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Marilyn Manson Drummer Forms New Band

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Former Marilyn Manson drummer Ginger Fish (a.k.a. Kenny Wilson), has started up a brand spanking new new group that shall be known as “Martyr Plot.” Band members include guitarist and singer David Scott and bassist James Marino. The first offering by this new group is demo track titled “In The Red”, which can be downloaded at www.fishrine.com.

Fish last performed with Manson last September at the Comet 2004 Awards in Germany. Fish fell off the stage during that show, breaking his wrist and suffering a concussion. The drummer never came back after that and was replaced in Manson’s touring band by ex-Nine Inch Nails member Chris Vrenna.

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  • What, did Ginger Fish blame them because he fall off a stage and got injured? Accidents happen. And well, at least maybe there will be another good band…As in Ginger’s band.

  • Ginger Fish took a lot of punishment. It wasn’t uncommon for him to leave a concert with stitches from taking a microphone stand (thrown by Manson) to the head. There’s a chance the fall wasn’t his fault.

    I gotta say, I don’t blame him for leaving the band.

  • Pin_Down_Girl

    He didn’t leave its just a side project.

  • Disappointed old-school MM fan

    Yeah, there’s only so much abuse you can take.
    Besides, it’s only a matter of time before Marilyn tells him to “get lost” too, and Ginger knows it. Let’s face it: he’s already seen more than one of his bandmates replaced by women. And I don’t mean as in ‘women taking their jobs’; I’m referring to women who have altered Manson’s train of thought and changed his ambitions. Women have been the undoing of Marilyn Manson, the man & the band. Ever since Marilyn got involved with Rose McGowan, the band has gone steadily downhill. Now, Dita Von Teese has him in her clutches, and again, the band and the image of MM has suffered. Twiggy, one of the very cornerstones of everything MM stood for, has been kicked to the curb… because of Marilyn’s devotion to a woman. The decline of sincerity & lack of anything important to say now is evident in “This Is The New Shit”: ‘shit’ is right; it sounds like nothing more than heavy metal gangsta rap. Manson’s voice on that song could easily be replaced with Eminem’s or even Kid Rock’s. There’s no conviction in “Golden Age” at all. No passion, no true dissatisfaction, and no social observation or moral message to speak of, as there was in “Portrait” or “Antichrist”. “Golden Age” sounds like leftovers from a drunken weekend. Personally, I have nothing against women, and I don’t entirely blame McGowan or Von Teese for the ruination of the last great metal band on earth. Manson doesn’t have the emotional ability to balance a personal relationship with a professional one. In his mind & heart, there just isn’t enough room for everybody involved. And the awe-inspiring entity that once was Marilyn Manson has been reduced to a sad, laughable ghost of it’s former glory.

  • Eric Olsen

    wow, Disappointed, that was one hell of a comment, thanks.

    whenever I think of the Manson glory days, I think of my older daughter, who only knew them from the radio, singing along to “the beautiful meatball, the beautiful meatball” – she’s knows better now, but it isn’t the same. Sigh.

  • michelle

    alright so you guys are right manson has seen better days and i can’t say that i entirely blame ginger fish for leaving either. your also right on mansons vocals on “this is the new shit” golden age was just not one of his best lyrics. truely i am a manson fan all the way and will forever be. the beautiful meatball thing got me i use to sing to it too. but i think that manson needs to stop mixing himself up in chicks because it is fucking up his music buisness and i almost cried when he let twiggy go. i have nothing against chicks considering i am one but still none the less i must say manson needs to stop seeing them i don’t blame him for wanting a relationship he is just an ordinary guy and guys need to fuck sorry if that pissed any of you guys off saying that but it is true. if you have any response or what not email me at schakin@hotmail.com

  • Pin_Down_Girl


  • Disappointed old-school MM fan

    Yes, Pin Down Girl, Martyr Plot is a side project… for now.
    Call it “employment insurance.”

    Have you been reading any of the news articles concerning the Marilyn Manson camp here lately?

