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Mamma Mia! Hits the Big Screen in July, 2008

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One hundred and sixty cities. Eight languages. More than thirty million people. Mamma Mia! In the decade where musicals are coming back (starting with High School Musical, then Hairspray and Sweeney Todd), Hollywood made the right decision to put the classic Mamma Mia! on the big screen. Opening night is July 18, 2008, so keep that date clear.

The music is done by popular '70s band ABBA. I was in love with the song "Dancing Queen" when I was ten. Great, great song. The movie stars Meryl Streep, who I really don't like. I saw The Devil Wears Prada and she was horrible in it. Horrible movie, in general. Pierce Brosnan also stars. He's a pretty good actor; my sister absolutely loves him. It'll be interesting to see him sing, because he's famous for being James Bond. Bond just doesn't sing. He's too busy drinking his shaken (or is it stirred?) martini. Other cast includes Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Amanda Seyfried, and Dominic Cooper. I've never heard of any of them, but, apparently, they are famous. So cool, I guess.

The movie's a romantic comedy, which is a genre I generally don't enjoy, but some of them are okay. This one sounds good, though. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) was raised by her single mother, Donna (Meryl Streep). As a result, Sophie never met her father. So, for her wedding, she invites three strangers who may possibly be her father. Also included on the guest list are Donna's two friends, level-headed Rosie (Julie Walters) and rich Tanya (Christine Baranski) from Donna's old band. Of course, the whole cast will randomly break into song, which makes it that much more fun.

I'm extremely excited that this play is becoming a movie. I have relatives in New York, and every time I go I want to see this musical, but I've never gotten around to it. We were either "too busy" or I get out voted and we have to go see Beauty and the Beast instead. This movie should be fun; don't miss it.

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  • Lily

    You don’t know who any of these actors are: Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Amanda Seyfried, and Dominic Cooper? Somehow that makes your judgement on Meryl Streep’s acting rather suspect, especially since Streep has proven her chops many times over and Walters herself is one of the finest actresses ever to speak English. And Firth is a rather well-known leading man himself. And then comes your sweeping generalization about romantic comedies. Here’s yet another blogger whose writing is well worth avoiding as it neithers informs nor is a platform for debate, but serves merely to display a vast level of ignorance.

  • CallmeMaddy

    I’m sixteen. I’m more into Miley Cyrus and Corbin Bleu. Sorry I’m “ignorant.” Whatever.