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Malaysia bans “superstitious” TV show

A TV program has been banned by the Malaysian government on the grounds that it is “superstitious”.

The weekly Malay-language show, titled “Strange But True,” featured bizarre displays, such as a claim that headaches could be cured by leaning the sufferer’s head against a pole then knocking on the pole using a traditional Malay knife, the national news agency Bernama reported Tuesday.
Radio Television Malaysia has suspended the prime-time, weekly programme “until such time when it is cleaned up,” said Deputy Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin. “RTM cannot follow … in pursuit of revenue and forget its main responsibility of molding a progressive society.”
Zainuddin, quoted by Bernama, said the government was concerned superstitious beliefs could lead people to “narrow political leanings, extremism and militancy and also freeze their thinking.”

You mean like proper organised religion?

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