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Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Morning-After Regrets

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Wednesday/Thursday (June 18-June 19)

After spending the night with Jerry, Alexis went to work, only to find her office filled with bouquets of flowers from her nefarious lover. At least, she’s pretty sure they are from him. As she’s looking for a card, Nikolas comes by to ask for her help in going against the mayor on the free clinic. Seeing that she isn’t paying as much attention to him as she is her flowers, he finds the card and reads it. He then goes into a lecture about how bad it is for her to be involved with Jerry Jax. She knows, and is just exasperated about her conflicting emotions. One the one hand, it’s been quite a while since she’s had anyone in her bed and she sees the good side of Jerry most of the time; on the other, she also knows that he is a cold killer.

When Diane comes by, this line of conversation continues, though Diane is now kind of happy that Alexis has no room to complain about her dating Max anymore. The two friends agree to support each other’s love lives. Then, Jerry shows up to see if his flowers got the desired reaction. Alexis protests the flowers and everything he did, but Jerry shuts her up with a kiss, which Ric ends up walking in on. Conversation then goes the way of why Jerry shouldn’t be anywhere near Alexis or her kids. Jerry bows out of the discussion and Ric continues on with Alexis after his departure. Ric brings Alexis’ fears about Jerry to the surface again and warns her what could happen if she continues her relationship with Jerry. Jax also stops by Alexis’ office later to find out that she’s slept with his brother. When Jerry finally returns, Jax punches Jerry, I assume to defend Alexis’ honor.

These scenes with Alexis are so fun. Nancy Lee Grahn has really breathed life into this character over the years. I remember the days when she first came to town and tried to hide her identity as a Cassadine, which is why this lighter side of Alexis is so refreshing. She’s an amazingly strong character, but seeing her conflicted about her love life in such a playful way is just a really cool change from the seriousness that is so often attached to her role.

When the site for an important Crimson photo shoot falls through at the last minute, Kate sets up shop in the Metro Court lobby, with Maxie and Lulu in tow. The two assistants are running around trying to make sure everything is going right for the model, photographer, and of course their boss, when Carly walks in demanding to know what’s going on. After learning that Kate took over the lobby without permission, she tells Kate and everyone associated with the shoot to get out. Kate counters by saying that the shoot was so last minute, that she couldn’t wait for Jax or Carly to return the messages she left and had to make a decision. Also, the photos would be great publicity for the hotel.

Carly didn’t care how Kate spun it, she wanted everyone out. Then Jax showed up and was caught between the women: his wife with the grudge against Kate, and his business partner who had overstepped a bit. As Jax tried to explain both sides to the women, Carly accuses Kate of setting up the shoot as a way to get to Jax and the two start taking personal shots at each other. Finally Jax tells Kate that she shouldn’t be discussing his and Carly’s personal life, and tells Carly to let the shoot continue.

While the drama unfolds with Carly, Jax, and Kate, Lulu starts taking bets on who is going to win. Maxie protests, saying Lulu is a traitor to Kate for betting against her. The two continue their personal/professional battle with each other until Maxie send Lulu to pick up proofs from the photography lab. Lulu takes the opportunity to play hooky with Johnny and take him to the Quartermaine boat house for some aquatic fun.

Maxie finds out what’s up when Tracy shows up at the shoot to tell Carly to keep Lulu away from Johnny and they’re at the boat house as they speak. Instead of getting mad to find out Lulu ditched work, Maxie throws on a two-piece and heads to the Quartermaines' to crash the couple’s good time.

The more this story unfolds, the more I am not liking Lulu as a character. I know she’s young and impetuous, but this self-involvement streak that she has and the way she flies off the handle at the littlest provocation is wearing on me – much like Epiphany’s constant presence around Robin is wearing on her.

Robin and Patrick scheme to get Epiphany out of the house long enough for the couple to have a visit and maybe some food. Epiphany has already chased Dr. Daddy away from phoning Robin for consultations or personal conversations. But the couple will not be deterred. Patrick calls Epiphany and sends her on a wild goose chase for faulty meds at the hospital. He then stops orders in Chinese for him and Robin. Epiphany catches them together and tells them that they should’ve been straight with her. Robin had been feeling guilty about lying to Epiphany and apologized for the ruse. She also said that it’s her pregnancy and her house and her uncle did not have the right to make these kinds of decisions.

Mac caught wind of what was going on and headed to Robin’s place to make sure Patrick wasn’t there. Robin stashed Dr. Daddy in the closet while she assured her uncle she’d be fine and she didn’t want to move back in with him. She also said that she wants Patrick to take care of her. When he protested and started berating Patrick, Dr. Daddy came out of the closet to answer the charges Mac made against him. Patrick’s declarations of love and commitment touched Robin, but incensed Mac. Patrick ended up in handcuffs with Mac leading him to the PCPD. So much for no stress for Robin, but thankfully, there seems to be a purpose to this storyline as Patrick and Robin get closer.

Ric dropped by Sonny’s for a visit and told him that he admired his brother’s decision to leave the mob behind. This olive branch was not received well by Sonny, who jumped on Ric’s association with the Zacharras. Ric reminded Sonny that he only worked for Anthony as a way to bring down his father. Though Sonny didn’t want to hear anything Ric had to say, Ric reiterated that he thinks Sonny made the right decision and that he wishes his brother well. Later, Trevor shows up to poke Sonny about the same thing, only saying that he knows that Sonny will fail. Trevor talks about how Sonny’s addiction to power will bring him back into the mob and when that happens, he’ll need Trevor.

After waking up in the wilds of Mexico and discussing the future of their relationship, Sam and Lucky were more solid than ever. The two decided that they definitely had a future together as they headed back to the bar where they got arrested. The bartender wasn’t happy to see them, but they were soon gone after a quick check to see if Luke had been there. A note from Spencer Sr. that said their mission was accomplished told them that the jewels were in the right hands, and the two rode off into the sunset for an extended journey back to Port Charles.

Once back home, Sam told Lucky about speaking with Elizabeth about seeing the boys and how well the conversation went. She also confessed about her fears that she’d return to her possessive ways, and because Lucky was such a great dad, where she fit into his life. Lucky reassured Sam that they would work it out and he was looking forward to the days ahead.

At the penthouse, Claudia and Spinelli were getting on Jason’s nerves, and it looked very much on purpose on Claudia’s end. Spinelli, in true Jackal fashion, kept blaming himself for the whole mess and tortured himself by looking up symptoms and effects of the disease. Claudia became bored and tried to get Spinelli and Jason to shoot some pool with her. Spinelli took her up on her offer, which irritated Jason all the more since the two were flirty and loud. On his way upstairs to get away from both of his “guests,” Jason passes out, likely because he’s come down with the mysterious disease for which they're under quarantine.

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  • I have to disagree with you about Nancy Grahn.

    I think Alexis is typical of GH’s emotionally stunted characters. Luke has never grown up- he’s a 60something alcoholic wannabe frat boy. Sonny is still an angry child. Jason is a brooding psychopath. Carly is a spoiled, self-centered bitch, Sam is a scheming conniver. Lucky is a simpleton. Liz is sanctimonious and hypocritical.

    The only characters with growth potential seem to be the 2 Zaccara kids, Spinelli, Lulu, and Logan- in his diminished role.

    Their interactions can breed complexity, but, as themselves, they are disappointments.