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Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Logan’s Dead

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Monday, July 7

After seeing Logan brutally attack Maxie while in Johnny’s apartment, Lulu was dumbstruck when Logan spotted her watching. He called her cell phone and told her to wait for him. Instead of running, she tried to call Maxie over and over again to see if she was conscious. This ate up precious time and by the time Lulu made a run for it, Logan was in the hall. She ran back into the apartment and locked the door. Logan tried to explain and placate Lulu through the door.

When she wasn’t buying it, he started to hack his way through with an ax and eventually broke through. He told her that he loved her and wanted her back. Fearing for her life, she said she’d give them another shot, but Logan attacked her after feeling her hold back when he kissed her. A struggle ensued and Lulu found a knife, which she ended up using to kill Logan. Really didn’t see that one coming. This whole Dr. Jekyll thing just came out of left field for me, and really didn’t make much sense. But, I guess they had to wind up this storyline somehow.

Later, Johnny found Maxie on the floor of the Crimson office. She explained that Logan exploded at her, but the last thing she remembered was him staring down at her before noticing something through the window. When Johnny realized that it was probably Lulu watching from his apartment, he headed over to see if she was safe.

We found out exactly what Claudia was talking about when she spat at Anthony that she was only 16 and he was an adult. It turns out the Claudia had sex with Trevor as a way to get her father to see what a slimeball he was and kick him out of the organization. The plan backfired and Anthony turned on her instead, thus beginning his continual insults toward her. Claudia countered saying that Trevor had been coming on to her all her life and that she was devastated when her father wouldn’t protect her. What’s more, she also let Anthony know that she knew he hired Jerry to kill her.

Anthony still placed the blame on her. He then said that he sent her away instead of Trevor because he didn’t want her to start manipulating Johnny, who then showed up at the hotel suite. Though neither father nor daughter would own up to what they were talking about, Johnny sprang to Claudia’s defense. After Claudia left, Anthony warned Johnny that Claudia would eventually turn on him.

Jason talked Carly off of a ledge when he found her hounding Spinelli to dig up information on Kate that she could use to run her out of town. The reason? She found out Jax and Kate kissed. He told her she had to drop this whole thing she had against Kate, especially since Jax and Kate had only kissed, while Carly and Sonny actually had sex – a far more serious marital infraction. He also warned that if she pushed Sonny too far, he would likely tell Jax that they had sex.

Jax and Kate discussed their relationships on a flight/limo ride to a NYC event. They agreed to disagree and Kate advised Jax on how to handle the press in regard to her engagement. Then Kate dropped her engagement ring. Surprise, surprise, paparazzi caught Jax and Kate in what looked to be a compromising position.

Robin stopped by to visit and talk about Sonny’s engagement. She too expressed some concerns, but ultimately wished him well. After she left, a distraught Claudia showed up on Sonny’s doorstep looking for love.

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