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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jake is Missing

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On Wednesday’s General Hospital:

Lucky tried to take back his accusations that Jake was kidnapped by some fault of Elizabeth’s but it was just too little too late as far as she was concerned. In a heart to heart with Emily Liz says she can’t hold Lucky together, it’s taking every ounce of energy she has to keep herself focused on Jake.

With all his doubts about Sam swirling in his head, Jason can’t help but wonder if she is the one who kidnapped his son. Not being able to do anything from his jail cell, he asks Spinelli to keep a close eye on her and report back anything unusual. Both men are concerned when Sam encourages Spinelli to not get involved in the search and when she receives a delivery of a blue infant sleeper.

The possible list of suspects include Sam, Amelia, and Jerry, but I’m not too sure it will be any of the above, and least not entirely one person. I also don’t think we’ll see a mob connection on this one, even though Jake’s paternity is the worst kept secret in town.

After a blowout with Amelia, Sam runs off to the Metro Court bar where she drowns her sorrows in alcohol. As usual, when drunk Sam has a way of saying way too much, and this time it was to Carly, nearly telling the other woman of Jason’s connection to Elizabeth before Amelia dragged her away.

Edward was thrilled that Tracy continued talking to her brother the ghost in front of Lainey, playing into his hand and prompting the psychiatrist to return with the men in white coats to drag her off to Shadybrook. How typically Quartermaine to institutionalize your daughter so you can grab shares of the company. Was it just me or did we get just the smallest glimpse that Monica can hear Alan too, as she stopped cold and glanced back at “the chair” after one of his remarks? It would be an unexpected twist for it to be Monica who rescues Tracy from her new padded cell.

Jax is up to something. Unexplained phone calls and visits from Alexis have Carly worried it has something to do with Jerry, but I’m fairly sure this is not the case as the show ended with Jax whisking Carly off to the plane asking him to trust her. Jax would not take Carly on a chase after his brother — but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be off after his sibling soon.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

We’re about three weeks away from the premiere of the Soapnet spinoff, Nightshift, and the cable channel has begun airing promos; check out one below:

If you’ve been paying close attention lately you’ve seen new sets (the new doctor’s lounge for one) and new characters (student nurses) for the show that will make its debut on July 12 at 10:00 pm.

Congratulations to Genie Francis and Rick Hearst for their Daytime Emmy wins!

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  • I hope your trip went well. are you going to blog about Night Shift too? I am so excited!! 🙂

    Besides that can someone shot me and take me out of my misery over this baby storyline.. (Baby Jake is sooo cute though)

  • Thanks for the well wishes, Penny. It was a nice little trip.

    Yes, as of right now I plan to include Night Shift recaps and commentary in the General Hospital coverage. I’m pretty excited the focus is going to be in the hospital with medical stories.

    I also have to agree about this baby Jake storyline. It’s so ridiculously painful to watch. Now that Sonny knows Jason’s secret pain, it shouldn’t be long before the whole world does. It’s either going to come from him or Sam when she’s on one of her drinking binges. Talk about not being able to hold your liquor.

  • Justene

    Isn’t Scott the logical Jake suspect? Luke steals Laura, Scott steals Luke’s grandson (not knowing the secret pain and all.) Kin’s on for a limited run, if I recall.

  • I like that, Justene!! You should write for the show. I can’t imagine Scott caring for a child, but I like all the implications.

    I’m hearing we’ll find out in the next week or so that Scott is Logan’s father. So we’ll be treated to more Baldwin/Spencer angst I’m sure when Luke finds out his daughter is falling for Scott’s son.