say that can’t really speak on the behalf of my Marines. My Marines, my family, have welcomed me, they’ve been very happy for me. We’re a family. They care for me the way they always have.” One went so far in a press release as to assert that it was just a typical homecoming picture.

This soothed fears of reprisals due to public displays of affection while in uniform, but it can be said that in this day and age (despite Rick Santorum’s probable reaction – he seems to be more obsessed with gays than even I am) the image is no more offensive than that of the uniformed sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square after World War II. In fact I might go further to assert that this photo may replace that iconic image as the most famous of military kisses!

This occurred at a private homecoming event, after all, and PDAs were not only expected but encouraged. Sgt. Morgan has asserted that had it been another type of gathering he would have followed the usual military protocol like everyone else concerning public displays of affection.

Morgan said, “My friend Sgt. Thomas Stivers, he came home and his picture was in the Hawaii Marine [base newspaper] of him kissing his wife and holding his newborn baby that was just born a few days ago. His picture is no different than mine. It is a homecoming picture. Gay, straight, lesbian – no matter who you are, love is love.”

Did I mention this was their first kiss?

As for his family’s reaction, he said, “My mom’s happy that I’m finally happy, my parents are ecstatic. Somebody called my mother and said ‘what did you do to raise your son so wrong?’ I can only hope no one does anything drastic or too crazy but I am not afraid. I lived my whole life in fear, I don’t fear them anymore.”

In a later interview his mother reacted to that phone call after having had time to think about all the publicity. “You got people out there that are so full of hatred… That’s what scares me and my husband the most is we don’t want him to get hurt because of all this. People have the right to say what they want,” she said. She just wants them to think about what they say. “I think he’s compassionate, loving and caring and any mother would be happy to have a son like that.”

Just two short years ago hysterical old military men out of step with today’s generation joined forces with self-righteous politicians catering to the radical right-wing’s political interests, and foretold loudly that by today’s date, there would be hundreds of scandalous reports of homosexual rapes in barracks showers. Dire predictions swirled through the halls of Congress that recruiters would find it impossible to attract enough red-blooded and wholesome Americans to join the service, leaving our country vulnerable. Allowing gays in the military elicited ridiculous fears of fags dangerously distracting soldiers in the heat of battle causing unnecessary casualties.

In a way it was an insult to the men of our armed services that images were being created of big strong soldiers being reduced to helpless and defenseless virgins while some queer beast had his way with them. Then of course there were (and still are) the assertions that it had to be just another “liberal” plot to ban god-fearing religion from society.

Thank Jesus they were wrong.

…By the way, Sergeant Brandon Morgan re-enlisted in the Marine Corps last October and still has about three and a half years of risking his life to serve his country overseas with honor and courage. If that’s not a hero, then I don’t know what one is.

Our hearts and prayers go with you.

Semper Fi Marine and Oo-RAH!

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  • Baltimatt

    They are now married!


    Congrats! May you have a long and happy marriage.

    • Just recently they exchanged vows in front of family and friends.
      The ceremony was officiated by the Rev. Dahn Gandell of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Honeoye Falls, New York. Wells’ parents attend the church.
      After the ceremony, Gandell hosted a luncheon for the wedding party at Next Door Bar and Grill.


    Watch here

  • Update:

    WASHINGTON (AP) Military leaders have concluded that last year’s repeal of the ban on gays serving openly in uniform has not affected morale or readiness so far, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday.

    “My view is that the military has kind of moved beyond it. It’s become part and parcel of what they’ve accepted within the military,” Panetta told reporters during a Pentagon press conference.

    Panetta’s comments come a day after President Barack Obama announced he supports same-sex marriage. And the defense secretary’s statement reflects what has been an assessment of the impact that gays serving openly would have on the military. Some military leaders initially had expressed concerns that repealing the 18-year-old ban could undermine unit cohesion, particularly among troops serving on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But a report to Panetta, obtained by The Associated Press, provides the individual assessments of all the military services and the combatant commands, and all said that as of May 1 they had seen no issues or impacts of the repeal.

    The military service leaders have been sending Panetta monthly updates on the impact of the repeal, which took effect in September.

    Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also said he had seen no negative effects on military order or discipline.

    “What were we afraid of is we didn’t know,” Dempsey said when asked why military officials were so worried about the repeal before it took effect. “I think that the way we were given a year to make this assessment to educate ourselves to collaborate, to build the sense of trust on this issue, and given that time to do it, I think it worked out well.”

    The Pentagon’s worries were buttressed by early surveys that showed combat troops in particular-including 56 percent of Marines who served in combat viewed repeal negatively in terms of how it could affect readiness and unit cohesion.

    After the repeal date, however, defense officials said the concerns apparently were unfounded, and it turned out to be a “non-event.”

    To date there appears to have been just one incident that may have involved anti-gay violence in the military.

    Last month a Marine allegedly stabbed another Marine to death in Washington after a fight that reportedly began when the suspect used an anti-gay slur to refer to the victim. The slaying occurred near the Marine Barracks in southeast Washington

  • Update: He’s been transferred!

    President Barack Obama’s clarification of his support of same-sex marriage Wednesday, elated Hawaii’s gay community.

    Braden Morgan and Dalen Wells both work at Kaneohe Marine Base.
    Morgan is a marine Sgt. and wells, a civilian staffer.
    They were surprised, but pleased, with the news that the president made clear his position on gay marriage.

    “I was like. ‘Finally, yes!” said Morgan.

    The couple made national headlines recently, after posting a homecoming kiss picture on the Internet.They said they can thank Obama for dropping the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy and allowing them the freedom to express themselves like anyone else.

    “Being a Marine I will abide by the orders and regulations of any commander-in-chief. if its Obama or Mitt Romney. But I will say personally and –this is my opinion– this gives more hope for the next four years,” Morgan said. “President Obama already had my vote, and there is much more reason for it this year.”

    “His coming out with marriage equality now surprised me a bit . I thought he would do it after the election. It was nice to see it now, whether it was because of what Joe Biden said or not,” said Dalan Wells.

    Hawaii Family Forum which has long advocated for marriage as between one man and one woman, was cautious about predicting whether this would help or hurt Obama’s re-election chances.

    “It is up to the people of Hawaii and of the nation. It is up to them to decide if we want him as our president of the people, and by the people. We will find out in the elections in November,” said Al Cardenes of Hawaii Family Forum.

    Morgan and Wells said since their homecoming kiss went viral, work is still work, and Morgan still puts on his uniform every morning.

    The one difference will come this month when they move to New Orleans, Morgan’s new duty station.

    The couple planned to attend a meeting Wednesday night with Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and members of the local chapter of Outserve, which was formed to support gay and lesbian military servicemen and women.

  • …sorry I scared you off… I think?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Jet, as much as you have my wholehearted support on this issue, I think it’s time I went elsewhere. Besides, I don’t think I could compete with with the Marines….

  • After a 5th viewing, I’ve a question… does that kiss have to be on the lips? or are other locations fair play?… [whimper]

  • Dear Ooops, it bears repeating upon a second look OH MY GOD!!! Between the crotch grabber with the gun and the blond babe shaking his ass in front of his bunk/rack I’m in love!

    Thanks again sweetie!!!!!!!

  • Oh dear GOD!!! the longer haired giggling blond is to die for-I watched it twice and I’m going back to watch it again


  • Crystal “oops” Rhodes

    Hey Jet, here’s 4 singing active duty marines I bet you wouldn’t mind kissing!

  • Over the weekend, stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Jane Lynch reacted as one to the Kirk Cameron-the former teen idol’s homophobic remarks, condemning his comments that homosexuality was “unnatural” and gay marriage “detrimental” to society.

    Then this morning, his former small-screen sister Tracey Gold reasserted her belief in equal rights, making sure to put a considerable distance between herself and Cameron.

    And now? Well, the floodgates have opened, and stars are aligning to condemn the hateful remarks in the wake of the firestorm. Among them, Kirk’s TV dad Alan Thicke.

    The times they are a changin’

  • Thanks Wayne, if you click on my name above you’ll find a gallery of 5 more photos.