    Taken from the FAQ page of Fishrine.net:

    Q: I have heard many times Ginger is out of the band, is this true?

    A: As far as I know, nothing official has been announced, and as Ginger says, “It’s up to Manson”.
    It will depend on his decision regarding the next tour, in 2005.
    While Marilyn Manson are still a band, Ginger has founded his own side project, Martyr Plot, and is said to start touring with the band in March/April.

    March or April… hmm: that coincides nicely with the time that Marilyn is supposed to be marrying Dita Von Teese, wouldn’t you say?

    One of many URL’s for info on “The Wedding That Should Never Happen

    Personally, I’d love to see all of the former jilted members of Marilyn Manson:
    Twiggy, Zim Zim, Daisy, John 5, Sara Lee & Gidget interrupt the ceremony just as the preacher asks, “Does any man or woman here today know of any reason or impediment why this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony?”

    I could honestly see Twiggy stepping up to the podium and saying to the gathered observers, “Yeah; we’ve got 6 of ’em right here.”

  • Pin_Down_Girl

    I get Marilyn Manson news e-mailed to me daily, I have read the articles on Fishrine.net and I do know about Manson’s wedding. And for Martyr Plot’s tour dates, wouldn’t they have to coincide with Manson’s wedding, while Manson is not on tour? And why would the former members want to interupt the ceremony? Along with fishrine.net I also check this site http://members.tripod.com/~GingerFish1966/GingerFish4Life.html for Ginger news.

  • John Fitzgerald

    i was a huge marilyn manson fan in high school. i think that antichrist superstar is one of the greatest albums of all time, but i also think that holy wood, which came out after the supposedly negative influence of rose, is their second best album. as golden age goes, i think it is great. i hated it at first but once i realized the joke of it, i loved it. it’s all tongue-in-cheek. i think dita and brian make a wonderful couple. they are beautiful. i don’t see what the problem is.

  • Ruth

    First of all, Manson didn’t kick Twiggy out – Twiggy left. If you’re going to say GAOG isn’t good blah blah blame him not Marilyn.

    Secondly I don’t mind if Ginger leaves as long as everyone in the band is happy about it.

    Finally – I can’t wait for Dita and Marilyn to get hitched <3.

  • Jason,

    I kicked this little news item up and over to Advance.net, which includes these places.

    Potentially read by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

    Thank you for the post. – Temple Stark

  • thanks!!!

  • I am a huge fan of Marilyn Manson and strongly disagree about Ginger Fish leaving. I know he takes a lot of Mansons shit but when he goes theres barely any originals left in Marilyn Manson. The perfect combination was the originals, Twiggy,5,M.W gacy and Ginger fish, some of these people are the heart and soul of this legendary band. It dissapoints me to say this but, the antichrist is no more!

  • I think all the old band members who have been kicked should start a band.That would be funky.Marilyn is goin through them like condoms!

  • Oh ya, is Vertigo any gud?

  • shelby

    i love manson and everyone in the band and im sorry to hear about ginger fish’s fall . ginger fish is awesome he’s been a great insperation. oh well, i guess there will be another great band on the rise and i hope he doesnt stray to far from that awesome crazy manson sorta sound. i hope that ginger isnt really leaveing the band, hes sexy!!! “he is the angel with the scabbed wings,hard drug face wanna pwoder his nose…”

  • Vampira

    John 5’s album ‘Vertigo’ hasn’t had much good cred from critics but I got it and I really liked it. It’s very strange, there are no lyrics and 1 or 2 songs I wouldn’t advise listening to (unless you’re into country music) but don’t let that put you off!! There is some excellent guitaring in that album and I’m sure i would be even better if John had lyrics to it! Oh well!

