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Man v. Food: The Best Thing on Television

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When you don't have a job, there is a lot of time in the day to do things to wouldn't normally spend time on. And in case you wondering, here are a few telltale signs you need to get yourself a job:

1. When waking up a 11:00am is considered early.
2. When you put on pants, your parents or roommates ask, "Where are you going?"
3. When you spend most of the day on "Google Images".

Anyway, with that free time, I sat through my fifth straight hour in front of the television looking for something to watch. I stumbled across the Travel Channel. If you're someone who enjoys traveling or fine dining but doesn't have the means, money, or motivation to actually earn those things, the Travel Channel is for you. From your couch, you can hop on a gondola in Venice with Samantha Brown or try strange and exotic foods with Andrew Zimmern. Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Especially when you're watching it with a bag of Doritos on your lap.

But there is a show on the Travel Channel that takes a back seat to no one, that show being Man v. Food with Adam Richman. I could explain it, but the title explains itself. But for posterity's sake — the host (Adam) goes around the country to explore the culture and unique "big food" in one city per episode. In each episode he tries to take on a food challenge from a local restaurant. For instance, he and a buddy tried to finish a 30-inch pizza that consisted of six pounds of crust and sauce plus five pounds of pepperoni, ground beef, Italian sausage, ham, and bacon. But it's not just the challenges that makes the show great, it's the actual food.

In one episode, Adam was down in Atlanta, Georgia and went to the Vortex Bar and Grill. This place serves everything a man on death row would want as his last meal. Vortex, as it's called by the locals, is known for its burgers. One of their burgers is called "The Double Bypass". If you are faint of heart, stop reading. It consists of the following: a burger paty, two fried eggs, four slices of American cheese, six strips of bacon, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and instead of buns, two grilled cheese sandwiches on either side. I am sweating just typing that. A bear would have to unbutton its pants to finish it. I've always been a huge fan of food, but this "entity" is for the true die-hards. When I saw it on my 42-inch in high definition, I got full.

So if you're bored, hungry, or horny (sometimes it happens all at once!), flip over to the Travel Channel. Man v. Food always satisfies.

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