  • Wayne Spencer

    I’ve seen this photo a dozen times, I’m glad you told the story behind it!

  • I love a good catholic joke…

    Cardinal Keith O’Brien said countries which legalise gay marriage are “shaming themselves” by going against the “natural law,” and should not consider their actions “progress”.

    He claimed same sex unions were the “thin end of the wedge” and would lead to the “further degeneration of society into immorality.”

    In a series of controversial comments, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that if same sex marriage were legalised, “further aberrations would take place and society would be degenerating even further than it already has into immorality.”

    The interview, conducted by John Humphries, followed an article Cardinal O’Brien wrote for the Sunday Telegraph, in which he likened gay marriage to slavery.

    This from a guy that wears a dress to work.

  • Well said Lieutenant, and thank you for your service to our country.

  • Lt. James Strong

    Jet, I didn’t know the whole story of that kiss, I’m glad I stumbled upon this article.

    The outpouring of hate for those two men is just an example of the Republican lurch not just to the right, as a number of pundits have framed it, but to the past. On issue after issue gay rights, contraception, labor rights the goal seems to be to return the nation to the supposed tranquility of its Beaver Cleaver years, before Martin Luther King had his dream, before Betty Friedan wrote her book, before Rock Hudson was gay, before everything changed.

    And while it’s doubtful Morgan and Wells set out to make any particular point, the sheer joyousness of their reunion makes one, nonetheless the same point a similar kiss between two Navy petty officers, both women, made just two months ago. Namely, that you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube.

    Or, as Fleetwood Mac once put it, -yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone- And the sooner the Grand Old Party concedes that and stops pandering to the bitterness and fear of dead enders and hardliners still desperately clinging to the broken remains of Beaver Cleaver’s white picket fence, the better off we all will be.

    Their fear is that pretty soon, no one will fear, that we are approaching a day when a kiss like this will make no news, merit no attention, because it will be normal. They are right, of course. That is entirely the point.

  • Zing see 34 & 35, you like them…

  • zingzing

    it’d have to be a troma film.

  • That’d make a good movie Zing.

  • zingzing

    the gop opened its eyes slowly, and found that the sun had circled the earth and presented itself at an angle the gop did not like. blinded, still a little drunk, the gop propped itself up on its shoulder and let out a low moan, which made it feel slightly better–moaning always does. when the gop could see, it quickly found it was surrounded by several tea partiers. the gop jumped back slightly and its hand landed in something foreign, yet oddly familiar, like the word “liberty” in french. the tea partiers were staring down at the gop with knowing smiles, and as the gop brought its hand around, finding it covered in santorum, they burst out laughing. not even caring anymore, the gop cradled its head in its santorum-covered hands and wept into them. the tears and snot mixed into the santorum and caused it to drip between the gop’s fingers, creating a puddling stain on mrs. the gop’s brand new white woven carpet. the guilt and the shame overwhelmed the gop, and it plunged itself into the santorum, flailing about in it and gulping it down by the mouthful, spattering the walls and, mercifully, finally drowning itself, knowing that it had been bested by its own weaknesses.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    It’s like I’ve been saying – lay down with dogs, get up with fleas…and lay down with Tea Partiers, get up with Santorum.

  • Rick Sanitarium would make a great candidate. tea plantations will grow rich.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    This is a true political sea change. I really, really hope Santorum’s the GOP nominee….

  • Meanwhile back in England there’s this…

    The kiss that marks an even more profound change is that which over the past few years has been shared in moments of sporting glory by heterosexual males on the football pitch. Such behaviour from a sport noted for its vicious anti-gay sentiments is having a far wider impact as Eric Anderson, a university lecturer in sociology, discovered when he interviewed 145 university students. The vast majority said they were happy to kiss another man on the lips in friendship – an attitude reflected in research in the US and in other cities in the UK.

    That finding has now been taken further by Anderson’s former PhD student, Mark McCormack, a sociologist at Brunel University in London. He spent a year in three diverse secondary schools, including a faith school, for his book The Declining Significance of Homophobia, published next month. In the book, he charts how prejudice and discrimination have markedly declined among young people, replaced by genuine affection and respect between pupils whether gay or straight. “Many young people see ‘gay’ as normal,” Dr McCormack says. “It’s the politicians and institutions who are slower to change.”

