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Marianne Faithfull – Before the Poison

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It is a well known fact there are certain people who are sex on a stick, who, with a mere whisper could persuade you to burn down everything you have for one hot moment. Marianne Faithfull is one of those people, and she is living proof of concept.

Her most recent album, “Before The Poison” is the latest addition to Anti Records being one of the greatest record labels of the 21st century by releasing albums from some of the greatest artists from the last one.

What highlights this album is that Faithfull is recording songs from Nick Cave and P.J. Harvey, two songwriters inspired by Marianne Faithfull. This is one of those albums which you hear once, and you know you’ve heard a really good performance.

On the official site, there is a insightful epk of the making of this album.

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  • Tell you my name
    F U and C K
    50ft queenie

    50-foot queenie
    50 and rising
    You bend over

    The woman rocks.

    I always thought Faithfull was somewhat of a lightweight. Guess I should listen in again. Maybe I’ll have a new appreciation.

  • godoggo

    If I were to judge her only by her resume, I’d dismiss her. But I love that voice.

  • godoggo

    …which makes her sort of a bizarro-world Frank Zappa to me.