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Mariah whinges about her love life

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Mariah Carey has been bemoaning to the German newspaper Bild about her struggleto find a good man.

She told the paper: “There have only been three men in my life. I was
married to Tommy Mottola, then I was together with US footballer Derek Jeter.
and after that I went out with singer Luis Miguel.”

Since her break up with Miguel in 2001 she says she hasn’t managed to find a

suitable partner – a problem she is putting down to her fame. “I think that
must be it. My stylist, for example, is always meeting people and goes on
loads of dates. I’m always asking myself why I never meet anyone. But that’s
how it is. Most men believe that I’m not interested in them.”

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  • So Mariah can’t find a suitable partner? Maybe she should try friendsurfer.com?

    “US footballer Derek Jeter”

    And here I thought the only Derek Jeter played shortstop for the Yankees.

  • I hope the reporter made that mistake, not Mariah, T. Derek claims the sisters he has been with were ignorant of baseball. Don’t want to add another one to the group, ya know?

    I can partly understand Mariah’s lament — though not the too much money part. There are few men worthy of smart women with minds of their own.

    On the other hand, we wouldn’t want Mariah to have the poor romantic judgment of Whitney, right?

  • your fans

    hey mariah u can do so much better then thoes guys anyway go for nelly or usher ohh darn vin disel is coool go 4 him

  • “Mariah whinges about her love life”

    What does this word mean? I see it all the time now. Is it just whining with a g? What’s the g for?