    The speed of acceptance is remarkable. Only four years ago, the campaigning charity Stonewall commissioned a YouGov poll that indicated that homophobic bullying was more prevalent than 10 years earlier, with the school playground the most entrenched bastion of all for prejudice. So what has expedited the change?

    Legislation has obviously played a part. Most recently, for instance, the 2010 Equality Act, which bans discrimination of any kind, came into force. Civil partnerships have also helped as has a celebrity culture that allows no personal secrets. Previously, gay performers were mainly comedians who were often gay caricatures. Now, gay and lesbians are “out” and prominent in every sphere. Some, such as Elton John and Mary Portas, have become national treasures. Social networking sites have also played a part in reducing isolation and, as the closet has become more sparsely populated, everyone knows someone who is gay or bisexual.

  • My blog has five much L-A-R-G-E-R photos than I can post here of the encounter. click the link in 34, click the main photo in the upper righat of the article and it’ll take you to a gallery. click each icon at the bottom of the page to enlarge them. if you have a large monitor, they’re spectacular.

  • Thanks Wayne, I have four more much larger photos on my personal blog here at the bottom of the page. click them to enlarge…



  • Update from The Advocate…

    Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says, if elected, he’ll try to unmarry the more than 100,000 legally wed gay couples in the U.S., reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The Chronicle states that there are “18,000 married gay and lesbian couples in California and at least 131,000 nationwide according to the 2010 census, conducted before New York state legalized same-sex marriage in July.” During an interview with NBC News December 30, Santorum said that when the U.S. Constitution is amended to prohibit same-gender marriages, “their marriage would be invalid. We can’t have 50 different marriage laws in this country,” he said. “You have to have one marriage law.”

    Among the couples that would be affected by Santorum’s proposed constitutionally mandated divorces are Stuart Gaffney and John Lewis of San Francisco. The two men legally wed in June 2008, five months before Prop. 8 banned same-sex marriage. The couple, who were together for many years before marrying, later helped to found an organization called Marriage Equality USA.

    “It’s with profound sadness that I contemplate somebody running for the highest office in the land on a platform of taking away anyone’s marriage,” Gaffney told the Chronicle Friday.

  • Fritz Keppler

    Ah! OK, I’ll make a note of that over on the thread.

  • Thanks, but I’d have preferred that you hadn’t quoted the entire article, instead just the first paragraph or two so they’d come here to read it.

    After all if someone clicks on the ad just above where the 1st paragraph starts, I get a whole 50 cents!

  • Fritz Keppler

    I hope you have a chance to check out our Forum. There is a thriving slash community there too, though it’s not quite to everyone’s taste.

  • Fritz Keppler

    OK, I’ll try again with IE8. Thanks for all your work!

  • For some reason blogspot.com has a problem with Chrome if that’s the browser you use.


  • Fritz Keppler

    And thanks for the links to your novel! For some reason text is on top of text and it’s hard to read, but I’ll try to make it out later on!

  • Fritz Keppler

    Hey Jet, here’s the link to where the discussion of the photo started in our Gays in the Military thread. I think this is on the open part of the Forum, but I’m not sure. I did include your name and this link when quoting your article.

  • The problem with that Glenn is that the only reliable block of voters are rabid right wing teabaggers taken to the poles in church busloads.

    Dems have no motivations and most will take the attitude that Santorum can’t possibly win and not even bother after a long Tuesday’s work day.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Y’know, I really, really hope Santorum will be the GOP nominee…because Americans are more and more beginning to support LGBT rights. It wouldn’t be the flip side of Nixon v. McGovern, but it would be an Obama landslide nonetheless.

  • Update: Santorum backs nullifying existing gay marriages

    There are 18,000 married gay and lesbian couples in California and at least 131,000 nationwide according to the 2010 census, conducted before New York state legalized same-sex marriage in July.

    Rick Santorum says he’ll try to unmarry all of them if he’s elected president.

    Once the U.S. Constitution is amended to prohibit same-gender marriages, “their marriage would be invalid,” the former Pennsylvania senator said Dec. 30 in an NBC News interview.