    Download: Dead Man’s Dream (it rocks 😉 )

  • Barbina

    I really really must say…Once I started listening to Manson I was more into the drumming..well Of course the fact of Ginger Fish haha..and I fell in love with them. Once I heard how Manson threw shit at Ginger Fish I was losing more repsect for not only Manson but the band…I notice that the band doesn’t give ENOUGH credit to the drummer which pisses the hell I outta me. I miss ginger fish I noticed I don’t listen to them as much now…but I am trying ….I love him still…<333

  • sam_bbk

    i think that the idea behind golden age is a particular group ‘low art gloominaties’….low art – degenerate art (1930’s weimar berlin dadaism) – and about how art was destroyed (last track ‘obsequey: the death of art’). Low art GLOOminaties….gloom and illuminati, the illuminati were meant to be a secret society, cross that with gloom and well… If you read mansons comments surrounding the album the idea of it is that it is the idea of having come to an end with nothing new to say, and then ‘tuning up the thaeter’ (the intro), which then proceeds ‘into the new shit’. To understand the album fully i suggest you drink some absinthe beforehand, watch power ofthe will followed by some old school mickey mouse cartoons.

  • sam_bbk

    i think that the idea behind golden age is a particular group (the bright young things) ‘low art gloominaties’….low art – degenerate art (1930’s weimar berlin dadaism) – and about how art was destroyed (last track ‘obsequey: the death of art’). Low art GLOOminaties….gloom and illuminati, the illuminati were meant to be a secret society, cross that with gloom and well… If you read mansons comments surrounding the album the idea of it is that it is the idea of having come to an end with nothing new to say, and then ‘tuning up the thaeter’ (the intro), which then proceeds ‘into the new shit’. To understand the album fully i suggest you drink some absinthe beforehand, watch power ofthe will followed by some old school mickey mouse cartoons on mute while you listen.

  • I am a huge fan of Marilyn manson and always will be. I really miss twiggy and zimzum, they were my two favorite band members and feel they always did a great job. I am really happy that MW Gacy has made it in the band this long. He is one of my favorites as well. I have started a Marilyn Manson community fan website as well for fans to connect and chat about marilyn manson and other music. Please come visit us at http://www.MarilynMansonFans.com

  • gingerfan

    i used to be big into manson. but not no more. ginger was the best thing next to manson on stage. he inspired me to beat the drum kit. i hope he does walk and he deserves to and i hope his new band works out for him

  • Bo

    Marilyn manson still rocks and the girl who said she doesn’t listen to manson bc ginger isnt in mm any more is a total moron, its like sayion g “if justin leaves nsync i’ll hate them” MM isnot some fucking boyband. manson has said people leave his band bc the dont want to live the mm lifestlyle anymore or their juss tnot into it. wouldnt that be more boring if ppl were in his band wernt in to it. Tim Skold is a fucking genius and gaog is his best album yet. ppl who diss it are just dumb and only listen to the sound of the music. ne one who doesnt like holywood doesnt get the whole marilyn manson experience. there have been many greats who have had new members in their bands, Kiss, ozzy, nirvana,nin, Alice Cooper,AFI, the cure, and many others.

  • RiGo

    i thought zim zum always kinda sucked. he wasnt that good at guitar. it was really messy. although with a little studio production help it was all very nice on mechanical animals. and then people who didnt like the album blamed john5 even though it was all zim and twiggy too. anyways i really liked ginger’s drumming. i think he started sounding dored on holy wood. he probably didnt get much credit on gaog because so much of the drumming was electronic and programmed. he was never really that great of a drummer i think as i play drums too. but i also think tommy lee didnt have much to offer as well even though everyone thinks he’s so great (i guess playing drums upside down might be kinda hard with gravity working a little differently. i saw them live with chris vrenna and i think the drumming is the least of our worries, marilyn was boring. i wish they would do something different like make an acustic album or a more toned down new wave style album, something with less or different song structure than chorus, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, outro. its all the same,, very stiff. well if people dont yell at me too much i will provide some names of some bands i started listening to after i stopped being such a hardcore mm fan, and believe me its not what you think.

  • Nichole

    Well i hope that gingerfish does stay…there isn’t many of the original spooky kids left… if pogo goes…then fuck it. there is nothing left of the spooky kids at all.

  • Manson never threw anyone out because of women. 5 left because “he wanted to explore new dimensions” and Ramirez left for the same reason.

