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Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Vacation Recap and Night Shift News

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It seems that GH writers decided to wait until I was on vacation to pull some major plot punches. Here is a quick overview of last week’s highlights:

Logan went down a very dark path. He pursued Lulu again, more aggressively this time, and was rebuffed. He tried to sell Dr. Hunter prescription meds for the clinic, which the new doc thought could be fake. Hunter agreed, as long as he got a big cut of the profits. Maxie broke up the party and warned Hunter that Logan was bad news, sparking Logan to get furious and almost violent. Though Hunter chased him off, Logan showed up again at Crimson, where he first tried for Lulu again and then returned to attack Maxie when she was alone. Lulu witnessed the attack from Johnny’s apartment and freaked out — Logan saw that she witnessed his crime.

Paparazzi caught Jax and Kate in what looked to be a compromising position, but really was Kate looking for her engagement ring. Sonny and Carly both found out from other sources. Carly flipped and turned to Spinelli to dig up dirt on Kate so she can run her out of town.

Patrick threatened to take Robin to court over custody of the unborn baby, and Anna agreed to testify on his behalf.

Carly’s pregnancy test was negative, but she didn’t tell Sonny. Instead, Sonny confronted Jason about sleeping with Carly and found out that she made the whole thing up. Jax was all ready to confront Carly about the paternity of the baby after Sonny told him he wanted a paternity test. She deflected by telling him she wasn’t pregnant. She also threatened Sonny to keep him from telling Jax that they had slept together.

Johnny found out that Claudia was behind Michael’s shooting and Jerry stabbed Claudia. He was furious that his sister has hidden so much from him.


Nikolas continued to butt heads with the mayor over the new clinic. As Nadine, Leyla and Nikolas introduced the haughty Dr. Hunter to his new domain, he noticed that a patient was taking bogus meds. Mob interference was speculated.

The mystery of Claudia’s possible sexual abuse came up again, as Anthony berated her as a whore (again). She’d had enough and said she was only 16 and he was an adult – leaving the implication up to the viewer.

Various people continued to question Sonny and Kate’s engagement, as well as Sonny’s commitment to leaving the mob.

This week’s recaps will be up in a day or so. In the meantime, here’s some Night Shift news to whet your appetite for the July 22 premier on SoapNet at 11pm ET/PT:

The second season of General Hospital Night Shift promises to be hotter than last year’s smash summer hit. Antonio Sabato, Jr. will reprise his role as Jagger Cates, older brother of Robin’s first love, Stone Cates. Given her emotional history with Stone, the fact that he was the one who gave her HIV and the pain she suffered after his death, Robin will be in for some major turmoil upon Jagger’s return – especially since he’s bringing a five-year-old son with him who bears his late uncle’s name.

Tristan Rogers will also be back as Robert Scorpio (which no doubt will increase the baby drama for Patrick and Robin). Billy Dee Williams will step back into the shoes of the enigmatic Toussaint. Check out a recap of season one if you need to brush up on your history or get acquainted with the show that captured GH fans all over the country last summer.

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