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Man Movie Weekend on AMC

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For about the fifth time, I’m watching The Searchers, Wayne and Ford’s epic about a Civil War vet who spends five existentially painful years searching for his neice after she was taken by ‘comanch’

This time, it seems the chief bad injun bears a resemblance to Ernest Borgnine. [It’s not.] The movie’s long, but the payoff at the end, and several moments of Wayne showing what looks like emotion, makes it worth it.

Also, dig his contrapunto! [For Garry Wills’ fans.]

It’s on AMC, the cable movie network — and this weekend they’re showing nothing but man movies. Just dozens of reels of ass-kicking, gun shooting, wiseass cracking tough guys doing what they do best. I can’t wait.

Also on tap:
Shane: Featuring Jack Palance in one of the most frightening bad guy roles of all time. Clad in black, he shoots a guy down in the street while looking homoerotic.

Von Ryan’s Express: Frankie baby, playing Frank Sinatra, this time as an American WW II POW who does the right thing — against appearances. The ending is always surprising.

The Eiger Sanction: Clint kills on a mountain.

Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee came, kicked ass, he left, and we got stuck with Jackie Chan.

Highlander: Fantastic movie about sword fighting immortals — with a disturbing subtext of men having cosmic orgasms when they chop their opponent’s head off.

High Plains Drifter: Clint kills in a town.

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