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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Carly Goes to Heaven

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Isn't it just like GH to have a great concept (when Luke had to face his mortality) and then reuse it repetitively until it bores us to tears?

In the aftermath of the cannery explosion, a pregnant Carly was the only one still missing by the end of Monday's show, except she wasn't missing from our screens. Interwoven between the scenes of the fire and others being rescued were scenes of Carly, perfectly fine, drinking a beer and playing pool with Jason at Jake's. So this is her idea of heaven? Her kids aren't there. Sonny and Jax are absent, but Jason is there.

Just last week Nikolas had to deal with the choice between life and death and now we're going to have to watch Carly wrestle with it too. At episode's end, we got a look at where she is actually trapped in the cannery. It must be on the east side, which Ric said is close to the ocean, because her head is the only thing that appears to be above water. Though I imagine Carly will pull through, I'm pretty sure one of my biggest fears is coming true and her unborn child will not.

Speaking of Ric and the east side of the building, I'm still not sure why he had to drag Randy that far to hide his body. He dragged him through pockets of fire and several piles of debris that could have been used for the task. Though he's trying to do something good, protect Marianna, it's surely going to come back to haunt him. I'm guessing it will be Ric who ends up accused of killing Randy.

I know Sonny was glad to see Michael and in the light of the explosion and his disappearance was just happy he was safe, but I still wanted to throttle him for the calm, sensitive way he handled the child's confession of shooting Kate. "I know you didn't mean it" etc. Why didn't he just say, "You're growing up just like me. I'm so proud, son." I'm hoping when the smoke dies down and Carly is out of danger, they revisit Michael facing the consequences for his actions as responsible parents. I guess that means Jax will have to take the lead.

Some other random notes about the search for bodies: Trevor was awfully concerned about Johnny, for someone who just last week left him to rot where Sonny was holding him. Is there a chance Johnny is not a Zacchara, but maybe a Lansing? How ironic that Sonny would unbury who he thinks is Carly, only to have it be Claudia. That was some welcome back hug Lulu had for Johnny, especially given she had just come from a bedside vigil in Logan's hospital room. It would seem her heart is still as torn as ever.

Speaking of the hospital, we were treated to Robin's mood swings and nausea thanks to her first trimester of pregnancy. In the beginning of the episode, she continued to hold Patrick at arm's length in a rather hostile way. But after treating Michael, and reflecting on the past with him, she tracked Patrick down to apologize, telling him she was the biggest hypocrite in the world. Yeah, that's about right, Robin. So, now that Robin is willing to let him in, is that where Patrick's going to want to be?


Sonny offends Claudia by turning her down again. I guess not even a building falling in on this woman can tame her libido. Sonny panics over Carly's condition. What about Jax?

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  • Robin Kavanagh

    So this is her idea of heaven? Her kids aren’t there. Sonny and Jax are absent, but Jason is there.

    That makes sense, since on SoapNet where they have those actor snippets between commercials, you have the actress who plays Carly saying, “Carly definitely has a soul mate. It’s not Sonny, it’s Jason.” I want to smack her the way she says his name, like so sweet and so uncharacteristic of Carly. I understand it’s the actress and not the character saying it, but it’s still freaky. When are they going to drop this whole Carly in love with Jason thing?? It’s SOOOO boring and annoying.

  • I have to agree with you on this one, Robin. I absolutely loved her with Jax in the beginning because we saw real growth for Carly. Now, I fear this is the beginning of the end for them. Why? So she can go back to pining for Jason or interfering with Sonny’s life?

    Yesterday’s scenes were so stupid, as far as I was concerned. I think we all get that she has this connection with Jason. And they’ve already done the ‘after life’ stuff to death as far as I’m concerned. let’s just get on to her being found, rescued, and unfortunately I fear losing the baby.

    I’m so upset. Jax is going to be devastated.

  • Perhaps they’ll morph Carly back into Sarah Brown, and have Laura Wright take over as Claudia.

    Carly has never grown, as a character, and Brown’s version was the best. But Claudia is a bore. Granted, she has a huge, propped up rack, but so what?

    They need to give some depth. If they were smart they’d have Sonny’s empire crumble. There is no tragedy unless a king falls, and Sonny needs to be broken, sent to jail, then put on probation, and work for his dad scrubbing dishes at Kelly’s.

