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Manga Review: Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus Volume Three by CLAMP

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Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus Volume Three collects the seventh, eighth, and ninth volumes of CLAMP’s manga series into one volume. Dark Horse Manga has the North American distribution rights for the series, and they released this omnibus version in February 2012. There isn’t a rating published anywhere on this volume; however, I would recommend Cardcaptor Sakura to manga readers who are thirteen years of age and older.

In this volume, Sakura is now a fifth grader. At the beginning of the volume, a new transfer student from England named Eriol Hiiragizawa joins Sakura’s class. At the same time, a new student named Nakuru Akizuki transfers into Sakura’s older brother’s class. If that wasn’t enough, Sakura discovers that her Clow Cards aren’t working against a new magic that has arrived into her town. Sakura discovers that she has the ability to change the Clow Cards; unfortunately, this takes a lot of magic and energy, so Sakura is getting tired and weak rather easily.

In this volume, Syaoran Li finally realizes what his true feelings for Sakura are. Unfortunately, he either has trouble telling her, or he gets interrupted as he’s about to tell her. And on top of that, it appears that Eriol is a rival for Sakura’s affection. But Sakura is still interested in her older brother’s best friend, Yukito. Toya, Sakura’s brother, also has to make a confession to Yukito; however, Nakuru is constantly trying to keep the confession from happening.

I really can’t explain what it was about this omnibus volume, but I found myself riveted to this one even more than I was as I read the second Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have even more familiarity with the series than I did when I read the previous omnibus volume. As this omnibus progressed, I really didn’t want to have to stop reading it unless I absolutely had to.

This omnibus volume not only introduces new characters, but it also introduces some new concepts and revelations to the series. From what I’ve read, these new additions make a lot of sense in light of how the second Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus ended. At the end of this volume, CLAMP has hinted at several potential ideas that, if I’m right about them, could add some very interesting elements to the series. By the time I finished this omnibus volume, I really wanted to read the next omnibus.

If you have read and enjoyed the previous Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus volumes, I think that, like me, you’ll really enjoy the third omnibus.

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