    And for all those who say that Antichrist Superstar was the best and Manson has lost his charisma should get themselves some brains.

    Manson avoids repeating himself. What good would we have if we had six albums all of industrial and hard rock? We’d get bored.

    Instead, I like different shapes of his music, but all conveying important messages.

  • Marilyn Manson what your house address??

    for a school prodject in computers

  • i think a lot of the members just wanted to move on like twiggy and 5. manson went through hell to get the band were they are (or where they were back in the 90s). seeing so many members leaving probably shows that manson is hard to work with. hopefully ginger will stay in the band but if not we should wish him the best with martyr plot. i personally think that manson is happy with accomplishing his main goal and the other band members now have a good reputation for being in one of the greatest shock rock bands of all times. and they probaly dont care as much anymore. whatever manson does i stand by him 100% as long as its not something i think is tardish.

  • Romen Dement i can tell you that pogo now lives in nothridge and his mom still lives in fort lauderdale but i cant tell you the address. i’ve met them both and his mom is very nice. pogo is funny as hell and fun to party with.

  • Hmm,after reading through some of this crap written in the blog, Iv’e come to a decision. Some of you people have not a clue. Of course MM can not continue to put out the same frivilous stuff over and over again.that would seem to much like a job lol bands have to progress.Any how i’m interested in the movie MM is supposed to be making.Surely MM will be missed in the musical world .Right now he thinks it to crappy in the music world. maybe hell return later

  • My ba d iment UGH!

  • OOps ugh asin UGH .THIS SUCKS HE HAD AGOOD BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damien Syde

    Wish him whatever the hell you want, with the exception of Jeordie, how many former members of Marilyn Manson have had ANY kind of success after their tenure? Gee, where the hell is Gidget? Oh yeah, Zum has been kicking ass with his new project. Sara Lee has been topping the charts with his new album, “Pissed It All Away.”

    Get real. Jeordie now has “A Perfect Circle” (with whom he blends very well) and “Nine Inch Nails” (again, a perfect match), but he will forever be remembered as “Twiggy Ramirez.”

    Don’t fuck with 5. “Vertigo” is heavily underrated. 5 is a virtuoso, having been mentored by Satriani and praised by Vai. He’s the only former member to have his own signature model guitar. A Custom Shop Fender Telecaster, to be precise. That’s pretty damned bad ass. I’d have an orgasm if I had my own sig model. Yet again, he will be forever linked to Marilyn Manson, and will have to face the consequences resulting from leaving.

    A note to everyone: if you leave Marilyn Manson, your career is pretty much fucked, so enjoy it while it lasts.

    Bottom line and point being, the future doesn’t look all that bright for Fish. I wish him all the best, but I have little faith…

  • Damien Syde

    One more thing: Chris Vrenna I don’t mind mingling with Manson, but who the fuck is Mark Chaussee? I mean, come on. His repertoire is not that outstanding (although he did a bad ass job with Danzig), and I feel that he is only emulating and imitating, not stimulating and innovating. Come on , Marilyn. Get it together. You had the perfect gig. Fish, Skold, 5 and Gacy were the ultimate line up. WTF happened?!

  • Laurel Harper

    I’ve watched the video in which Kenny is knocked off his platform; I’ve seen the video in which Warner heaves a mike stand at him. God knows what else that maniac has done to him during a performance. Looks to me like Brian Warner believes his own press. No wonder he goes through crew like paper towels. I for one am glad Kenny quit and I wish him all the luck in the world with the new band.

  • Manson.Fanatic.

    To that “disturbed” person, 1) Manson didn’t “kick twiggy to the curb” Twiggy left out of free will to pursue his own life. He needed time for his religion and wanted out of the whole thing he is a budhist and couldn’t take it anymore. Manson and him are still very good friends, like brothers. and Twiggy agreed that if Manson goes on tour with in the next two years he will your with him again for it. 2) Women have not altered his appearance or his personality. Manson is changing not because of his lovers but because he is now able to do what he wants, just because he isn’t that little punk who started out in the music business as a Willy Wonka fan. I mean the old manson was great but liek many artists he changes. He has more insight, he knows what hes doing, hes getting older. He has more experience now and I respect what he is doing.