    Or, failing that, Michael needs to be sent off to boarding school for a year, so he can age six or 7 years, to high school age, then return with his burgeoning psychopathic streak intact.

    They really went haywire by not having Michael kill AJ, but it wd be great and Oedipal to have Michael be the one who brings Sonny to his knees, and all in the name of revenge for the Quartermaines.

  • I like Laura Wright as Carly, Dan, I just don’t like what the writers do with the character.

    I have to disagree with you about one thing. When she and Jax were first together, I think they did start to ‘grow her up.’ She pushed really hard to seperate herself from Sonny and even a bit from Jason. She put her husband first and she reached out to her cousin Lulu and was supportive of her. That all really fell apart during the hostage crisis when she jumped back in bed with Sonny.

    I, too, love the idea of Sonny’s kingdom falling apart. For crying out loud, if Jason wants to be with Liz and his son let him walk away and do something else. We have plenty of (more interesting) bad guys to step up and take his place — like Dr. Devlin for example. There are the Z’s too, but quite honestly I’d rather see the Cassadines come back to their former glory.

    The only problem with super aging Micheal is I love Dylan Cash. He does such a great job with what they give him. It would be interesting if based on his conversation with Robin yesterday he starts investigating and turning to his Quartermaine roots, though. I like that!

  • Yeah, Laura Wright is good, the best since Brown, but I think they need another life-altering thing to occur. I was thinking, the other day, it would be cool if the Jason Morgan we know was NOT Jason Quartermaine. Imagine if Cesar Faison, or someone, kidnapped the real Jason and replaced him w a doppelganger (ala Grant Putnam/Andrews). Then, we cd have the real Jason take his life back from the imposter, and maybe it was the imposter that killed AJ, not that wimpy Dr.

    Also, I think we need to see the real dark sides of Jason and Sonny. They are killers, and could not succeed w/o brutality. A storyline investigating some of the victims of Sonny’s and Jason’s crimes wd do wonders for realism. Recall that the guy who lied about Jason at the Alcazar trial did so, according to Jason, as revenge for killing his brother.

    After all, are we to believe that Sonny and Jason are the only mobsters in the world that don’t deal drugs? The early days of Karen Wexler did a much better job of showing the seamier sides of Sonny.

    W/the fake Jason taken out by the real one, then Sonny’s empire wd collapse, and he cd have a mental breakdown, and be incarcerated. Perhaps if it was revealed he got into the stripping biz as a male dancer or that he faked the whole Deke as a bad guy routine. Show Sonny as a real psychopath, rather than this anti-hero crap.

    Also, I’d like them to find a real good old actor w chops, who could play Luke’s dad, Tim Spencer. He’s the missing part of Luke’s equation. We got a little background, years ago, when the Eckerts were brought onto the canvas. Plus, the return of Tim Spencer wd get Bobbi back onto the canvas.

    GH simply does not take advantage of its best actors and storylines.

  • Dan,

    I personally nominate you to start writing for the show.

    As a quick preview of the next column, I can’t believe they continued to play that wordless pool game for the entire episode today… until the end when Jason says “It’s time to go back, Carly.” Does that make Jason god or something?

    Oh wait, were you listening to that music playing in the background. That couldn’t have been heaven, must have been hell.

  • I’d sure love to get paid to write. Perhaps TPTB (Guza or whomever) can pick up the pool cue next!

  • BTW- since I mentioned the Eckerts, I’d love to see them return a grown Sly Eckert to the canvas. Forget Dylan cash- the kid who played Sly was the best kid actor on soaps I’d ever seen. I recall, right before they killed off Bill Eckert, there was a wonderful father and son scene between Bill & Sly at the lighthouse- some amazingly realistic writing on male bonding. That showed me that Tony Geary could really act, because his first go-round as Luke was not that impressive.

  • Dan,

    I wish they would bring the Eckets back — and stop trying to kill off all the Quartermaines.

    Family history and the way those families interact with one another is one of the elements that is missing from current scripts.

    I know this happens every time an actor’s contract is up for renewal, but there has been some chatter that Tony Geary may retire. I would certainly understand it, he’s been on the show a long time, but he would be sorely missed.