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Marian Hossa: Penguin Fans’ Sweet Revenge

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Yesterday, after the Penguins won their third Stanley Cup, Marian Hossa wasn’t one of the lucky players celebrating. He sat on the Red Wings bench with his hands on his head, knowing he’d soon have to shake the hands of all the players on his former team.

In last year’s Stanley Cup, the Penguins suffered a devastating blow, when Detroit beat them in six games and celebrated winning the cup in the Pittsburgh Stadium. At that time, Hossa played for the Penguins, but after that season, he became a free agent. The Penguins offered Hossa a $35 million deal to be a Penguin for five more years, but Hossa decided to sign with Detroit instead — a one-year, $7.45 million deal.

"I know myself, I made the right decision," Hossa said on a conference call in July. "But it wasn't easy to throw that much money away. We'll see at the end of next year whether I decided good or not. I truly believe I made the right decision."

You didn’t.

He snubbed the Penguins by saying, “When I compared the two teams, I felt like I would have a little better of a chance to win the Cup in Detroit."


But now, Hossa’s words have come back to haunt him as the Penguins celebrated winning on Detroit’s ice. And to add to that, Hossa’s Stanley Cup series was pitiful, scoring a great total of zero goals. Maybe it’s a good thing the Penguins didn’t resign him, because then the Penguins probably couldn’t sign valuable players like Bill Guerin and Chris Kunitz.

Hossa insisted, “Regret? I don't regret it." Of course, I think he kind of has to say that.

Do I feel even a little sorry that Hossa didn’t win the Stanley Cup? Absolutely not. I said earlier this year that I hope the Penguins defeat Red Wings in the Stanley Cup just to serve Hossa right. Perhaps Hossa needs to have a little faith in his team and even though teammate Orpik forgave him, I never will.

Hossa, you are truly a moron. I hope what ever team signs you next loses. Because to Penguin fans, you’ll always be known as “Benedict Hossa.”

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  • Crosby usually pulled the other team’s better defenders, so to say he did nothing shows a lack of understanding about the game and how its played.

    The entire CBJ team was useless in the playoffs. 0-4. I highly doubt the Red Wings and Penguins aimed to just get to the playoffs. Losers are the ones who just hope to get there.

  • Jordan, bull
    Crosby did nothing for his team, nothing. Malkin deserves the money, not crybaby

    that said, your contention about points seems to indicate that Rick Nash is useless for CBJ, even though he was great during the season. THe playoffs are not where you aim for with players, you aim to get tehre. It is always the smaller players that win the playoffs

  • Apparently Pittsburgh fans don’t know how to win graciously. Stay classy.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Hossa is expected to be an offensive powerhouse, though, so his six goals in 22 games is certainly a disappointing performance. He’s not around for his leadership role, he’s around to put the puck in the net. Instead, Hossa stuck to the perimeter and barely got quality chances. 15 points in 22 playoff games is a disappointment for him, especially given his 26 points in 20 playoff games last year with the Pens.

    Now that Hossa’s probably looking for $6 million next season, will the Red Wings pick him up?

    Crosby, on the other hand, played really well the whole playoffs. He was nowhere near as bad as Hossa, even in the Finals. Crosby drove the net, didn’t confine himself to the perimeter, and played a more complete game. Hossa was invisible for most of his shifts.

    I’m not saying the signing was a flop because Hossa did well most of the year, but he was certainly disappointing in the playoffs. Nobody knows that more than he does.

  • your logic fails when you notice that Crosby’s was almost as bad, and was shit until near the end…
    A player is not counted by what they put on the board, but how they work with their team

  • “Hossa’s Stanley Cup series was pitiful, scoring a great total of zero goals. Maybe it’s a good thing the Penguins didn’t resign him, because then the Penguins probably couldn’t sign valuable players like Bill Guerin and Chris Kunitz.”

    Both who were scoreless in the Stanley Cup Finals as well.

    Yeah, Hossa looks dumb now, but the Red Wings were heavily favored coming into every step of the playoffs, and were even favored to win Game 7. It was the smart money signing.