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Mardi Gras goes wild

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Two years ago the old people in San Luis Obispo, California decided they had had enough of the wild parties and parade that encompased the town on Mardi Gras weekend. But this year Mardi Gras was brought back and it was kickin’.

I myself got to march in the parade as about 20 members from the Cal Poly pep band marched down the way and played Mustang Sally and Wild Wild West. It was fun, tons of screaming folks wanting beads and dubloons.

And of course there were boob flashing festivities everywhere including a rather large crowd conviniently located in my apartment complex. A large mass of people haning on balconies and down in the pit flashed and threw beads and generaly caused a whole lotta noise. Before 15 officers in riot gear broke it up around 2am late tuesday night. Here’s what a bit of the crowd looked like.

The best part of the evening was a friend of a friend who was uber drunk and decided to flash me and my camera up close. It also happened that I found her cell phone on the ground after it had been kicked around a little. She came by to pick it up this morning, looking hung over, and embarrased that her boobs were on my computer screen. But it was all in good fun.

I hope those who flew in from around the country were not dissapointed and the Girls Gone Wild film crew got what they came for. I look forward to next years festivities definitely.

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