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Marcus Wesson Receives the Death Penalty

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The verdict is in…

“The jury in the trial of Marcus Wesson is recommending the death penalty for the convicted murderer.

The unanimous verdict was announced in Judge R.L. Putnam’s courtroom just before 11:30 a.m. today.” (Fresno Bee)

Is anyone really that surprised? After murdering 9 of his children, having raped and molested them most of their lives, I’d say justice is being served.

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  • andrea

    there are people in this worl no one will ever understand
    may God have mercy on his soul

  • Justice served. He truly is a sick person.

  • RJ

    If anyone deserves the ultimate punishment, it is this scumbag…

  • Nancy

    Actually, ‘justice’ isn’t served until or unless they die w/the same long-drawn fear & pain that they inflicted on their victims, which none of them do. They get it easy, so, no – not justice. Not really.

  • You’re right, but this is the beginning of justice. My faith in the system is always restored when people like Wesson get the death penalty.

  • terry

    when does the sick mother fry?

  • trish

    I am concerned about the people comments on here. yes he was sick, he had to be! but for us to decide the death of someone makes us no better then the people who commit murder! I have just finshed ready the book of the killings, its sad to say the least. we as god fearing people have no right to condem a man to death, that is not up to us.

  • kenny

    he should be executed fucking pervert

  • Somehow I’ve been blissfully unaware that we were allowed to write articles this short?

  • Not any more, Jet. 300-word minimum nowadays.

  • Drat, I could've logged all 200+ of my "BC Forum" topics as articles… always fine print…

  • Unknown

    Relax he may get the easy ticket from earth but he definately won’t get the easy ticket in hell. Satan is probably waiting by the gates for his ass.

  • god child

    i think his ass should die i mean do he think hes going to heaven no the hell hes not he going to burn in hell for life what man kill his damn kids god please bless his kids and kill this sick motherfucker i feel so sorry for his kids