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Marcus Vick Arrested On A Gun Charge

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About 48 hours after being kicked off of the Virginia Tech football team, and 24 hours after I told all of you that you’ll read more about Marcus Vick on the police blotter than in the NFL, Vick was arrested for pulling a gun on a 17-year-old boy in a McDonald’s parking lot.

I would personally like to thank Marcus for living down to my expectations and for renewing my faith in having no faith in people like him. My cynicism renewed, I can now continue unabated as a confirmed disparager who doesn’t need to reevaluate my nature to never give a brat like Vick a third or forth chance.

Perhaps we all jumped the gun, pun intended. When Vick said he was turning pro, we all – myself included – thought he was talking about pro football. As things have turned out perhaps “Marcus the Terrible” meant he was looking to become a professional criminal.

After all, he is not a good quarterback and maybe he realized he couldn’t hack it at the position. He figured this suspension stuff was for amateurs, and that he’d go for a real crime with a gun and get some jail time. Time behind bars will give him the kind of legitimacy he’ll never earn on the football field or earn from crimes like getting some teenage girls drunk with the intention of sleeping with one of them.

At the time we went to press, Vick hadn’t made any comments with regards to this incident nor has he given any indication of any intentions to commit other crimes.

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  • I can’t wait to start reading the stuf that says it’s his brothers fault. If Michael didn’t have all that money Marcus wouldn’t be the asshole hs is…

    Something about this area seems to develop some real characters…you got this bonehead…then there’s “the answer”, the first player to not graduate under Thompson…brain surgeons like sweetpea…we got ’em all in Hampton Raods…woo hoo!

  • Welfare Cheese

    Yo dawg, he wuz just keepin’ it real. Yo. That’s the problem with talent. It isn’t earned and its often pissed away. Marsh, I do blame it on the brother. “Brothers” are fascinated with the “gangsta” lifestyle. He is not a gang member. He isn’t even a rapper. Someone should pistol whip his mother.

  • sal m

    even though virginia tech finally cut him loose, they enabled marcus vick. the last straw should have been on december 17 when he was pulled over for speeding and driving on a suspended license.

    he should have been kicked off of the team then and not played in the bowl game. apparently vt didn’t want to take the chance of playing without him and disrupting the team so close to the game.

    he should have been gone after that incident.

  • “Your honor, I plead that it’s no big deal, baby.”

  • “I can’t wait to start reading the stuf that says it’s his brothers fault. If Michael didn’t have all that money Marcus wouldn’t be the asshole hs is…”

    I’m sure it’s coming soon, to a sports column near you…

  • brandon easter

    marcus vick is tha best qb to ever play at VT…not takin anything away from mike vick cuz i love him too….but marcus is tha man…and hes innocent…..keep it real marcus

  • Vickfan

    Hey guys I do not think you what your talking about, Yea Marcus was in the wrong, but he was a pimp, I would like to know if mike and him have any other bros, because that would be awesome.