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March Madness: A Running Diary of Day One

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This is a running diary of the first few games of this NCAA Tournament. Enjoy:

Started off by watching Wichita State and Seton Hall. Game started off nice for both teams — both looked crisp and smooth with some nice shooting. Then Seton Hall fell apart. Inconsistency did them in.

Switched to the Boston College game, where BC looked dominant in the first four minutes of the game. Then BC slumped and Pacific looked great. Pacific showed they can hold their own with the big boys.

Haven’t seen much of the Wisconsin-Milwaukee vs Oklahoma game. It seems like it is being consistent with UWMil holding a slight lead throughout the game.

Seton Hall is making a mini comeback, still looks like they won’t be able to steal this game from the Shockers.

BC looks better in the 2nd half. The three by John Oates just put BC up 8. Looks like Seton Hall is slipping away down 17, and UWMil is pulling away from Oklahoma.

The loudest the stadium got was when Marshall of BC air balled a free throw, nice. BC up 51-40. Looking good for one of my Final Four teams.

Both Seton Hall and Oklahoma are down 14 as of now, looks like I just lost two games. Including a Sweet 16’er.

Watch out, Pacific is getting hot… down by 5. Oklahoma pulling within 8, while Seton Hall is down 18.

Timeout, 2 point game for Pacific and BC … unreal! Getting nervous…

Wichita State wins. I’m an idiot, this is the only game in the tournament I picked with my “heart,” and so goes Seton Hall, one of my sweet 16 teams… Nice job, AJ.

So Oklahoma did decide to tank their season. I guess they had less heart than I expected. Great win for UWMil.

I can’t believe that with 45 seconds left, and up 4, BC fouled Pacific from three. The guy at the line shoots 85% from the line! He hits all three, and BC is up 1.

Two big free throws by the freshman Rice. Then Pacific comes right down and ties it. WOW, WOW, WOW.

Craig Smith makes a spin move and travels. It’s March. This game could be over.

Nice play by Dudley on the defensive end. Lets go to overtime!

Mike Webb is about to blow up my bracket. BC down 6, and my jaw is dropped.

Gray and Dudley just traded threes. This is the most worried I have ever felt about one of my Final Four teams. WOW.

Nice rebound, 12 seconds left. Nice timeout. I am going nuts in my dorm room.

THE SENIOR! Craig Smith comes up HUGE! His career on the line, and he comes through. Overtime number two! The shot at Pacific’s bench says this game is over, Pacific looks devastated.

Finally, Rice is hesitant! Way to shoot it, take the big shot when you need to! BC up 5 with the three from the freshman.


Fade away, Foul, Count it… and one! Dudley seals it, great play.

Boston College survives, but major applause to Pacific!

Great start to the NCAA Tournament! Lots of ups and downs with that BC, Pacific game.

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  • BC/Pacific was probably the most exciting game of the day, followed closely by Xavier/Gonzaga. George Washington/UNC-Wilmington, for an overtime game, just didn’t thrill me as much, despite that large comeback made by the Colonials.