  • manson.fanatic.

    Sorry it was the “dissapointed old school mm fan” or something like that not “disturbed”.

  • Manson.Fanatic.

    You guys realize that not one Manson album has had a live drummer in the studio, the drums on the albums since Portrait are electronic, all computers. He only uses his drummers on stage..The only album he used a real drummer on was Portrait of an American Family…The only time you hear Ginger Fish play is live..

  • I’m sitting here reading all of these coments from all these different boards, and I’m sick of people critisizing me for every little mistake that happens. Yeah, me and Fish got in an argument, but that was once, and the ONLY reason that he left the band was that he wanted to be the star, he wanted to control everything. The truth of the matter was, he wanted to take over, and when he finaly realized that he couldn’t, he branched off to his own thing. Another thing is about my wife. You guys SAY that she has changed me, altered my aperance, and destroyed the legend of Marilyn Manson, right? I don’t see how she could have done any of that. I love HER, AND I love the band. She will not change us in any way, as will the band change me and her in any way. Something about you guys thats funny is the fact that you go on saying things that aren’t even true, like I, myself, said them, when I never said anything like that, and you don’t have any proof to back it up. I do want to give some kudos to the people out there that are still hanging in there and waiting for us to make a come back, and a thanks to all of my fans and their supporting posts. If you have any questions, I’m going to be watching this forum for a while, so just post your feelings about me, or them band. Thanks again, and fuck you guys that think the band sucks now that the whole original band is still together. OH, p.s. to Manosn.Fanatic, where did you get your information on the drums, because all of my albums have been Fish, in the studio. You guys see?? Thats EXACTLY what i’m talkin about. The lil fuckers that try to bring me down with false messages. Well, leave your posts and I’ll get back to you. Thanks again.

  • Cory152004

    Manson has gone downhill since Daisy left. POAAF was and still is fucking great, and the best songs on Antichrist are the ones written by Daisy.
    There was a definite style to his guitar playing. Listen to any of the other guitarists try and play the beginning of “lunch box”…Horrid.

  • MM Worshipper

    It was an accident! GInger has all rites to start a new band but i reakon Marilyn didn’t do anything wrong. I love all Marilyn’s music and i am in love wif him. I just want him to make more albums. DON’T TURN AGAINST MARILYN MANSON! HE IS A HERO AND MY SAVIOUR

  • dirtyshit

    i mut say to all of you who have written bullshits here , i was a marilyn manson´s listener before when portrait of an american family but now i have realised that band was just a lie and mere shit like the last song , “the new shit ” if you wanna know about good bands go all listen to Slipknot , cradle of filth , those are cool ones with down to earth ideologies .

  • Xilkoril

    “Marilyn” You are not Brian Warner, you think the real manson would give two shits if interet geeks are criticising his work, i wasnt evin going to post on this forum, but when i see somone trying to imitate marilyn manson and doing such a poore job jesus christ! You are arugeing with these pepole like a 6 year old, you think that a man like Brian Warner would do that? have you ever heard him in an interview? hes smart as hell! i’m fucking annoyd at you , smug basturd

    after this i will not post to you

    “Do not bother argueing with somone who’s oppionin you have no resecpt for.”



  • ginger fish isnt leaving…god, but dita on the other hand!

  • me :(

    i love you ginger , for ever!!!

  • xxSaralouxx

    hi! does any1 know where i can chat 2 marilyn, john, twigs, tim or pogo?

  • Romen Dement

    did someone use my name and post for marilyn mansons address???? weird

  • randy

    what kind of drum mutes does ginger use?

  • Jenn

    Dumbass people. Ginger left because he HAD A BROKEN WRIST! He could not play! Which is why they brought in a replacement drummer. Ginger is still in Manson. I went to see them on tour. I also date the bass player from Martyr Plot still to this day…James. The reason that Martyr Plot DIDNT work was because Ginger was still in contract with MM…so they couldnt market.