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Mapi Solo Case for the iPad Mini

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I have reviewed many different iPad cases over the years but just recently purchased the iPad mini. So I thought I would throw an iPad mini case into the mix. The iPad mini is an awesome device and shouldn’t be overlooked just because it’s a bit smaller in size.


The Mapi Soil Case is hand crafted from European leather and is available in four different colors: black, brown, red, and tan. Personally, I prefer the brown but that’s an individual preference. Looking at the way the Soli case is designed shows just how awesome it really is overall. The Mapi Soli Case is hand crafted in Turkey. These cases aren’t built on an assembly line in New York City by the hundreds. Each case is made by hand and very well crafted.

The iPad Mini looks very nice inside the Soli case. These folio type cases are great for watching videos as well as for typing.  The Soli case has all the necessary buttons and ports open and easily accessible. I really don’t have anything negative to say about the case design. However, I would like to make a couple suggestions. First, I would prefer to have a magnetic snap for closing the front lid or cover. The way you have to put the leather piece through the loop to secure the front side takes a bit of getting use to. The other gripe I have is the price of the case. These cases are extremely nice and well crafted but ring in at $120. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for but that’s a bit high in my opinion. This case would fall into the category I prefer to call luxury style. It’s a beautiful well designed case but there are many other cases on the market which offer the same features for much less, say $70-$80. But if you are in the market for first class and need to make a statement, Mapicases Soli will definitely do the job with style.

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