    “We can’t have 50 different marriage laws in this country,” he said. “You have to have one marriage law.”

  • fritz when I clicked your link in #19 all I got was an Amazon page, please post the link to your forum again.

    Here’s a link to the question/answer guide covering both Ennis and Jack’s lives from both of their births to their deaths (1943-2006)

    Here’s a link to the novel itself expanded to include elements of both the short story and the screenplay, and all the mysteries are solved that neither answered and you find out what happened to Ennis afterward to his eventual death in 2006.

  • Thanks, it took me 5 years to perfect the Brokeback novel, I’m glad for the help

  • Fritz Keppler

    I’ve put a link on my FB wall as well as on our Brokeback Mountain Forum, Dave Cullen, I hope that might draw a few readers. I really like it a lot!

  • Thank god for Adsense reports. I may have only about 8 comments but I’ve had over 1,250 readers in just the last two days, otherwise I’d be really discouraged.

  • May we all be destined to get such a kiss Fritz. I enjoyed researching and telling this a lot.


  • Fritz Keppler

    I’ve been on a multiday high since seeing that photograph Sunday morning. Thank you for writing a succinct summary of all the events leading up to and following the event. Seeing the photo has given me more hope for the world than I’ve had in a very long time.

  • It’s nerve damage at my elbow, we’re hoping physical therapy will relieve it, but thanks so much for offering.

    The fun part is spontaneously having these random bursts of excrusiating (sic) pain like I’ve just bashed my funny bone.

    …we wobble on indeed

  • If I didn’t know better, Jet, I’d say you were trying to get into the afterlife by stealth.

    I’ve got an old copy of IBM ViaVoice somewhere that I could mail to you. Might come in handy if typing’s becoming a hassle. It does date from the late 90s and I seem to recall you got a new computer a couple of years ago, so it might not even be compatible with your system. But it’s yours if you want it.

    As far as the intermittent screens of death you’ve been seeing, I’m getting them too. We wobble along.

  • Anyway, Doc I just lost the middle toe of my right foot to an infection that threatened my whole foot if I didn’t have it amputated.

    …don’t get me started

  • I’m getting weird TR screens that there’s tech trouble and my last comment didn’t post.

    anyone else?

  • Do you have any original parts left now, Jet?

    I hope there’s a diagram somewhere in case you fall to bits!

  • I don’t write often any more, but when I do I try to make it worth the wait. Since my recent right arm reconstruction it’s hard to touchtype because my pinkie’s numb, so when it isn’t repeatedly typing a p,/,;, or a[ it’s resting under the damned mouse until i realize it’s there.

    The biggest bitch is being unable to use the right shift, return or backspace key without a lot of cussing…

    it’s always something.

  • Thanks Glen… I’m hoping for the day when this isn’t even newsworthy.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Hi, Jet –

    I hope that the sailors that I knew whose careers were ended by DADT find a measure of solace that the military has gotten past the prejudice – at least officially. There will always be prejudice, but as the years go by, those who are prejudiced against LGBT’s will be seen in the same view as those who are racist…and that is as it should be.

    A side note on the Times Square kiss – I’m a retired sailor and my Darling is a nurse, and when we went to NYC this last time we just had to recreate the moment…and with the love that I feel for my Darling just thinking about that kiss, all I can do is hope that the two men you wrote about have a love just as deep, and just as happy. Their first kiss – that’s pretty cool.

    And Jet – great article. I guess that’s why the conservatives are staying away from it in droves.

  • Thanks, I appreciate your words-he’s my hero too. I’m trying to write more often-it’s been tough.

  • John Resch

    Thank you for this great article.
    Brandon is a hero in my book

  • Let’s see how long it takes for the haters to make it ugly Tom… an thanks

  • Tom

    I thought the photo was a beautiful thing when I saw it a few days ago. Now that you tell the whole story, how very much more beautiful!

  • Brian

    A courageous, kind-hearted American hero, he is.

  • A youTube video should’ve been embedded with the article. click here

  • He says he’s not a hero but his service to our country proves he is.