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Manga Review: Chi’s Sweet Home Volume Nine by Kanata Konami

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Chi’s Sweet Home Volume Nine is a manga by Kanata Konami, and it was published in North America by Vertical, Inc. in 2012. Chi’s Sweet Home is “flipped,” which means that it reads more like an American book than a traditional Japanese manga. Another unusual aspect about this series is the fact that all of the pages are in color; typically, manga will either be all black and white, or only have a few color pages mixed in with the black and white ones. There isn’t a rating printed anywhere on this volume, but I would personally recommend Chi’s Sweet Home to manga readers of all ages.

Chi’s Sweet Home follows the adventures of a kitten named Chi. At the beginning of the series, Chi was separated from her mother. The lost kitten was found and taken in by a family with a young son. Not only does Chi learn about the world around her, but her adoptive family goes through changes and learns lessons about taking care of a cat.

In this volume, Chi’s adoptive family becomes more protective of her in response to Chi getting outside and becoming sick while she was out. Her adoptive family tries to turn her into an indoor cat, but Chi doesn’t like this development at all. When she is able to, Chi makes a run for it so she can find her friend Cocchi and play with him. Much of this volume follows what happens to Chi after she leaves, as well as her adoptive family’s search for her. I thought this whole storyline was handled very realistically, and I was very interested in what happened to Chi as she was out looking for Cocchi.

The back of this volume also includes a section labeled, “A Cat Goes to China.” This section consists of four pages, which tell about a promotion that Kentucky Fried Chicken in China did with Chi’s Sweet Home. Not only does this feature tell about the promotion, but there are pictures included as well. I thought the cell phone straps that were part of the promotion look very adorable; it’s too bad nothing like that would ever happen for Chi’s Sweet Home in North America.

Just like the previous volumes of Chi’s Sweet Home, Volume Nine is a quick and enjoyable read. The series can be enjoyed by both younger readers who are just starting to read manga and by long-time manga readers who are cat lovers or who enjoy reading stories about cats.

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