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Manic-Depressive Sandwiches

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I wanted more ability to assert myself in the moment and have been receiving it. Sometimes the situations where I’ve used it could not have been anticipated. For instance:

When I am feeling down I call a local warm line that is run by mental health consumers with serious mental illness. They have helped me a lot but sometimes . . . you can tell they are mentally ill. I was on their help line talking to a volunteer when he informed me that another person there wanted to use the phone to order some sandwiches. The other person came on the line and told me he wanted to call Subway because he had twenty manic-depressives there for a support group meeting. I said, “You can’t interrupt a warm line call to order some sandwiches. Go to the pay phone at the auditorium across the parking lot.”

“Oh, I forgot about that.” he said. “Good suggestion.”

Recently I ordered almost forty dollars worth of restaurant food delivered to me by a company that does this. The delivery company charges more for the food than the restaurant does, then they add delivery charges, then they expect you to tip the driver. The informed me that they were charging twenty cents for the forks. I blew up. I said they were nickel and diming me and should throw in the forks. They did.

Goddess thank you for the presence of mind to speak in the moment. I just would hope for a world where it wasn’t quite as necessary.

Manic Depressive Sandwiches–In the manic phase you get everything, in the depressive phase you get just bread.

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  • Celeste O.

    Looks like you also swallowed any real opinion for this post by accident when you ate your “sandwich”.

    Save crap like this for your personal blog.

  • Jewels

    Celeste O., why should writings like this be limited to personal blogs?

    I’m reading it and getting an ‘out-of-the-box’ commentary about an ordinary happening and how that impacted the life of the writer and those she came into contact with; a ‘Seinfeld’ aspect to the piece.

    Not all of the blog postings on B/C should be concerning politics and garner religious, political debates. Variety is key.

    I would have omitted possibly this part, “Goddess thank you for the presence of mind to speak in the moment. I just would hope for a world where it wasn’t quite as necessary.” or rather, worked it in a different way – the ‘Goddess’ part threw me.

    Write on C.-

  • Manic-depressive?

    More like passive-aggressive.

  • Please don’t read my writing if you feel this way, first and third commenter.

    We are limited to only a handful of categories to designate our writing and they fit poorly at times, although I doubt that is the real problem.

    Thanks J.

  • Cerulean, I think the comments you don’t like are trying to suggest that you could have made this into a more interesting piece, had you taken the time and trouble to formulate your thoughts more clearly and bring a better story to BlogCritics, which is a review, news and opinion site.