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Manga Review: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Volume Seven by CLAMP

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Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Volume Seven is a manga by CLAMP, and it was published in North America by Del Rey Manga in 2005. The series is rated “T” for teens 13 and up; from what I’ve read of the series so far, I would agree with this rating.

A young man named Syaoran is in love with Sakura, the princess of Clow. After Sakura loses her memories through an unexplained event, Syaoran journeys to different worlds to try to find and regain Sakura’s lost memories. Unfortunately, he had to make a deal with the space-time witch Yukito; in order to get her help, Syaoran had to agree that Sakura would never regain her memories of the time she had spent with him. Syaoran is joined on his quest by Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona.

Volume Seven continues in the country of Oto, which is based on the Taisho era of Japan (which lasted from 1912 through 1926). Syaoran and Kurogane try to discover the truth behind the “new type of oni” and who controls them. At the same time, Fai receives an unexpected visitor at the Cat’s Eye Café. Near the end of the volume, the characters and the reader come to learn that there is a secret to the country of Oto, and that things aren’t exactly as they appear.

Once again, CLAMP has found a way to cross over some characters from another one of their manga series. This volume features cameos from Sumomo, Kotoko, and Chitose from Chobits, as well as a character from the Clover manga series.

I’m happy to report that the storyline in the country of Oto wraps up around the end of Volume Seven. While it wasn’t necessarily a bad story arc, it had just gotten to the point where I was ready for Syaoran and the others to move on the next location. This particular storyline began back in Volume Five, so the reader ultimately spent two-and-a-half volumes stuck in one location.

I also have to say that I liked the twist that was revealed in regards to the country of Oto. I was also happy to see the crossover characters from Chobits, because that was the first CLAMP manga that I had ever been exposed to. These particular characters worked well for the roles that they crossed over for, and it didn’t feel forced at all.

I can’t wait to read Volume Eight to find out where Syaoran and the others travel to next, and to see what adventures they have there.

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