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Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Mobsters, Mobsters Everywhere

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I am very happy to announce that Making the Rounds at General Hospital is back on Blogcritics. After being in Connie Phillips’ very insightful hands since its inception, this popular BC feature will now be penned by me.

I’ve been a GH watcher on and off for the last 20 years or so, which is why I’m happy to step in to Connie’s considerable shoes. As a fan of Connie’s format, I will be continuing to deliver regular recaps of the week’s episodes, news, spoilers, and my own repartee about the events that unfold in this never boring harbor town. I welcome any comments or suggestions and hope you all will be as happy with my reporting as you were with Connie’s.

So here we go…


The fallout from Michael’s shooting is still going strong. Sonny and Jason fight over Jason’s refusal to take over the business. Sonny feels that extricating himself from organized crime will enable him to live a more normal life and keep his children safe.

Carly, too, is in full-scale panic mode and ready to flee Port Charles with Morgan to keep him away from Sonny after mob-daddy refused to sign over his paternal rights. Spinelli shows up on Carly’s doorstep just in time to help, but true to Jason, the Jackal calls Stone Cold to inform him of Carly’s intentions. Jason shows up to talk her out of leaving and completing another impetuous move that this character is so famous for.

Both of these storylines are starting to get on my nerves as neither makes sense. The bad guys know who the people are who are most important to both Jason and Sonny, and no signed paper is going to change that. It may be that the sins of their past are coming back to haunt them, and there’s not much that can be done about that. If their enemies want payback for the decades of harm that have been caused, it won’t matter if paternity rights and legal affiliations are in place. Mobster memories are long.

Distressed about the events that are unfolding with Sonny, Jason, and Carly, Spinelli is determined to help and turns to Maxie for advice while she’s working at Kate’s office. Sonny shows up looking for Kate and Spinelli exuberantly spouts his advice on the paternity situation, which enrages an already angry mobster and causes him to pound on Spinelli’s face. Kate intercedes to calm Sonny down, while Maxie takes Spinelli home so she can keep an eye on him.

The interactions that unfold between these two seem almost dream-like (Spinelli’s, not Maxie’s). Maxie is super sweet, attentive, and accommodating, which is also setting up the possibility of this unlikely couple hooking up. The next morning, Mac finds them in bed and unceremoniously throws the Jackal out, which leads to an awkward conversation about Maxie moving out. Spinelli also walked away thinking he and the Maxinista made love six times the previous night, only to learn later that that was not the case.

After leaving Carly, Jason returns to Sonny to tell him that he’ll take over the business if Sonny signs over his parental rights to Michael and Morgan. It took revealing that Carly was ready to run away with Morgan to get him to acquiesce. Sonny delivered the news to Carly in person. She is very emotionally relieved, even though not long before Sonny’s arrival, Jax had just returned and confirmed that their relationship is in serious trouble.

Jason steps into his new position immediately, interrupting a Zacchara business meeting to let them know he’s the one they will deal with from now on. What this means for the future is very much in question, as Johnny and Anthony continued to butt heads over the business and his relationship with Lulu, which is now out in the open.

Anthony made overt threats to Lulu in front of Johnny as a means to control him, and Trevor continued to try and get in the middle of everything by offering Johnny and Lulu his help and protection. Neither were takers. Logan, however, popped in on Lulu to warn her yet again to get away from Johnny, for her own safety. A true Spencer, she scoffed and insisted she could take care of herself.

Questions about Claudia’s disappearance also continued to pop up, though not with any believable concern from her father. While Trevor pushed Anthony and Johnny to send her back to Italy, Anthony had other ideas. He instructed Ric to do whatever it takes to get Claudia to trust him and then get her to betray Johnny, thereby destroying her brother’s loyalty to her and cementing it to his father.

On the lighter side, we got to see the blooming relationships between Diane and Max and Robin and Patrick. The heat just keeps sizzling between Sonny’s head lawyer and bodyguard, especially since the relationship seems to have the sweet taste of forbidden fruit. Robin and Patrick also bonded over watching their blogs, eating ice cream, and feeling the baby kick for the first time.

Casting News

Guess who’s coming back? That’s right, Rick Springfield and Finola Hughes. Rick Springfield and Us reports that the singer will reprise his role as Dr. Noah Drake and Eli Love this July for a “summer run,” which will include Patrick and Robin’s wedding.

During this time, Hughes will drop in to give us an update on the ongoing romance she has with Dr. Drake, Sr. TV Guide reported recently that Hughes had signed on to do a summer stint on AMC that would conflict with her shooting for GH, but the powers that be insisted that she honor her original contract with GH. Sorry, Pine Valley!

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  • Nice job, Robin. Thanks for stepping in and taking over the feature when I decided I needed a break.

    I have to agree with you about the Sonny, Jason, Carly situation. This isn’t the first time Sonny’s felt the need to disassociate himself with the mob, and you have to wonder if he’ll end up having to step back in. Jason didn’t want to take it over, never really has. They both made these choices over guilt.

    You have to love how it doesn’t even bother Carly to associate with Jason — head of the mob, but Sonny — head of the mob was bad for her and the boys.

    I do have to say I love Maxie and Spin. I never thought they would grow on me, but the growth we’ve seen in Maxie since Georgie’s death has really given that character depth. On the other hand, Lulu has been grinding on my nerves.

    I’m looking forward to the summer fun with Noah, Eli and Anna! Should be great, light viewing and a break from the heavy mob stories.

  • I wondered what was going on? Hope you’ll write some features, Connie.

    So when did you start watching GH, Robin?

    I recall I was on summer vacation, w no pals around, when my sis and her pal got me watching the show to kill time. That was 1980, when Luke & Laura were being chased by Hutch the hitman.

    20 years, so I’m guessing you started watching when Bobbi and Jake Meyer owned the Brownstone, and when Lucy Coe seduced Alan Q?

  • Thanks Connie! I hope you’ll feel free to step back in whenever you like. Totally agree on the mob, Maxie and Lulu stuff. Though many of the storylines have gotten me down lately, I am enjoying the few bright spots that are around. While I haven’t been giving Robin and Patrick much attention in the last month or so, it was nice to see them getting along and heading toward some kind of permanent relationship as parents. Also LOVE the Diane/Max thing. Two fiesty characters like them can only explode onscreen.

    I’ve never been a big Maxie fan, but if they’re setting her up to be with Spin, I think that could be a cool way for her to turn around. Like Liz did after her rape and relationship with Lucky. He could be her redemption, and I think it’s about time for her to grow up.

  • Hi Dan! I must confess, I started watching GH when I was a kid, about 7 or 9-ish, for two reasons. One, my older sister was into it obsessively, and two, they had a little girl my age named Robin as a character.

    Yes, I remember the days of Lucy and Alan; a vague recollection of that mystery involving Robin, her parents and her porcelain doll; remember Tony and Bobby at the Brownstone; BJ’s birth and death; Sean Donnelly as police commissioner; and when Scott Baldwin was known as Butcher (that right?).

    Some of my memories are fuzzy, though, so I’m hoping if I’m off on something historic, you’ll jump in and set me straight 🙂