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Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Patrick Comes Clean, Dante Doubts Sonny

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On today’s General Hospital: Patrick tells Robin the whole truth, Brenda goes away with Murphy, and Dante doubts Sonny’s being honest.

Robin confronted Lisa and ordered her to stay away from Patrick, her and especially Emma. Patrick knew he could no longer keep his secret and tearfully admitted to sleeping with Lisa while Robin was in Africa. He then asked for her forgiveness. Instead, Robin pressed Patrick for all the details of what had really been happening in the weeks since her return and then tossed him out of their house.

The eventual dismantling of scrubs has been coming for a long time, and I was among those who hated the entire storyline. We cheered this couple on for far too long to see them go down like this. But I will say the payoff was worth it. Both Jason Thompson and Kimberly Mccullough pulled out all the stops and gave outstanding performances. I hope this pairing that has been through so much will find a way to work together to stop the force working to rip them apart.

Murphy showed up at Brenda’s hotel room with tales of his new movie and an offer for her to accompany him back to the set. He made another plea to put a ring on her finger, and she hesitated, but did agree to the trip. Before they left, she regaled poor Murphy with stories of Jason, but the actor didn’t seemed deterred from his fight for her hand.

As much as I’m in to Murphy (And I really am!) I find myself asking why. Why are we being introduced to Brenda’s old world, when she’ll eventually be in PC with her old surroundings? These new faces will fade into the background, and if history is any indicator these storylines (the children’s charity and the designer job) will be dropped. I’m all for a slow build up for a story, but don’t tease with a dessert (Murphy) that will be taken away before dinner is finished.

When Ronnie told Dante Johnny was unarmed, the new found faith Dante had in his father dissipated. Lucky’s wasn’t willing to buy that Johnny was unarmed and Michael also pleaded Sonny’s case to his big brother. I’m guessing Dante is still feeling the sting of the bullet Daddy dearest put in his chest, because he was siding with Ronnie’s version of events.

Meanwhile at the police station, Claire played a recording of Sonny proposing that he’ll set Johnny up for a fall. On the tape, he said if Johnny ever pulled a gun on him, he’d shoot to kill, giving Claire all she needed to lodge an attempted murder charge against Sonny.

Think Sonny is regretting his attempt to compromise Claire yet?

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  • Team Robert Pattinson: Not much I can add to your comment. She is wonderful, and should be given more room to shine on the show. Maybe if they did more stories within the four walls of the hospital…yeah, I’m know, I started to daydream a bit there.

  • Sandy – thanks for the comment. I recently saw an article (Actually might have been something you sent out on twitter) that McCullough and Thompson weren’t crazy about the storyline either, but felt it was better than no story.

    On that point, I have to agree. And when they come through with the chops they did yesterday, and you can cry along with them, it’s all good.


    MISS KIMBERLY McCULLOUGH is a jewel of an actress. She never overdose it and always “brings it” even when the material sucks! But when she is put in the spotlight and given good material she is “PURE PERFECTION.” I’ve said it more than a billon times and I will continue to say it KIMBERLY McCULLOUGH is one of the best daytime actresses and certainly “the best actress on GH.”

  • Sandy

    Great article, and thanks for the kudos to Jason and Kimberly…they were phenomenal today, as they always are. I hate that TPTB felt they had to go this route to provide angst for Scrubs, and I am hoping they can, as you said, “find a way to work together to stop the force working to rip them apart.” Scrubs are the main reason I watch General Hospital, so to see TPTB take this road with them is heartbreaking, but I am hoping they will find their way back to each other in the end, and in the meantime, the scenes we will get from Jason and Kimberly will be nothing short of amazing!