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Manny Joins Ozzie Guillen in Chi-Town: Good Luck With That

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Manny Ramirez is like that petulant child of yours who you love to death but constantly does things that make you scratch your head or call for a time out. Of course, in Manny’s case, he does things on and off the field that have gotten him suspended (PEDs) or outright benched (in Boston a couple of years back). And in his last at-bat with the Dodgers the other day, he pinch-hit but got thrown out of the game after one pitch for pissing off the home plate umpire.

And now, the headache that is this manchild is heading to the Chicago White Sox from the Los Angeles Dodgers via an outright waiver claim to help push the former into the playoffs. The ChiSox currently sit four games behind Minnesota for the AL Central division lead.

For whatever reason, Sox GM Kenny Williams was willing to absorb all of the $3.8 million remaining on Manny’s contract this year, instead of letting the Dodgers pay off about $1 million of it in return for a low-level prospect. So the ChiSox plan on owning the risk of Manny not producing, being disruptive, or both, all by themselves.

Will Manny have much impact with the White Sox? I think not. All this guy cares about is hitting, and yes, he works harder at that than anything else, so I’ll give him that. As a DH batting fifth in a White Sox lineup that includes the power bats of Paul Konerko, Carlos Quention and others, he theoretically makes them a better team offensively.

But it’s his overall attitude, effort and durability that I question. He’s been on the disabled list three times this year and recently spent a whole month (July 20-August 20) there with a right calf strain. At age 38, I don’t think he has the stamina and mentality to take this White Sox team over the top. He might win them a few games with his bat (which has produced 40 RBI, 8 HR, and a .311 AVG in 66 games), but not much else. If the White Sox make the playoffs, it will be more about pitching than whatever Manny brings to the table.

But I’ll watch to see if I’m proven wrong, especially about a week from now when I go to Fenway Park to see Manny and the White Sox play in Boston. That will be a spectacle for sure, as will ChiSox manager Ozzie Guillen’s press conferences if and when he has to make excuses for his struggles – and Manny is only 2-for-13 since the All-Star break – or defend any of his “Manny Being Manny” moments. With the Red Sox not looking playoff-bound this year, at least another Sox team is. And it looks to be an ever more entertaining one at that.

Manny’s stint with the White Sox starts tonight in Cleveland against the lowly Indians.

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  • As a life long White Sox fan, I have to wonder if anyone is in charge at 35th and Shields! Scott Podsednik and Jim Thome are blasting away for their new teams, and Ozzie is now crying for someone to be performing these roles for the Sox in their stead. Andruw Jones hasn’t worked out, and I have doubts that Manny is going to do the job. Ozzie broke the jinx in 2005. If he doesn’t get back to that form quickly, he needs to go – and he should take Ken Williams with him!

    It seems like Chicago’s teams don’t have anyone that knows what to do. I cringe every time I see the latest move Lovie makes, and I really hope that the new Cubs owner doesn’t take too long to learn how to run the club (Despite tradition, I don’t hate the Cubs. I honestly wish them well and hate seeing them trade away so much talent.) I also have to wonder about some of the moves the Blackhawks have made, and if I followed basketball I might fell similarly regarding the Bulls.

    Come on, Chi-town! Let someone else be Second City for a while!

  • Charlie Doherty

    Thanks for your input Realist. I feel for ya regarding the Cubs (but at least we in Boston, as in Chicago with the White Sox, can point to recent World Series trophies despite our frustrations regarding the current state of our baseball teams – and I’m not happy about what Red Sox GM Theo Epstein did this year, especially with the bullpen).

    Just be glad you’re not a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. They have a brand new ballpark, a rather new GM, and they’ve been giving or trading away talent for way too many (losing) years now with nothing to show for it – the Cubs got Aramis Ramirez from them while the Padres got Brian Giles and the Sox got Jason Bay, Bronson Arroyo, Tim Wakefield and others in recent and past years. Just be thankful for that, I guess.