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Marillion fans come through

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CMU reports the following interesting news:

Well, one concerned reader wanted to know last week if the ‘Marillion for number one’ rumours were true. And with new single ‘You’re Gone’ out today it does in deed look like the old rockers could go top five thanks to their dedicated fan base.

The band’s current singer Steve Hogarth recently wrote on his website: “By our calculations, in the current UK single market, if you go out and buy one single each, we’ll go top 40. If you go out and buy two versions, we’ll go top 20. If, however, you’d like to make an old dog very happy, you could dig deep, get into eight quid’s worth of debt and buy three copies or more of our single. We’d almost certainly go top 10 and I’d have my first ever top 10 single just before my 45th birthday!” Conveniently three versions of the single have been released – 2 CD formats and a DVD version.

On the back of that, latest word from HMV is that they have already received 4400 pre-orders for the track – which indicates they could well shift enough units to appear towards the top of the singles chart by the end of the week. Whether they will beat the band’s highest chart success date – under front man Fish, ‘Kayleigh’ went to number two in 1985 – remains to be seen.

A spokesman for the band said this weekend: “Whatever chart position ‘You’re Gone’ achieves, it will largely be due to the fans’ loyal support of the band. We hope that this will enable other people to hear the music and get into the band.”

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  • It’s an impressive feat for a band so far out of the scope of Top 40 radio. Even more impressive is the fact that the band has been able to convince enough fans to not only pay for the previous album’s recording (so the band would retain all rights to the music) they also did it again this time around so the band could have a large fund with which to actually promote it – because the label won’t. Read here to find out more. (And yes, I’m one of those who pre-ordered both albums.)